Decor Snob Interior Design Ideas and Inspiration

25 Boho Style Bedroom Ideas with Hanging Plants

Blake and Boho Style Bedroom Ideas with Hanging Plants

Ah, the quest for that serene, boho-chic bedroom where tranquility meets lush greenery! If you’re like me, yearning to infuse your personal sanctuary with a splash of nature and a touch of bohemian flair, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. I’ve gathered 25 enchanting ideas to help you elevate your bedroom with the whimsical charm […]

26 Fireplace Tile Ideas for a Beautiful Eye-Catching Surround

ideas for fireplace tile

Looking to find ideas for fireplace tile designs? I spent hours collecting and curating these eye-catching tile fireplace pictures so you don’t have to!  Browse below as I cover all the popular materials and styles to enhance your fireplace surround such as glass, ceramic tile, natural stone, subway, porcelain, marble, herringbone, and mosaic tile. Here […]

8 Perfect Ideas for Bay Window Curtains

Does your bay window need curtains? There are so many fabric and decorating options to choose from. It can be difficult to decide which window treatment is just right for your bay windows. So I put together this Helpful Buying Guide with Tips, Ideas, and Advice for choosing the best curtains and curtain rods for […]

Which of These Hardwood Flooring Types Looks the Best?

AcaciaHardwood floors can transform the look and feel of any room. With so many types of hardwood floors to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to select the right type of hardwood flooring for your home. In my wood floor roundup, I’ll walk you through the pros and cons of different types of wood […]

Outdoor TVs: Should you Buy an Outdoor TV?

featured outdoor tv image

Outdoor TVs can be a welcome addition to anyone’s outdoor patio or living space. Watching that night game under the stars is a tough feeling to beat. Selecting the right TV though can be intimidating. What are the pros and cons of owning an outdoor TV? Can’t you just pop any old TV outside? What […]

Beveled Mirrors: Expert Buying Guide and Idea Photos

square bevelled edge mirror

Mirrors are a great addition to any home and there are different designs, sizes, and shapes that you are able to choose when you pick one for your home. You can go with a frameless mirror or one that has an elegant or modern frame. You can even find some online to suit your needs. […]

18 Bathroom with Wooden Floor Ideas to Inspire You

Bathroom - large contemporary master white floor and light wood floor bathroom idea in Calgary with flat-panel cabinets, light wood cabinets, white walls, quartz countertops, an undermount sink and a hinged shower door

In the past, many bathrooms were designed with a tile floor that could be easily cleaned. However, tiled floors are no longer an ideal choice for today’s bathrooms because they can quickly become dirty and unsanitary. Wood is a beautiful natural material that has been making its way into more and more bathrooms lately. Not […]

16 Outdoor Backyard Kitchen Ideas and Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

I spent hours of hard work out of researching best the ideas you need to start designing your dream backyard kitchen. Now, let’s take a look at some of my favorite backyard kitchen ideas to help you bring your outdoor kitchen vision to life. 16 Outdoor Backyard Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You You already have […]

28 Basement Bar Ideas for an Awesome Space To Drink with Friends

Basement Bar Ideas

We tend to think of bars as places we go out to. But, what if you could simply go down to the basement and roll into the best home bar you could ever imagine? With my hand-picked ideas and photos below, you’ll be inspired to throw a party and learn to make cocktails. Whether you’re […]

Clawfoot Bathtub: Ultimate Guide for Clawfoot Tubs

Bathroom trends come and go, but one trend which is here to stay is the classic Clawfoot bathtub. The clawfoot bathtub or the clawfoot tub was considered a luxury item in the late nineteenth century, originally made from cast iron and lined with porcelain. In this Clawfoot Bathtub Buying guide, we will take look at everything […]

55 Japanese Style Bathroom Ideas for a Minimalist Space

Bathroom photo in Dallas

Whether you have the money to give your bathroom an entire overhaul or only want to change a few features, get some inspiration from the Japanese styling. Too much clutter brings the space down and makes everything look smaller. The fresh, clean lines that Japanese-style bathrooms bring can make any space feel larger and look […]

30 Modern Living Rooms with a Fireplace and TV

Spacious living room in beige colors in a house with tile floor, wooden panels on the walls, sofa, chairs and ottomans, a balcony with a view of the sea, a small fireplace and a TV above the fireplace

Living Room with Fireplace and TV: A living room is a space for your friends and family to gather, making options for entertainment essential as you design. Having simply a coffee table with some magazines may look cultured and clean, but in reality, will bore your guests. A fireplace and TV bring fun functionality but […]

23 Kids Bathroom Ideas for a Fun and Colorful Bath Space

kids bathroom ideas

Are you looking for unique and creative kids bathroom ideas? If you are then these great kid-focused bathroom design ideas will certainly help you out! You’ll find 100’s of Kid’s Bathroom Ideas, Photos, Themes, and Accessories. The “in” thing in bathroom design especially for kids is all about super bright and happy colors, fun but […]

18 Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

Bathroom towel hangers, while often overlooked, play an important role within your bathroom. There are hundreds of Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas and styles that give them the ability to fit into the decor of any bathroom and perform the function needed of them. Towel racks can be incorporated into a bathroom in many different ways. Where […]

21 Lucite Coffee Tables for a Modern Space

Lucite Coffee Tables

Lucite for a coffee table? Lucite is an eye-catching and unique see-through material for furniture in tight spaces. You might be questioning my sanity, but choosing a coffee table with lucite has many advantages. Lucite is easy to clean with simply warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Unlike glass, it does not scratch very […]

18 Japanese Decor Ideas (Decorating Guide)

Japanese Decor

Are you inspired to design your home using Japanese home decor? There are a few words to describe Japanese decor and those are simple, minimalistic, and natural. If you were to visit a regular home in Japan, you would find that there is style in the simplest home decor and room design. Most homes in Japan are small and so […]

21 Creative Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas for a Giving Makeover

aesthetic bedrooms

Even though trends come and go, there will always be a place for creative aesthetic bedrooms that we’ve all seen on TikTok, Pinterest, and Tumblr. There’s just something about greenery, patterns, wall decor, and texture that creates a feeling of coziness and warmth, while still maintaining that free spirit vibe you crave. It’s a decorating […]

Japanese Sliding Doors and Room Divider Ideas

Japanese Sliding Doors

Are you looking to add dramatic impact and Oriental feel to your space? Consider the organic feel and Zen vibes offered by Japanese sliding doors. Japanese sliding doors, or Shoji as they are locally known, are a traditional feature in Japanese homes, and still popular today. These sliding doors usually serve as a door, window, […]

The Top Styles of Grab Bars for your Shower and Bath

shower grab bars

The most popular bathroom safety accessory is the grab bar. Grab Bars are simple, easy, and cost-effective safety solutions. People can add a bathroom grab bar to their bathroom without spending a fortune. You don’t have to redesign your entire shower or tub either. So what are the main types of Grab Bars? There are […]

16 Rustic Sofas For a Perfect Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse sofas are a classic design staple. I always find it amazing that the style of these sofas, which could be found in any granny’s den, have truly withstood the test of time. But then, why wouldn’t they? Rather than having a rigidly defined style, these price friendly farmhouse sofas have a variety of characteristics […]

15 Compact Home Gyms for Limited Spaces

You may think having a home gym is an impossibility because of limited space. Here’s a little surprise: You can still go and design yourself a home gym even with a smaller room. Don’t believe me? All it takes is the right equipment and know-how (which where I come in). 15 Small-Space Home Gym Ideas […]

10 Best Mantel Decorating Ideas For A Fabulous Fireplace

Fireplace mantel decor

Mantel decorating is by far one of the most popular aspects of interior design and styling. Your fireplace mantel is possibly the most captivating area of a room. It can act as a centerpiece of any room and can also be decorated in a variety of different ways. With that in mind, I have put […]

40+ Deck Railing Ideas for a Modern Outdoor Space

deck railing ideas

Are you looking for contemporary deck railing ideas to modernize your outdoor space? There’s a lot of ideas we can do to update your deck. And updating your deck railings is the best way to modernize your deck or porch. Follow along with my curated list of 40+ Fresh and Popular Ideas for your Deck […]

Cool Unfinished Basement Ideas for any Remodeling Budget

Cool Unfinished Basement Ideas

Are you looking for great unfinished basement remodeling ideas? You may think that some of these ideas are too overboard. Or maybe too costly to do. It doesn’t hurt to dream right? Are you intimidated by your unfinished basement? Or perhaps you just don’t know what to do with all that extra space? You don’t […]

22+ Coffee Bar Ideas You Can DIY This Weekend

coffee bar ideas

Keeping yourself caffeinated in the morning is important. Having a beautiful morning starts with a great cup of coffee from your home coffee bar. Here are some of my favorite DIY coffee bars that you can start working on this weekend. Then by Monday, you’ll have a special place in your home to brew up […]

28 Coffee Station Ideas Built Into Your Kitchen Cabinets

coffee station ideas

There are many different kitchen coffee station ideas to organize your cups, coffee maker, and even the coffee itself to create a beautiful home coffee bar. Many people fall victim to using a crowded coffee corner of their kitchen to hide their coffee makers. The truth is, you can have a coffee station inside your […]

100 Creative Wine Racks Ideas and Wine Storage Solutions

Wine Rack Ideas

I used to store my wine bottles haphazardly in the cardboard boxes that they came in. But I got tired of wasting time rummaging through my collection looking for a particular bottle. That was when I decided to look for a good wine rack storage solution to put order to my wine bottles. If you […]

16 Aesthetic Room Ideas for Making the Perfect Room

aesthetic room ideas

When transforming your bedroom into an aesthetic room, you can go all in and incorporate all of the design and decor features I mentioned in my article: 21 Creative Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas Trending on TikTok and Pinterest Now. How To Make Your Room Aesthetic The combination of aesthetic fairy string lights, hanging vines, neon signs, […]

21 Distressed Coffee Table Ideas

featured distressed coffee table

There’s no better way to introduce the comfort of the farmhouse style into your living room than with a charming, distressed coffee table. It’s the center of your living space—a place where your family and friends gather for game nights, movie screenings, and book clubs. If you’re searching for a farmhouse coffee table to tie […]

28 Small Bathroom Ideas with Bathtubs

Modern green and white tile bathroom, wooden cabinet

Living in a home with a small bathroom can be a design challenge, especially with a bathtub taking up the already limited space. Storage options are often abysmal, and small bathrooms with a tub can all end up looking the same. Bland, cramped, and boring are the classic features of all the ones I’ve seen. […]

6 Basement Lighting Ideas To Brighten Things Up

basement lighting ideas

There are a ton of incredible basement lighting ideas to brighten up the finished or unfinished basement in your house. I’ve looked at hundreds of lights and fixtures and designs to find the ones that will bring the best warmth and light to your downstairs space. Whether you’re redecorating your existing space or finishing out […]

28 Small Bathroom Ideas with a Shower

Small white walk-in shower, multi-colored pattern wall

Some people say size matters. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. But when it comes to the size of your bathroom, there’s a lot you can do with a small space and a shower without making any compromises. Are you looking for ideas to make your bathroom seem larger than it is? When you’re dealing […]

34 Wainscoting Ideas for Every Wall in Every Room

Wainscoting Ideas

A lovely way to enhance the walls of your home is by adding wainscoting along your baseboards and walls. Wainscoting is a simple and long-lasting improvement that can breathe new life into just about any room of your home, on any wall, and in practically any style and design. Wainscoting was originally used as a […]

34 Outdoor Rocking Chair Ideas for Stress-Free Summer Lounging

Outdoor Interiors Resin Wicker and Eucalyptus Rocking Chair, Brown and Grey

For an outdoor rocking chair, it is important to choose sturdy materials. Choose your outdoor rocking chair according to the kind of materials it is made from. Outdoor rocking chairs may be made using several types of metals, woods, wicker, or resin. But there are only certain types of materials that will make the rocking […]

50 Wicker Outdoor Furniture Ideas for an Amazing Summer

Denise Austin Home Carolyn Outdoor 6-piece Brown Wicker Sofa Set with Cushions

Enjoy your summer with Wicker Outdoor Furniture, Chairs, Bistro Sets, & Bars. Should you go Wicker, Resin, or Bamboo? Find out which materials are best for the outdoors. There is nothing quite like wicker furniture to make your outdoor living spaces feel welcoming and homey. Imagine relaxing on your front porch or back patio area, […]

The Decor Snob Guide to Home Decor Ideas and Decorating Styles

Home Decor Ideas

Are you looking for some great home decorating ideas? Ideas can be derived from literally anywhere – from food packaging, music videos, films, cartoons, and of course from more conventional sources such as seeing items of furniture and design concepts in magazines, shops or real-life contexts like a friend’s house, hotels, and restaurants. Creative home decor […]

40 Wall Decor Stickers and Decal Ideas (Better than Wallpaper?)

Wall Decor Stickers

Wall decor stickers and decals are a great substitute for wallpaper. Old school wallpaper is incredibly expensive, difficult to apply, and costly to get exactly right. It often needs a professional to apply it correctly, due to its size and unwieldy nature. Wall decor stickers and decals, on the other hand, have the ability to […]

44 Shower Tile Ideas To Modernize Your Bathroom

3 Texture Title Mix - River Stone, Marble, Faux Tile Wood

Are you struggling to find shower ideas that fit your style? Look no further! I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide. Choosing the right shower tile can completely transform your bathroom, and this article will show you how. From color schemes and design styles to tile materials and accent elements, we’ll cover everything you […]

32 Top Cozy Living Room Ideas and Designs

Cozy Living Room Ideas

Decorate & design with the best warm and cozy living room ideas. Snuggle up, light a fire, and relax as you look through my top list cozy living room ideas. It’s important to gather cozy living room ideas when planning a living room makeover because the essence of a living room is to be a […]

18 Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas (A Simple Guide)

Looking for bathroom tile ideas? If so, you found my guide to modern Tile Designs, Trends & Ideas so you can achieve beautiful floor and wall tile designs for your bathrooms! Lucky you! Give your bathroom a new look with these cool and creative bathroom tile ideas for walls, tile backsplash, floor designs, and showers. […]

Elephant Decor Ideas (Decorating Guide)

Stickerbrand Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Elephant Head 5479s

The Biggest Elephant Decor Ideas! HUGE Art for your Walls! Add elephants into your home decor and turn your home into a wisdom-filled, and calming environment in your home, look out! If you love animals then you will absolutely fall in love with elephant decor. Elephants are one of the world’s most gracious, beautiful, and […]

Window Treatment for French Doors to Add Style and Privacy

Window Treatment Ideas for French Doors

Adding treatments for windows and glass doors is one of the most important parts of interior design, but finding window treatment ideas for French doors can be extra difficult! No need to fret, I am here to help. I have so many great ideas for covering french door windows. I had a hard time choosing […]

24 Rooster Decor Ideas (Decorating Guide)

Cock-a-Doodle-Do to these Great Rooster Decor Ideas. Rooster decor might seem like an unusual choice, but it’s a popular trend that has a proven timelessness and resilience to fading. For decades, roosters have been a popular feature in people’s homes, and for many symbolic and design reasons. A Rooster, also known as a cockerel, is […]

Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Looking for Tips & Ideas for choosing glass door window treatments? You can choose window treatments for sliding glass doors such as curtains, blinds, shades, track panels, shutters, cellular shades, Roman shades, woven wood shades, and even specialty or even custom window treatments. But what style will look the best in your home, living room, […]

Bathroom Ideas ~ Top 200 Best Bath Remodel & Design Ideas

I have curated the Top 200 Best Bath Remodel & Design Ideas. If you need inspiration for your next bathroom makeover then my mega list of Ideas for your Bathroom is where you want to start. Bathrooms today serve the same needs as they always have; things are not going to change too much on […]

Space Saving & Decor Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas

Are you looking for the Simple Small Bathroom Decor Ideas or Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces? How about a way to make your small bathroom seem bigger? If so, here are over 50 of my favorite Small Bathroom Ideas to help you get the most out of your tiny space. Choosing a small bathroom design […]

55 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Glorifying Summer Nights

Hanover Montana 5 Piece Fire Pit

Ahhh, the dancing of the flames of a backyard fire pit. The smell of firepit smoke. Roasting marshmallows and hotdogs in the backyard. Songs around the backyard fire. The crackle and pop that only comes from a firepit. All these endearing memories are excellent reasons to start looking for your own backyard fire pit ideas. […]

26 Horse Decor Ideas (Decorating Guide)

Giddy Up with these Amazing Horse Decor Ideas. If you’re crazy about horses then I’m sure you will love to decorate your home with horse home decor. Horse decor is using the beauty and grace of this majestic animal to decorate your home. There are no sure-fire techniques or decorating rules, it usually just starts […]

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas for a Chic & Unique Room

Accent Walls that Pop

Here are 51 Chic Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas to Inspire You! There are a lot of different teen girl bedroom idea directions you can take her bedroom design in. From modern, all-white rooms taken straight out of Pinterest to patterned wallpaper with a retro inspiration, the possibilities are endless. Growing up is hard to do, […]

21 Creative Bedroom Closet Door Ideas

closet door ideas

When you’re designing or remodeling your bedroom, closet door ideas can go such a long way. But there’s a problem. Too many choices, not nearly enough time, and nobody to help them sort through it all. That’s where I come in! If you’ve already landed on a particular interior aesthetic (first of all, congrats!), then […]

36 Peacock Decor Ideas (Decorating Guide)

Peacock Decor

Is peacock home decor the right choice for your living room? Your home will definitely be a more colorful and more stylish with these 40 Peacock Decor Ideas, Art, Accessories, & Furniture. One of the most majestic birds in the world is the peacock. It is the most colorful and the most amazing birds. If […]

28 Styles of Bathroom Window Curtains

Bathroom Window Curtains

It can be hard to decide what style of bathroom window curtains are right for your bathroom window. Bathroom windows can be all shapes and sizes and are not always placed in the most convenient places. Bathroom curtains create a visually aesthetic appeal in your bathroom without the need to spend a lot of money. They […]

18 Walk-In Showers for a Stunning Bathroom

doorless walk in shower ideas

Are you looking for stylish walk-in shower ideas and designs for your bathroom? A walk-in shower design has many benefits over traditional tub-shower combos. You can simply walk right into the shower enclosure. There is no shower door! Walk in showers are also great for people with disabilities and mobility issues. Take a look at […]

37 Creative Towel Storage Ideas for your Bathroom

Rolls of Folded Towels for Shelf Space

Sometimes it can be difficult to store towels due to a limited amount of space while other times a new change may just be in mind. There are many ways to fold and put away tiles, so I put together these Towel Storage Ideas to give you a little help. Whatever the reason is for […]

22 French Country Decor Ideas (Decorating Guide)

French Country Decor

What does it take to bring French country decor into your home? Over the years, no matter how many new interior design trends have come and gone, decorating a home in French style is still one of the lasting and gorgeous ways to make any home stand out. French decorating is stylish, comfortable, and very […]

40 Inspiring Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Your Next Remodel

Bathroom Vanity and Sink Ideas

There are many Bathroom Vanity Ideas that you can choose. Here are my top picks if you want to maximize the appeal of your bathroom, you should choose your vanities wisely. As you know, vanities have a very important function for every bathroom. Both from a functional point of view and for the impression that […]

11 Spanish Decor Ideas (Decorating Guide)

Spanish home decor is unique and striking in its rustic style and simplicity. Spanish decor is recreated across the world, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. A key part of Spanish culture and lifestyle is family. Home cooking is popular, as is entertaining family and friends in your home. Because of Spain’s fantastic and […]

32 Awesome Landscape Lighting Ideas (Simple Guide for Outdoor Lighting)

Moonrays 95549 LED Low Voltage Kit with 2 Metal Spotlights & 4 Bollard Path Lights - landscape lighting ideas

You’ve found the Best Landscape Lighting Ideas! Landscape lighting kits are the most convenient way to add an interesting glow to your home’s landscape design. Landscape lighting kits have caught my attention ever since my former boss invited the whole marketing team to her private beach house. I was amazed by how professionally designed the lighting […]

21 Parisian Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like a French Escape

paris decor

Say Bonjour to Amazing Parisian Decor! Do you want to know how to go about decorating with Paris décor? If you would like to create a beautiful and stylish home using Parisian home décor you should start with a few important details. What is Parisian Decor? Parisian decor portrays the city of love, famous worldwide for […]

47 Smart Shoe Storage Ideas to Save Space


Shoes piled up by the front door, the daily search for the right “mate,” endless purchases of shoe storage baskets and shoe racks to try and contain the chaos – these are all a thing of the past. Why? Because I have the best shoe storage ideas you! A Shoe Shelf Can Take Many Forms […]

32 Stylish Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Inspire You

bathroom mirror ideas

Whether you are remodeling your old bathroom or constructing a new one, these beautiful bathroom mirror ideas are fun, stylish and creative. Why settle for a plain, unflattering bathroom mirror with a boring frame when you can have a much more unique mirror instead? They come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and shapes. […]

18 Tuscan Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Feel Like an Old Italian Villa

Tuscan Decor

Rich Tuscan home decor will make your home a standout with a look of luxury! Tuscan decor is all about richly-colored furniture and accessories, comfortable pieces, and a luxurious feel. If you want Tuscan decor in your home, here are great strategies to choose from.   Furniture When it comes to furniture, Tuscan home furniture […]

21 Americana Decor Ideas for an All-American Look

Americana decor

Any true blue American will love Americana home decor. Decorating your home in Americana decor is all about using the old stars and stripes everywhere!   If you love the USA, then stand up and give Americana decor a try. Here are some tips for dressing up your home in true American style.   Using […]

35 Stylish Bathroom Shelf Ideas to Organize Your Bathroom

Modern Under-Sink Extension Bathrooms Shelves

Clutter is a nightmare. If you are anything like me, you have your fair share of it around the house. It ends up everywhere. Bedroom? A mess. Closet? The stuff of night terrors. Bathroom? Don’t even get me started. What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could have your bathroom […]

22 Star Wars Home Decor Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like a Jedi Master!

star wars room decor

Many Star Wars fans want to bring a piece of the action into their own home with Star Wars home decor, which can be done without sacrificing your own personal style and the atmosphere in your home. At first, Star Wars interior design might feel like a novelty or an inside joke, but I can steer […]

4 Popular Wood Paneling Cover-Up Ideas

Wood Paneling Cover-Up Ideas

Are you looking for tips on how to hide your old wood paneling? Well, here are some great ways to cover up wood paneling and transform your old wooden paneling into something modern and new. 1. Repainting Old Wood Paneling As they say, repainting is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to revive any […]

27 Best Fireplace Remodel Ideas to Makeover your Fireplace

Fireplace makeover ideas

There are a lot of interesting fireplace remodel ideas and if you are looking for the best ones that will fit your home, then read on for some great ideas. Going back a few decades, most homes in cooler climates had a large fireplace. It was one of the central visual points of the home. But with all the technological and […]

25 Fireplace Decorating Ideas with Gas Logs, Electric Logs, and Glass Rocks

fireplace log ideas

There are lots of fireplace decorating ideas you can add to the inside of your fireplace to jazz it up. Among the most popular ideas are decorative logs and decorative rocks. So I have put together some of my favorite fireplace decorating ideas for the inside of your gas or electric fireplace. When you have […]

The Top Fireplace Tools – Fireplace Poker Sets and Decorative Fireplace Screens

What Makes a Good Fireplace Poker Set? A fireplace poker set is essential for homes with a fireplace. It is necessary to keep the fireplace safe and secure. There are different types of fireplace tools. They are also made of different materials that homeowners can choose from. Here are some beautiful modern fireplace poker sets: I […]

13 Mid-Century Modern Decor Ideas to Bring the Past to the Present

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

Mid-century modern decor includes its own furniture, colors, lighting, and more. Here is everything you should know about mid-century modern interior design style. What is Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style? The mid-century modern style works to emphasize the boxy shape of homes. When this style originated, many homes were built with a box-like shape. The […]

35 Sofa Table Ideas That Add Functional Style to Any Space

Hybrid Hall Table

Sofa tables are one of my favorite ways to bring life and function to a living room or entranceway. They’re adaptable to nearly any space by furnishing a functional and fashionable accent that will effortlessly elevate the overall appearance, which lend to many creative sofa table ideas. For most people, the sofa table is a design […]

21 Bohemian Room Decor Ideas for a Boho Chic Look

Breeze Giannasio Interiors

Cool, classy and relaxed are words used to describe Bohemian decor. If you think that you exemplify these characteristics, then a breezy Bohemian decor should be your interior style. Behind the Boho style The bohemian style began life as a fashion clothing trend. But like all good styles, it eventually made its way into the mainstream interior design […]

20 Elegant Oval Bathroom Mirrors to Reflect your Style

Here are my favorite oval bathroom mirror ideas. Find out why oval mirrors are a popular choice for both modern decorating styles and the psychological effect they have on you. Mirror, Mirror on the wall… what’s the fairest mirror of all? Mirrors are a must in any bathroom. We use them to brush our teeth, […]

Ideas for Making your Own Vanity Mirror with Lights

Build your own Vanity Mirror with Lights from scratch OR just go and buy one? Interior Designer, Blake Lockwood gives out his best ideas so you can decide! A lighted vanity mirror table is on every pretty much every girl’s wish list for their bedroom or closet. It is usually seen on fashion television shows where a […]

Tips and Ideas for Choosing Paper Lamp Shades

Paper Lamp Shades

Have you ever heard of paper lampshades? Perhaps you have had some yourself? Well, there are a lot of interesting designs, colors, and shapes that can change an ordinary light into something cool, unique, or even extravagant. If you are interested in finding out a lot more then you have come to the perfect place. […]

13 Coastal Decor Ideas for a Cozy and Inviting Beach House

Coastal Decor

Coastal home decorating and interior designing is the magic of bringing all the beach, coastal life, and marine life that you know and love from the water and life on the coast from the outdoors to the inside of your home. What’s more, coastal decor can do the job of incorporating any and all of […]

21 African Safari Decor Ideas for an Adventure in Your Living Room

african home decor

Wild and bold prints are the best descriptions for African Safari home decor. The African inspired home decorating style makes use of animal and tribal patterns to come up with a stylish, warm, and inviting home. Adding African and Safari themed ideas to your home is a great way to inject a feeling of adventure into […]

21 Moroccan Decor Ideas for a Touch of Exotic Beauty

moroccan decor

So you would like to create a lovely home with Moroccan decor. There are several accessories that will make you feel that Moroccan vibe soon enough. With these accents, you will also be able to decorate a warm, comfortable, and charming Moroccan-inspired room. Moroccan Lamps Colorful Moroccan lamps are made of forged metal, iron, dark […]

11 Best Wine Home Decor & Wine Kitchen Decor Ideas

If you love drinking wine and savoring the taste of wine then you should take your wine interest to the next level by trying out my Wine Kitchen Decor Ideas and adding wine decorations throughout your kitchen!  Add some wine kitchen decor to a plain boring kitchen. If you love drinking wine as much as appreciating it, then […]

77 Cool, Funny, and Amazingly Unique Wine Glasses

CIN CIN - unconventional glasses

Are you looking for unique wine glasses? Are you tired of drinking from a regular wine glass? Then look no further,  I have scoured the web in search of the most clever, cool, weird, and beautiful wine classes to share with you. You can buy all the glasses below, just click on their links! Any wine enthusiast […]

135 Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas You Can DIY or BUY

Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas

Did you know you can transform old wine barrels into wine barrel furniture? With a little patience, skill and ingenuity, you can make furniture out of old wine barrels. You can even create a rustic or country-style home with these pieces. Recycling old wine barrels has become popular these days due to the renewed interest in reducing waste. […]

8 Creative Ideas for Making your Own DIY Wine Rack

PVC Wine Racks

So you think you can make a DIY wine rack? It’s important that wine is stored properly so that it can develop a great taste and flavor that wine lovers love to relish. If you have three or more bottles of wine and you would want to add more to your collection, then you certainly need to […]

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