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47 Smart Shoe Storage Ideas to Save Space

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Shoes piled up by the front door, the daily search for the right “mate,” endless purchases of shoe storage baskets and shoe racks to try and contain the chaos – these are all a thing of the past. Why? Because I have the best shoe storage ideas you!

A Shoe Shelf Can Take Many Forms

A Shoe Shelf Can Take Many Forms

A simple wood stand like this one can be placed anywhere. You can even place multiple shelves throughout your house, wherever you can find the space.

Wood & Rope Shoe Holder

Wood & Rope Shoe Holder

Minimalist Metal Shoe Shelf

Minimalist Metal Shoe Shelf

Minimalist  DIY Wooden Shoe Shelf

Minimalist Wooden Shoe Shelf


Wall-Mounted Shoe Storage Solutions

Wall-Mounted Shoe Storage Solutions
On a budget and short on space? Something like this hanging cubby system works well for the little shoes in your house.

A Custom DIY Shoe Hanger

A Custom Shoe Hanger

Wall-Mounted Shoe Storage

The Shoe Rack Showcase

Shoe Rack Showcase
Many shoes are masterpieces in their own right, and this closet shoe rack gives them the limelight they deserve.

Shoe Rack Showcase Solution

There are almost no words to describe this showcase. The mirror adds depth to the room, and the glass shelves with backlighting will set the perfect stage for your favorite shoes.

Shoe Rack Solution
Here, nothing is exposed except for the dazzling shoe collection.

Shoe Storage Behind The Glass

Shoe Storage Behind The Glass
Protecting shoes, especially the most valuable pairs in your collection, is easy to do when you add glass doors.

Practical And Stylish Wooden Dowel Shoe Storage

Practical And Stylish Wooden Dowel Shoe Storage
If protecting the shape of your shoes is important, these shoe stands are a promising option. It is also an interesting way to store shoes if you are working with a difficult configuration.

DIY Wooden Dowel Shoe Rack

Wooden Dowel Shoe Rack

The simplistic nature of this wooden dowel shoe rack is remarkable.

Freestanding Shoe Storage Shelves

Freestanding Shoe Storage Shelves
Freestanding shoe storage solutions work well where there is not designated closet space. Maybe the current closet is small, or there is a room that does not have a closet at all.

Freestanding Shoe RackShelves
This is another example of freestanding shoe rack. The ladder design also gives it a picture-perfect element of design.

Shoe Storage Cabinets with Practical Masculinity

Shoe Storage Cabinets
The denim blue carpet in this closet adds a subtle hint of masculinity, and the glass front shelves fit many sizes of men’s shoes, even work boots. The glass cabinets and lighting make this a closet anyone would be envious of.

Shoe Storage Shelving
Like above, this shelving gives plenty of room for different types of shoes – golf shoe collection anyone?

Shoe Storage Cabinetry
Here, the dark wood cabinetry is accented by tasteful metal bars to prevent shoes from slipping off of the shelves. If you look closely, there are also endless customization options, and you can move the shelving to suit your purposes.

Light It Up with a Shoe Storage Display

Shoe Storage Display
Using lighting can create a dramatic effect for any shoe storage display, whether it is for a cherished collection of athletic shoes or your most prized Manolo Blahniks.

Shoe Display
This is a shoe display reminiscent of a high-end boutique. Great for kicks of all styles.

Mod Shoe Rack Madness

Mod Shoe Rack Madness
There is no reason that your shoe storage can’t rival a piece of fine art. This mod shoe rack design proves that.

The Shoes Storage Under The Stairs

Shoes Storage Under The Stairs
If you entertain a lot, your guests will appreciate having somewhere to keep their shoes out of the way.

Shoes Under The Stairs
The lack of space is not a good excuse for not having enough shoe storage. Look at this under the stair design. This is a fairly simple project that can add storage for several pairs of shoes, and placing it right by the door is as convenient as it can get!

Slide-out Shoe Drawers Under the Stairs

Slide-out Shoe Drawers Under the Stairs
The drawers used here integrate so well into the design of the staircase, you can’t even tell they exist.

Slide-out Shoe Rack Under the Stairs

Slide-out Shoe Rack Under the Stairs
These sliders are nothing short of amazing. Look at all of that space! Taking advantage of unused areas can expand storage tenfold. In fact, with all of this shoe rack space, you may need to go out and buy more shoes (shh, I won’t tell!)

Closet Shoe Storage Solutions

Closet Shoe Storage Solutions

This is a pretty basic design, but look at all of those shoes! The layout works well for a multi-person closet with two large shelving areas — or just someone with a ton of shoes! Notice that the top shelf has more height to fit boots or higher profile shoes.

Minimalist Lighted Shoe Racks

Minimalist Lighted Shoe Racks

Shoe Rack and Glass Shoe Cabinets Combined

Shoe Rack and Glass Shoe Cabinets Combined

This Shoe Rack is Hidden Away But Not Forgotten

This Shoe Rack is Hidden Away But Not Forgotten
If you are like me and clutter gives you anxiety and sleek hidden shoe rack brings you zen, then this bespoke men’s closet is a must-have in your life.

Mud Room Shoe Drawers

Mud Room Shoe Drawers
Houses in the midwest and on the East coast are known for their mudrooms.

Is That A Lux Shoe Store? No, It’s My Closet Shoe Storage Display!

Closet Shoe Storage Display
There is nothing like walking into a shoe store and seeing all of the shoes artistically displayed practically begging you to buy them.

Closet Shoe Display
The stark white accented by the bright backlight is just the start of this inventive shoe display.

Slide Out Shoe Shelves

Slide Out Shoe Shelves
I have already shown you several slide-out options for shoe storage, but I loved the simplicity of this setup.

Shoe Addiction? No Problem with this Massive Shoe Storage Solution!

Massive Shoe Storage Solution
Too many shoes? Is there such a thing? Not in my world.

Ottoman with a Shoe Storage Unit

Shoe Storage Unit
This ottoman doubles as shoe storage and is a brilliant use of space.

Shoe Storage Cabinet

Shoe Storage Cabinet
When you are short on space, there are always creative solutions to make more storage.

Built-in Shoe Library

Built-in Shoe Library
Tall shelves are sometimes necessary for very tall footwear.

Shoe Storage Tower

Shoe Storage Tower

Entryway Seating Shoe Storage Ideas

Entryway Seating Shoe Storage Ideas

This type of bench is perfect for your entryway and features a built-in double-decker shoe rack.

A Plush Shoe Rack Bench

Plush Shoe Rack Bench

A Leather Bench with an Under-Mounted Shoe Organizer

Leather Bench with an Under-Mounted Shoe Organizer

DIY Cinder Block Shoe Rack

Cinder Block Shoe Rack

This is the most budget-friendly DIY shoe rack of the bunch.

Spinning Shoe Organizer

Spinning Shoe Organizer

Great for flip-flops, boots, sneakers, high-heels.

Copper Pipe DIY Shoe Rack

Copper Pipe DIY Shoe Rack

Shoe Storage Cubby Solution

Shoe Storage Cubby Solution

Here, an extra wall was turned into shoe storage – it even has a bench to sit on to get your shoes on during busy mornings rushing out the door.Shoe Storage Bench Solution

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