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Blake Lockwood

Founder and Lead Designer

Blake Lockwood is an accomplished interior designer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As the founder of Decor Snob, he brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and eye for design to his clients and followers.

Lockwood’s journey into the world of interior design began as a buyer in the hotel industry. This role provided him with invaluable insights into the nuances of creating visually appealing yet durable spaces. His work in the hotel sector allowed him to develop a keen eye for individual decor pieces, understanding the importance of each item contributing to the overall aesthetic and brand of a space.

Throughout his career, Lockwood has remained committed to ethical sourcing. He has traveled extensively to personally ensure that the manufacturers he works with operate ethically. These travels have not only enriched his professional life but have also exposed him to a myriad of cultures, designs, and styles.

As he transitioned from the hotel industry, Lockwood’s passion for finding new and innovative items led him to become a buyer for his own designs. This evolution in his career path enabled him to fully express his creativity and design sensibilities, ultimately leading to the establishment of Decor Snob.

Decor Snob is the culmination of Lockwood’s decades of experience, his commitment to quality and ethical sourcing, and his innate design sense. Through Decor Snob, he shares his design philosophy and expertise, offering readers a range of decorating elements and articles aimed at inspiring and educating.

Outside of his professional life, Lockwood enjoys spending time with his family, particularly his elderly parents. He appreciates learning about history and the past, which often serves as an inspiration for his designs.

With his wealth of experience and dedication to design, Blake Lockwood continues to influence the field of interior design, leaving an indelible mark on homes and spaces across the country.

For inquiries, collaborations, or to learn more about his design philosophy, feel free to contact Blake Lockwood.

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Tanya Miller

Assistant Interior Designer

Tanya Miller is a talented and dedicated Assistant Interior Designer at Decor Snob. With her keen eye for detail, innovative design concepts, and passion for creating beautiful spaces, she is an invaluable asset to the team.

Tanya started her journey in interior design at a young age, always finding herself drawn to the harmony of colors, the balance of shapes, and the influence of styles. After earning her degree in Interior Design, she joined Decor Snob, where she has since been honing her skills under the mentorship of Blake Lockwood.

At Decor Snob, Tanya assists in all aspects of the design process, from initial client consultations to final installations. She is particularly skilled at understanding clients’ needs and translating them into designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable.

Tanya’s expertise extends to various design styles, whether it’s modern minimalism, rustic charm, or classic elegance. She is adept at working within different budgets, ensuring that each project she works on, regardless of its scale, exhibits a level of sophistication and attention to detail that is characteristic of Decor Snob.

Beyond her technical skills, Tanya brings a fresh and enthusiastic perspective to the team. She believes that every space, no matter how small or large, holds the potential to enhance one’s quality of life and strives to bring this philosophy to every project she undertakes.

In her free time, Tanya enjoys keeping up with the latest design trends, visiting art galleries, and exploring the outdoors. Her hobbies and interests often serve as a source of inspiration for her work, allowing her to bring a unique and personal touch to every design.

Tanya looks forward to continuing her growth at Decor Snob and creating spaces that not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations.

For inquiries or collaborations, feel free to contact Tanya Miller.

Crista Bowman

Studio Manager & Assistant Interior Designer

Crista Bowman is a dynamic professional who brings her organizational prowess and creative flair to Decor Snob as the Studio Manager and Assistant Interior Designer. Her keen understanding of design principles, combined with her strong administrative skills, make her an indispensable asset to our team.

Crista’s passion for interior design was sparked at a young age and has grown stronger over the years. After earning her degree in Interior Design, she joined Decor Snob to pursue her dream of creating beautiful and functional spaces. Under the mentorship of Blake Lockwood and Tanya Miller, she has honed her design skills and developed a unique style that resonates with our clientele.

As our Studio Manager, Crista ensures that our studio runs smoothly and efficiently. She oversees all administrative tasks, from scheduling client meetings to managing project timelines, ensuring that every design project is executed seamlessly. Her attention to detail and exceptional problem-solving skills enable her to effectively manage multiple tasks and meet tight deadlines.

On the design front, Crista assists in all stages of the design process. She has a knack for understanding clients’ needs and translating them into captivating designs. Her work encompasses various design styles, and she is adept at creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and comfortable.

Crista believes in creating content that is people-first, focusing on providing valuable, original, and comprehensive information that readers find useful and engaging. 

Outside of work, Crista enjoys visiting art galleries, exploring new design trends, and spending quality time with her family. These experiences often serve as inspiration for her work, infusing her designs with a unique blend of personal touch and professional expertise.

Crista looks forward to continuing her growth at Decor Snob and helping clients transform their spaces into something truly special.

For inquiries or collaborations, feel free to contact Crista Bowman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, interior designers in Los Angeles, California, need to be certified. The certification process is managed by the California Council for Interior Design Certification (CCIDC). While it’s not technically a license, this certification is recognized as the standard for interior designers and is often required by employers and clients. However, it’s important to note that you can still work as an interior designer without certification, but you may face certain limitations. For example, uncertified designers cannot use the title “Certified Interior Designer” or sign off on nonstructural or nonseismic plans. To become certified, you need to pass the IDEX California exam, which covers California codes, business practices, design standards, and more. Source

An interior designer plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics, functionality, and safety of interior spaces. This professional is skilled at understanding the client’s needs and translating them into design elements. Their work involves creating visually pleasing environments that meet the client’s specific taste while also being practical and safe.

An interior designer’s work goes beyond making a space look beautiful. They aim to improve the functionality, comfort, and safety of interior spaces, enhancing the quality of life for those using them.

The key is to find an interior designer who understands your style, communicates well, respects your budget, and has a proven track record of creating spaces that their clients love.

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