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Navigating the Path to Your Dream Interior

Step into the creative process with us as we guide you through each phase of our online interior design service. This journey is not just about reaching your destination – a beautifully designed space – but also about understanding and enjoying the transformation every step of the way.​

Discover Your Style

Your journey begins with our interactive style quiz. This enjoyable and easy-to-use tool helps us understand your unique aesthetic preferences. The questions range from your preferred color palettes to the type of furniture that catches your eye.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, we analyze your responses to match you with the perfect designer from our team. This person will not only understand your style but will also know how to bring it to life in your space.

Meet Your Designer​ - Blake and Krista

Meet Your Designer

Your journey begins with our interactive style quiz. This enjoyable and easy-to-us

Blake Lockwood and our talented team of designers are the heart of our service. They are experienced professionals with diverse design backgrounds and a shared passion for creating beautiful spaces. 

Communication is a vital part of the design process. You’ll have regular contact with your designer through our online platform, where you can ask questions, share ideas, and discuss your project in detail.

Share Your Space

The next step is to share your space with your designer. This involves uploading clear photos and accurate measurements of your room(s) to our platform. This information allows your designer to understand the physical context they’ll be working with.

Providing additional details like lighting conditions, existing furniture, or any specific requirements you have can be extremely helpful for your designer. The more information you provide, the better they can tailor the design to your needs.

Review Concept Boards​

Review Concept Boards

With all the necessary information at hand, your designer will create initial concept boards. These are visual representations of your space that capture potential layouts, color schemes, furniture, and accessories.

We encourage you to provide feedback on these concepts. Whether there’s something you love or something you’d like to change, your input is crucial. Your designer will make revisions based on your comments until you’re completely satisfied.

Finalize Your Design

Once you’re happy with the concept, your designer will finalize the design. This includes detailed floor plans and 3D renderings that allow you to visualize your transformed space.

You’ll have the opportunity to review this final design package and approve it. Once approved, you’ll be ready to start making your dream space a reality!

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Anna & Brian
A True Design Maestro!
Read More
Blake Lockwood is a design genius! He transformed our home into a space that's not only beautiful but also uniquely us. Every corner tells our story. Highly recommend!
Jay M.
Exceptional Online Service
Read More
I was skeptical about online interior design, but Blake's team made it so easy and fun. The 3D virtual walkthrough was amazing, and the end result? Just wow!
James K.
Transformed My Office Space
Read More
Blake's keen eye for detail and innovative ideas turned my bland office into an inspiring workspace. The productivity boost? Priceless!

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