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About the Decor Snob, Blake Lockwood

Blake LockwoodI’m Blake Lockwood. I’m a self-proclaimed design snob. I design fabulous interiors for a living so trust me, what I say is always what goes.

My Background

I have been in the interior designing business for 30 years and am a member of  NCIDQ, CIDA, NAAB, CCIDC.  I have seen much of the industry change and morph over time. 30 years in interior design means I was right there in the thick of the turquoise and purple combinations of the early 90s. 😉

I always have had a thing for interior design, although I wasn’t sure if it was possible to make it in this competitive market. There are many interior designers out there, each with their own sense of style and color palette. There are many different avenues an interior designer can take. These paths lead the way to where I will finally land in the industry. As with many industries, the path you choose in the beginning is really the first stepping stone into where your life might lead you. This was no different for me. I was grateful to get started as a buyer in the hotel industry. With little hands-on experience, the hotel industry taught me a lot about many things. The building and room decor are always needing improvements and updates. It was naturally a wonderful way to get my feet wet and experience all kinds of different things.

How I got started Interior Designing.

Renovating bathrooms, kitchens, and of course bedrooms was an everyday thing for a hotel interior designer.  There were constant projects going on and always something else to take a look at.  It was fast-paced but something that led to even more knowledge of not only what looks appealing but what is durable, the level of quality you need to last, and what appeals to the masses.

As I worked in the hotel industry I started to really get an eye for individual pieces of decor.  This decor was to be unique yet durable and have that perfect look to it that carried the look of the hotel brand.  Visiting with various manufacturers in many countries, it was critical to me that I purchased with ethical operations.  I believe that we all can make a difference, if we just do some simple changes, such as holding your ground on your beliefs.  I would ensure that the company was in fact working in an ethical manner by showing up and taking a look for myself. These visits were important to me. While visiting I would quite often spot other products or get items that I would carry back with me.

How I grew and gained experience.

While I worked in the hotel industry I soon became a buyer for the designs I would create.   The designs simply came from the products I would find and fall in love with.  It was a passion of mine to find new and innovative items.

Working in this industry and where I landed when I first started has allowed me to travel to places I might not have ever seen.  I feel blessed and honored with all of my experiences.  When I am home, I like to take my time to visit my elderly parents.  It is nice to take some downtime and hear about the rich historic times in which they lived.  We all have embraced life to the fullest!  Learning about history and the past is something I really do enjoy.  With all the travel I do, I have gotten to experience so many amazing things that I feel very honored for the experience because of my amazing work.

I hope that you find the choices of different decorating elements inspiring on Decor Snob and the articles to be beneficial.

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