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Bring classic style and comfort into your living room with farmhouse sofas.

Farmhouse sofas are a classic design staple. I always find it amazing that the style of these sofas, which could be found in any granny’s den, have truly withstood the test of time. But then, why wouldn’t they? Rather than having a rigidly defined style, these price friendly farmhouse sofas have a variety of characteristics they may, or may not, take on. The common look or style of farmhouse sofas can include:

  • Tufting
  • Neutral Tones
  • Skirts
  • Wooden Legs

These are just a few features that you can get in farmhouse sofas, and they generally appear individually in design. As you’ll see, though, farmhouse sofas are in no way limited to the characteristics listed. What really qualifies a sofa as “farmhouse” style has more to do with the overall look and design, making them extremely versatile. This means that they naturally work with any space in your home – rather than making you work to fit them in!

Since many elements are flexible based on your personal style, choosing a sofa can make or break the style of your home. You want to get one that blends easily with any existing farmhouse decor for living room and with the of your furniture.

The Best 14 Farmhouse Couches

Chosen appropriately, farmhouse couches can be a quintessential addition to the look of your home, offering comfort and style you’ll love. Since this can be such a challenge, I scoured the internet to give you options you can trust as you shop for your ideal farmhouse sofa.

Most Versatile Farmhouse Sofa


Farmhouse Sofa with Cooling Cotton Fabric


Leather Farmhouse Sofa


Farmhouse Sofa with Storage Space


Best Farmhouse Sofa for the Price


Perfect Small Farmhouse Couch


Buy me this Farmhouse Sectional Set, please


Classic Farmhouse yet Modern


Farmhouse with a Pop of Color


Most Unique Material


Easiest Farmhouse Decor to Maintain


Farmhouse Sofas with Royal Accents


French Inspired Farmhouse Sofas


Traditional Farmhouse Comfort on a Budget


Tips for Purchasing farmhouse sofas

What to consider when you’re in search of the best sofa fit in your farmhouse living room decor. How much space do you have for your couch? How does it have to be shaped to fit in your home? Does it have to be small or can you get a sectional? What about color of the upholstery, white, brown? Visualizing the final details of your farmhouse style is easier when you have a realistic idea of the space it needs to fill.

How to choose the best farmhouse sofas

Always consider your personal style first. Next, I think about which sofas design characteristic I find most important to include. Are you inspired by rounded curves and tufting? Or do you want to bring in a more modern material with your sofa? Pick which features are most important for your sofas to have, and start your search from there.

Try something adding a moveable chaise

Once you know what you’re looking for, be open to finding new inspiration while you shop for the look you love. If you are committed to traditional sectional farmhouse sofas, consider an arrangeable chaise option for easy re-design. This way, it can give additional seating without jutting into valuable floor space. An option, even as simple as a moveable chaise or hidden storage, is important to keep your design feeling fresh.

What to consider before buying

My first priority before actually signing on the dotted line is staying within my price range. Will purchasing your farmhouse sofas limit your budget for the rest of your design? If so, it is best to decide which farmhouse features were the most attractive before seeking a similar, but more affordable, option.

Finding your couch is the moment you know that your design is really coming together. It does more than complete your design; it is the piece that will bring people together in your home. In a traditional farmhouse design, it can be easy to let your sofa fade into the background. With the right sofa, though, you can transform your space from simple living room into a gathering place for friends and family alike.

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