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Add some retro flair to your home with these mid-century decorating secrets!

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

Mid-century modern decor includes its own furniture, colors, lighting, and more. Here is everything you should know about mid-century modern interior design style.

What is Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style?

The mid-century modern style works to emphasize the boxy shape of homes. When this style originated, many homes were built with a box-like shape. The style is very modern and sophisticated. It’s simple, steering clear of cluttered and overwhelming designs.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

According to House Beautiful, the style combines sleek lines with organic shapes. The whole concept of mid-century modern design is that it works for nearly anyone. It adds a lot of functionality with the pieces that are included.

History of Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

Mid-century modern first gained popularity in the middle of the 20th century. Now, it’s coming back again. It was a big deal from 1945 to 1975. Now, designers are finding ways to incorporate it into current homes and buildings.

Modway Transmit Mid-Century Offset Cube Wood Bookcase in Walnut

What Furniture is Used in Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

According to Freshome, it’s easy to add mid-century modern furniture to your home. One of the key materials to incorporate is wood. Look for items with clean, fresh lines. The entire style should be very minimal. You can also blend a variety of textures to change things up. This adds interest to your home.

Mid Century Recliner Lounge Chair with Ottoman Real Wood Genuine Italian LeatherBelham Living Carter Mid Century Modern Console TableMid Century Modern Dining ChairsGus Small End Table for Living Room - Mid Century Modern End Table

Armen Living Cassie Dining Chair in Black Faux Leather and Walnut Wood Finish

Thrift stores are a great place to look for these types of pieces.

What Colors Are Used in Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

The mid-century modern style comes with its own color palette. It includes mostly earthy colors, including:

  • Natural greens
  • Burnt orange
  • Dark browns
  • Golds or deep yellows
  • Turquoise or aquamarine
  • Reds

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Ideas

This blend of bright colors and earthy colors works perfectly together. Not all these colors have to be used in one space. Some of the bolder colors can be used as pops of color as well, such as with accent pillows or vases.

What Lighting is Used in Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

Mid-century modern lighting adds even more interest to your home.

Brightech Jaxon Tripod LED Floor Lamp

Sputnik Chandelier Mid Century Modern Pendant

Lighting is one of the most important pieces of this style. Here are some of the types of lighting to consider:

  • Paper lanterns
  • Modern chandeliers
  • Bursting pendants
  • Multi-arm pendants or chandeliers
  • Industrial lighting
  • Tinted pendants
  • Aviation lighting
  • Minimal lamps and lampshades

Brightech Eithan LED Floor LampSH Lighting Brush Steel Arching Floor Lamp with White Marble BaseMELUCEE Brass Sputnik Chandeliers 8-Light Mid Century Modern Light

What Artwork is Used in Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

Mid-century modern artwork is fairly simple to find. It usually features geometric or abstract shapes.

Mid Century Modern 3D Wall Panels

The colors include the color scheme listed before. Andy Warhol’s pop art was popular during the original mid-century modern era.

Retro Cat With Diamonds

Retro Bird Caravan OrangeSome mid-century modern wall art is made out of glass or metal. Sculptures follow the same geometric style. Mid-century modern artwork is a good way to include more color in your home.

Decorative Wall Hanging Mirror in Sunburst Shape

Key Pieces of Mid-Century Modern Design

There are a few pieces or features that can show you whether something is mid-century modern. For example, peg legs are common. Geometric shapes and clean lines are important. Try to use a combination of textures or materials too.

Amal Mid Century Modern TV Stand

Where to Find Authentic Mid-Century Modern Pieces

When shopping for mid-century modern furniture and decorations, focus on their features. Look for what fits the mid-century modern style.

Acantha Mid Century Modern Retro Contour Chair with Footstool

You should pay attention to the manufacturer’s location as well. If you are looking for authentic pieces, look for pieces made in the following countries:

  • America
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Yugoslavia

Nathan James 32702 Harper Mid-Century Side Table 2-Drawer Nightstand

This will help you to find pieces that truly fit the description of the style. When you invest in items that are well-made, they will function better and last longer.

Mid-Century Modern Design Architecture

Mid-century modern is used in interior design, but it can also be seen in architecture. These homes are somewhat futuristic. They are very functional and include geometric shapes and fresh lines. The characteristics usually meet mid-century modern interior design specifics.

Mid-Century Modern Design Architecture

Can Mid-Century Modern Design Be Used with Other Styles?

According to Architectural Digest, you can combine styles. This is especially useful when you first start redecorating. You can add in just one or two mid-century modern items at a time. It can be a good idea to buy what you need first to ease into the style. If you need a new sofa, start there.

Modway Remark Mid-Century Modern Sofa With Upholstered Fabric In Azure

Using the same style throughout your home can help to keep things cohesive, but it isn’t always necessary. Sticking to the same color palette can be a way to make everything work well together.


Mid-century modern is a great style to incorporate into your home. It includes clean lines and organic shapes. The colors are earthy and neutral with some pops of color. This style started out in boxy homes, but it’s versatile and can be used in many spaces. One of the key things to remember is that the pieces are functional. This style is a good choice for nearly any person and any home.

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