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Elephant Decor Ideas (2023 Decorating Guide)

Stickerbrand Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Elephant Head 5479s

The Biggest Elephant Decor Ideas! HUGE Art for your Walls! Add elephants into your home decor and turn your home into a wisdom-filled, and calming environment in your home, look out! If you love animals then you will absolutely fall in love with elephant decor. Elephants are one of the world’s most gracious, beautiful, and recognizable animals. Elephant wall decor looks simply stunning on the walls of our homes and in children’s nurseries or bedrooms.

Elephants are astounding creatures! The African elephant is considered the largest land animal in the world. Elephant tusks are considered one of the most valuable sources of ivory used in making jewelry and all kinds of expensive ornaments.

There are two different species of elephants worldwide, found in Africa and Asia. What makes them all recognizable is their tough gray skin, large white tusks, giant ears, and most of all a long and curling trunk.

Art Wall Lynn-002-18x24-w Linzi Lynn 'The Ride' Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Artwork

More than anything else, elephants are recognized and known for both their strength and wisdom, a collection of great qualities that aren’t often seen together in the animal kingdom.

SEVEN WALL ARTS - Hand Painted Oil Painting Animal Colorful Elephant with Stretched Frame

Ivory, the material of elephants’ tusks, was once seen as a luxury home item because of its rarity, expense, and exclusivity. Since elephants have become endangered and humans were killing elephants for their ivory, its reputation became tarnished and its popularity dropped.

Elephant Watercolor Print

There are so many kinds of elephant decorations that you can display in your home. They are not necessarily made of ivory but are very intricate and utterly amazing nonetheless!

Traits of Elephant Decor

Strength makes elephants a great addition in home gyms or any family living spaces where you want to maintain strong relationships and characters.

Black and White Elephant Drinking Water Retro Photo Printed on Canvas

Wisdom is a fantastic quality to bring into any working areas, like study rooms or home offices. Elephants have a calm attitude that you will want to inject into your working life. If you want to depict and encourage these qualities in your home, bringing elephants into your wall decor can help you on your way.

Elephant Oil Painting cubism 100% Hand-painted on Canvas Artwork(Stretched Ready to Hang)30x30inch Modern Animal Wall Art for or Living Room Bedroom


Elephant Nursery Decor

There are a lot of cute elephant room decor for nurseries and playrooms too. It can bring a playful vibe to a kid’s bedroom.

Elephants BlueGrey 10 pc crib set including Bumper Pad

In the past, it was daunting to put permanent decorative wall stickers on a bedroom wall. But these days, wall decals and stickers are manufactured in such a way that removing and repositioning them is easy.

Custom Elephant Name Wall Decal for Boys

You have all the freedom when creating a wall decor for your kid’s room. Sticky wall decals come in different themes and styles. You can choose between realistic or cartoonish designs. You may want to consult your young ones when deciding, though. Since they will be the ones spending most of the time staring at the wall.

Elephant Blowing Bubbles Wall Decal Vinyl Wall Sticker Baby Nursery Decor Kids Room Wall Stickers

Elephant in the Jungle

Treetop Buddies 4 Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set by Lambs & Ivy

You can even create a jungle scene by adding other animal wall decor like lions, tigers, and monkeys. Animal wall decor has become popular thanks to movies like Madagascar. Elephants are a popular favorite among kids but there are other characters you can add to your wall decor like cheetahs and zebras. Animals will breathe life into your child’s room by adding colorful details. You can also do a Safari home decor theme!

Elephant Custom Personalized Name Wall Decal Large

There are corresponding wall decorations for basically everything that you can find in the jungle. So in addition to using a set of jungle animal wall decals, you can also add a set rare flowers, trees, and shrubs.

If you are able to create a somewhat realistic jungle scene, it is almost like you were able to let your kids marvel at the beauty of Africa.

Complete Scene Wall Murals

Jungle Animals Photo Wall Paper – Jungle and Animals Mural – Xxl Jungle Wall Decoration Nursery

If you want to try something easier, you can opt for an elephant wall decal that features a complete scene. There are large, pre-printed wall murals that you can paint on your own or with the help of your kids (if they are old enough to do so).

Brewster Elephants - A Ton Of Love Wall Art Kit

To transfer the full scene mural design to your wall, it can be pasted, traced, and then rubbed. The backing paper can then be removed and you can proceed to painting. You can follow the coloring instructions that come with the product or you can use your own creativity to come up with a unique decor.

Wall Mural Decal Sticker Safari Jungle with Tent 8ft TallHot Air Balloon Wall Decal - Cute Animal StickersFabric Tree Wall Stickers, Boy Animal Wall Stickers

Remember, it is best to involve your kids in this project – you’ll be amazed by their creativity and imagination.


Elephant Home Decor

Elephants can be showcased anywhere in your home and they aren’t just for kids.

Amaonm® Removable Diy Vinyl Hot Fashion Huge Black Tree Elephant Giraffe Twilight Scene


Elephant Wall Decals

Wall murals are growing in popularity, especially the simple and quick to install decals. You won’t need any professional help and they are quite inexpensive.

My Wonderful Walls Animal Art Ornate Elephant Wall Sticker Decal by BioWorkZBig Elephant Wall Decal by Style & ApplyElephant Wall Decal by Style & Apply

Lone Elephant Wall Mural Covering Removable Interior Decor

So if you adore elephants you can create a giant elephant decal to cover an entire wall and make a really big impact on your room. Or you can add smaller elephant images around the entire room. The beauty of wall decals is that you have control over the color and the size, so you can create the exact look of your Elephant wall decor.Wall Decal Elephant Vinyl Sticker Decals Lotus Indian Elephant Floral Patterns

Wall Vinyl Sticker Decals Decor Art Bedroom Design Mural Ganesh Om Elephant


Elephant Wall Art

Elephant Painting Wall Art With Framed for Living Room

Canvased and framed elephant wall artwork are other ways to bring elephant qualities into your home. If you’re an artist, this is your chance to get creative and let your talent shine.

Dictionary Art Print - Whimsical Elephant and ButterfliesElephant and Dog Sit under the RainMOHOO 50x50cm Elephant Oil Painting Canvas Wall ArtWall26 - Illustration of a Decorative and Patterned Baby Elephant - Canvas Art Home Decor

The perfect image can be difficult and time-consuming to find, especially something as specific as elephants. But if you can get your paintbrushes out then you can create your own unique elephant wall art.

Design Toscano Elephant Wall SconceElephant Head Trophy Mount Hand Carved Vintage Map Prints Cardboard Elephant Heads (Paris)Home Source 400-25058 Decorative Wall Art, 23 by 18 by 4-InchFake White Elephant HeadFake White Elephant Head

Elephant Furniture

Elephant side table

An elephant side table makes a wonderful start. This is a large piece that depicts a beautiful Asian elephant with a tapestry at the back.

Design Toscano Good Fortune Elephant End Table


The top of this ceramic piece is flat where you can place all sorts of items. Since it is meant to be a side table, you can place books, a small lamp as well as small statues. Get one ceramic elephant table for each side of your living room sofa.

Design Toscano Lord Earl Houghton's Trophy Elephant Glass-Topped Table

Elephant Coffee Table

Now we go to a ceramic elephant that is big enough to hold a round glass top to become a living room center table. This ceramic elephant is available in different designs but the most popular is a mother elephant with a baby by its side.

Design Toscano Elephant's Majesty Coffee Table with Glass Top

Elephants have a matriarchal society and they are led by the eldest female. Female elephants travel in groups with their young in their midst. So you will definitely find a lot of elephant home décor ideas with a mom and child combination.

Elephant Statues and Carvings

A huge number of elephant decorations are antique pieces and priceless. From small to huge decorative pieces, you can find elephant decor in gold, brass, wood, ivory, copper and even marble statues. Some are so valuable that they are fitted with all sorts of valuable stones and metals. You can also find carvings of elephants in different sizes and they are also very valuable as well.

NOVICA Green Good Luck Celadon Ceramic Sculpture, 2.6 Tall 'Elephant Lessons' (Set of 3)

Elephants are huge but they could also be cute too. There are cute elephant home decor ideas such as a trio of elephants depicting a hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil design. Still there are cute figurines of elephants too, such as…

Indian Handicrafts Resin Elephant with Welcome Sign Figurine

An elephant with a welcome sign

Two Piece Loving Elephants With Heart Sculpture - Exclusive

Two playful elephants in love with heart-shaped intertwined trunks

Overall, elephants are fantastic animals that exude intelligence and power, and portraying these wonderful creatures in your home with elephant wall decor can bring those qualities into your living space.

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