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Cock-a-Doodle-Do to these Great Rooster Decor Ideas. Rooster decor might seem like an unusual choice, but it’s a popular trend that has a proven timelessness and resilience to fading. For decades, roosters have been a popular feature in people’s homes, and for many symbolic and design reasons.

Chicken Rooster Cook 3 ft

A Rooster, also known as a cockerel, is a male chicken that guards the hens’ nesting area. He sits on a high perch and crows loudly throughout the day but is famous for that early morning cock-a-doodle-doo.

Cock-a-doodle-do, Giant Roadside Rooster Garden Statue

Rooster home decor is a popular choice for religious people across the world. Many of the world’s most-followed religions have a certain and different understanding of the rooster and what they represent.

Herend Rooster Figurine Reserve Collection Tall Farm Country Rooster Chicken Statue Collectible Decor Figurine

For example, roosters in fighting stance are depicted in Buddhism as sacred birds. While Hinduism tells that the Hindu war God Karthikeye carries a flag with a picture of a rooster on it. Jews believe that the rooster is a depiction of time, and Christians follow that the rooster is a holy animal, as depicted in the Bible.

Rooster with Metal Feathers Statue

The rooster is also a universal symbol of masculinity, which is shown when the rooster performs the “cockerel dance”, a strut that demonstrates masculinity and dominance to the females. For this reason, roosters are a popular figure in traditional homes where the male holds the most senior role in the home and is the breadwinner.

Francis Metal Work Stone Iron Sculpture Red Rooster by Francis Metal Works

Roosters are also a common feature in American, British, and New Zealand farmhouses. As well as being a show of dominance, the rooster represents the work that the animals carry out on the farm, and the produce that the farm owners can reap from the animals to earn their living.

Corynne Pless

Vangohart - Ridiculously Handsome Rooster

WallsThatSpeak 2 Retro Rooster Rustic Art Prints Country Kitchen Decor Buyenlarge R Is for Rooster - Gallery Wrapped 44X66

In a more usual notion, the rooster is a continuation of the farm throughout the house by depicting what is happening outdoors and what is important to the family.

rooster kitchen decor

Plutus Brands 2 Assorted Wooden Rooster, RedBlue

Metal Rooster Wrought Iron Outdoor Garden Yard Statue by Gifts & Decor Rooster Flaunting Red and White Hues

The most popular and simplest way to bring rooster decor into your home is through the easily available clay or porcelain rooster ornaments that come in all shapes and sizes. I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding the right size you need for your kitchen shelves, bookshelf, or side table.

Herend Twirl Rooster Reserve Collection Plutus Brands Beautiful Metal Rooster with Metallic Finish Large Black Rooster Sculpture Country Home

Roosters are also portrayed in wall art, which can be print posters around the house in rustic and charming frames, or single or grouped hanging ornaments to fill empty spaces on walls and prevent any rooms from feeling too empty or vast.

Wake Up Smell The Coffee Rooster Metal Sign Cafe Decor 12 x 16 Wall Art Print entitled ORL-752 RED Rooster by Irena Orlov

To take the rooster decor theme a step further, include egg baskets, tableware, jugs, and general chicken-ish items that can amplify the rustic and traditional theme of your home.

Wall Art Print entitled THE MR ROOSTER by Marcia Baldwin

CWI Gifts Vintage Coffee Tin with Antique Rooster Ad Home Essentials 68100 Rooster Red Medium Buyenlarge Rooster by The River Firecrackers - Gallery Wrapped 44X66

If you really want to turn your love of rooster decor into a hobby, buy some live roosters and hens for your garden instead of statues of them.

This will surely bring more charm to your home and personal outdoor space. This way you’ll also be able to enjoy freshly laid eggs every single morning!

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