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Japanese Decor

Are you inspired to design your home using Japanese home decor? There are a few words to describe Japanese decor and those are simple, minimalistic, and natural.

If you were to visit a regular home in Japan, you would find that there is style in the simplest home decor and room design. Most homes in Japan are small and so every square foot of space is used in the most efficient manner.

Here are 18 Tips & Ideas for Choosing Japanese Decor, all inspired by traditional Japanese homes and Japanese style.

Less Furniture is More?

The absence of actual furniture pieces is obvious in a Japanese home.

japanese living room

For a living room, replace a sofa and seats is a very low table and pillow cases or small ottomans. A low table is where the homeowners and guests will gather and talk. This table is usually in the middle of the room.

japanese eclectic living room

Oriental Furniture 6' x 3' Full Size Tatami Mat

Traditional Japanese decor includes the use of handmade Japanese culture art along the walls that separate the room. In traditional homes, walls can be made of paper, and they slide from left to right to open or close a room. Paper walls can be plain or can hold precious wall art.

Hand Carved Granite Japanese Jizo

Buddha sculpture Funzoe no Shakuson

japanese style living room

Japanese Oriental Style Room Screen Divider

In addition to natural light, low lying lamps are used as lighting in Japanese home decor. Simple lamps made of paper and wire are placed in the middle of the room or in the corners of the room.

BGmdjcf Modern Chinese Wooden Ceiling Lamps

Plutus Brands Moda Japanese Floor Lamp from The Manju EraBGmdjcf Creative Modern Chandeliers Wooden Ceiling Lamps

japanese home decor

InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat

A huge area rug is in the middle of the room where the low table is.

japanese interior design

There is little to no shelving systems used in most Japanese homes. If you need shelving, then it could be contemporary pieces or modern pieces made of metal or wood. Notice the excellent use of wood and lighting in the Japanese style Bedroom below.

japanese bedroom

Japanese Decor Embraces a Touch of Nature

Japanese homes are known for natural decorations and the most natural is bringing outdoor plants in. A medium-sized vase filled with different kinds of colorful flowers can be placed as a table centerpiece. A bowl of fruit, books, and candles could also work as a proper centerpiece as well.

japanese home office

You need to make a few adjustments if you wish to create a Japanese inspired interior design. First, you should think of creative storage spaces such as wall storage systems as well as making updates to your flooring and walls.

japanese shelving

Japanese homes are usually made of wood. Flooring is made of beautiful planks of hardwood. The walls are made from lighter pieces of wood. But if you do not want to make these complicated changes in your home, you may use decorative pieces instead.

With this helpful home decor guide, I hope you are well on your way to achieving a Japanese style in your home.

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