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22+ Coffee Bar Ideas You Can DIY This Weekend

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coffee bar ideas

Keeping yourself caffeinated in the morning is important. Having a beautiful morning starts with a great cup of coffee from your home coffee bar. Here are some of my favorite DIY coffee bars that you can start working on this weekend. Then by Monday, you’ll have a special place in your home to brew up some of your favorite coffee drinks and get going.

Chalkboard Coffee Bar Idea

A modern breakfast bar design with a popular chalkboard design provides a rustic place to sip and make some coffee. The addition of a small plant adds some color to this coffee bar table and gives some life to it as well.

Chalkboard coffee bar ideas


Rustic Menu-Forward Buffet Idea

Like many of the examples on this list, this home-made coffee bar design utilizes a chalkboard and buffet counter. Using a chalkboard to make a rustic coffee menu gives the bar an artistic flair.

Rustic Menu-Forward coffee bar ideas

Coffee Bar With Shelved Chalkboard

This chalkboard-centered coffee bar utilizes the room available by adding shelves onto the chalkboard itself. Using this method can save room while also creating different sections on the chalkboard for a variety of designs.

coffee bar ideas With Shelved Chalkboard

Minimal, Modern, Chalk Coffee Bar

This coffee bar design combines many of the ideas in other examples on the list. It has a nice balance of shelving, a chalkboard coffee bar sign, and some more minimal inclusions on the counter. At first glance, you might not even notice the coffee maker for this bar.

Minimal, Modern, Chalk coffee bar ideas

Hotel-Style Inspired Coffee Bar

If your kitchen is lacking in counter space for a coffee bar, but your other rooms have plenty of space, this might be the set-up for you. Adding a golden breakfast counter or bar cart, similar to that at a hotel’s continental breakfast, can be a great place to house coffee accessories. This option leaves plenty of room for stir sticks, add-ins, and other coffee adjacent items. Try looking for these at restaurant resell shops, hotel liquidation auctions, or even Craigslist.

Hotel-Style coffee bar ideas


The Island of Espresso Coffee Cart

If you’ve got a mobile espresso machine, a coffee bar cart is probably your perfect set-up. This coffee cart features a rustic, wooden island with an espresso machine and accessories. Adding this to your home will make it feel like a nice morning at the farmer’s market every day. Plus being mobile, you can roll the bar cart outside, or into your kitchen or dining room, or anywhere in the house you have guests over for a shot of espresso.

The Island of Espresso coffee bar ideas

Industrial and Small Space Coffee Bar

Just because you’re short on kitchen counter space, doesn’t mean you can’t make a great coffee bar set-up. Using small, industrial-style shelving, like with this coffee station, will give your caffeine station a unique feel. Add it to a table or in a corner. As you can see, just adding a single shelf to the coffee station table nearly doubles the room available for all the essentials… coffee maker, coffee mugs, coffee beans, and even a few saucers.

Industrial and Compact coffee bar ideas

Cozy Cabin Home Coffee Bar

Grabbing a warm cup of coffee after hours in the snow sounds fun, but it’s even better when you can capture that style at home. If you’ve got an artistic flair, and a spare wall, throw up a chalkboard for a fun way to set up your at-home coffee menu. The faux pine twinkle lights and dark wood cabinet design bring this coffee station together to give you the feeling of staying in a mountain cabin.

Cozy Cabin Chalkboard coffee bar ideas

Farmhouse Diner Idea

Patched paint, mismatching mugs, and wooden signs really give this coffee bar a diner feel. This particular example has great use of space with the hooks to hang mugs, leaving more room on the countertop. The farmhouse style also makes this an easy enough diy coffee bar to make yourself with a variety of materials.

Farmhouse Diner Idea

Coffee Bar for a Kitchen with Industrial Tiers

Creating kitchen space where there wasn’t any before can really take your coffee bar to the next level. This example utilizes the top shelf for any coffee needs which providing cups at the bottom. What could be overcrowded on a single shelf is made to look much more put together when multiple tiers are introduced. Mount a mug rack to the wall to save even more room on a busy shelf or coffee cart.

Coffee Bar for a Kitchen with Industrial Tiers

Simply Welcoming DIY Coffee Bar

This coffee bar does an excellent job of creating a more open space with shelves in a variety of sizes and a mid-century cabinet. This station feels simple thanks to the free space on the counter and the location of the coffee station gives it a welcoming feel. There is an excellent example of how to store and display coffee pods here as well while not making it feel disorganized.

Simply Welcoming DIY Coffee Station

Home Coffee Bar with Hot and Cold

With two espresso machines, you’d expect an overcrowded and messy room. But this coffee bar design organizes them nicely while also seamlessly integrating a mini-fridge, without it looking tacky. The balance of metal and wood with the rest of the room makes this industrial style look right at home and one of my favorite designs.

Home Coffee Bar with Hot and Cold

Farm Shelving Kitchen Coffee Station

This farm-inspired coffee station design features rustic shelving and ceramic bowls below for a southern kitchen feel. But the shelving above the bar has a nice contrast of matching jars, drinkware, and saucers to bring a sense of balance to the coffee station.

Farm Shelving Kitchen Coffee Station

Modern Café Station Idea

The trendiest coffee bar in town just moved into your living room with this set-up. The variety of coffee brewing methods combined with the feel of the wood gives makes this the trendiest way to get caffeinated.

Modern Café Station Idea

Just A Bar

Where the rest of these examples are coffee bars that are for, well, coffee, this coffee bar has a bit more than that. Featured in a shelf above this coffee counter are a few adult beverages for when you’re needing more than just some caffeine. This set-up is nice and gives the coffee bar a more edgy feeling.

Just A Bar

Efficient Built-in Small Coffee Bar

This coffee bar is complete with a sink and coffee machine but feels much larger thanks to the shelves and lighting. The counter is freed up by the shelves and cupboards while the small bowls and painting add a nice touch of color and warmth.

Small and Efficient Coffee Bar Idea

Cafe-Style Chalkboard Walls Coffee Station at Home

When that café aesthetic is really calling your name, you can spruce up your coffee bar with a chalkboard wall. The repurposed fruit basket with matching drinkware gives an organized but warm feeling to this organization. Adding in the greenery throughout brings together a muted and balanced color palette.

Cafe-Style Chalkboard Walls Coffee Station at Home


A Built-in Cabinet Coffee Bar with Character

This cabinet coffee bar is a great use of kitchen space without being too crowded. The shelving and counter aren’t full of unnecessary items and, with the coffee mugs out of the way, the counter feels balanced.

A Coffee Bar with Character

Espresso Heaven

The espresso part of this coffee maker is the star of the show with this coffee bar. The smaller shelves above are perfectly utilized for espresso cups while a few syrups and other espresso accessories are on the counter.

Espresso Heaven

Simple Breakfast Bar – Studio Style

Simple Coffee Station Breakfast Bar- Studio Style

This sleek, modern breakfast bar saves on kitchen or dining room space and gives a cozy feeling. The counters aren’t covered in cute mugs or other coffee essentials, because there isn’t enough space here. But what this coffee bar lacks in space it makes up for in cozy, on-trend style.

I hope you enjoyed my home coffee bar ideas! Please leave a comment below and let me know which one is your favorite.

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