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28 Coffee Station Ideas Built Into Your Kitchen Cabinets

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coffee station ideas

There are many different kitchen coffee station ideas to organize your cups, coffee maker, and even the coffee itself to create a beautiful home coffee bar. Many people fall victim to using a crowded coffee corner of their kitchen to hide their coffee makers. The truth is, you can have a coffee station inside your home that makes the kitchen or dining room feel just like your favorite coffee shop.

What you will need for your Perfect Coffee Station

1. Start with a Great Coffee Maker
One of the first steps in creating a coffee station is having a device to make your coffee of course. Whether you love pour-over, espresso, or prefer a pod-based electronic machine, you’ll need to find one that fits the design you’re going for. Many of the ideas I’ve listed below have some great coffee makers included and would be a great place to draw inspiration from.

2. Add Coffee Bar Furniture 
Next, you’ll want to find a shelving type that fits the look of the home decor you’re going for. Almost every coffee bar out there needs at least one shelf if not more. Whether you want more of a cafe-style look or a coffee cabinet you’ll need to decide what you want the shelving to look like as well as what it will hold.

3. Add Coffee Bar Accessories
Lastly, one of the staples of a good coffee bar is mugs or cups. Using the coffee maker and shelving as a guide, you can easily find mugs that match the design you’re going for.

All three of these elements put together will allow you to easily create the perfect additions to spruce up your coffee station without making it overcrowded.

Coffee Station Ideas for Your Kitchen.

So grab a cup of coffee and take a look at my hand-picked list of 28 built-in coffee stations for your kitchen within the comfort of your own home.


Behind Door Number One

Hiding a coffee station in your living area is a genius idea as shown in this example. It isn’t taking up precious kitchen space and it’s subtle enough that it won’t look out of place to the untrained eye. Sneak in some food for some easy-access snacking to go with your cup of coffee during a movie.

Behind Door Number One

Coffee Shelf Idea

This simple set-up features a single coffee maker in a set of cupboard shelves. The surrounding jars, organizers, and wine glasses give it a more subtle feel and let the coffee bar become a multipurpose area.

Coffee Shelf Idea

Vertical Style Coffee Station

This home coffee station takes a vertical approach. The coffee station sits on top of a small counter with a variety of mugs available on the shelving above. This provides a nice, clean space on the counter to make your coffee with easy access to different coffee mugs.

Vertical Style Coffee Station

Modern Meets Rustic Coffee Bar

This bold combination of farmhouse rustic barn doors and a modern, metal coffee station set-up works great. The silver coffee machine and kettle fit in nicely with the rest of the design in this area. This is another great example of a multipurpose space where a coffee station can naturally fit in.

Modern Meets Rustic Coffee Bar

Move Over Spice Rack, This is A Coffee Rack

A unique use of what may have once been a spice closet, this home coffee station pulls out all the stops. The shelving, drawers, and use of space allow for what could have been a cluttered kitchen closet to feel organized. Notice the wood choice as it is the perfect contrast to the white cabinets and kitchen.

Move Over Spice Rack, This is A Coffee Rack

Repurposed Spice Closet Coffee Bar Ideas for Home

This built-in cabinet coffee station is an even cleaner example that the other spice closet in this list. Just like the prior example, this use of a closet that had a previous purpose is unique and creative. Having the bottom drawers inside the closet is a nice touch and allows for the entire coffee station to be hidden when needed.

Repurposed Spice Closet Coffee Bar

Corner Coffee Bar Idea

While the actual coffee part of this coffee station is struggling a bit to stand out, this is still a nice little set-up for someone without a lot of cupboard or drawer space. The wall shelving helps the area to stay as clean as possible. But the shining star of this example is the windowed panel that creates an open but smaller space for the corner coffee bar to live in.

Coffee Bar in the Corner

Coffee Nook That Comes to You

This simple coffee bar features a nice shelf for coffee mugs and a pull-out shelf for the coffee brewer. A small touch, but the pull-out shelving allows for easy access when making coffee in the morning.

Coffee That Comes to You

Subtle, Sleek, & Small Coffee Station

So subtle you may not have noticed it at first, this small coffee station is perfectly hiding in plain sight. With the coffee maker, pods, and even some tea cleverly organized and hidden away, this is perfect for those that don’t need their coffee machine to be a statement piece.

Subtle and Sleek Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar Hiding in Plain Sight

At first glance, this looks like any modern kitchen without a coffee station. But if you look closer, those coffee mugs aren’t sitting above any average kitchen appliance, in fact, that is the coffee station itself. This subtle take on a modern coffee station is perfect for the modern kitchen.

Coffee Bar Hiding in Plain Sight

Coffee, Smoothies, and Juice Station Idea

If you’re someone that doesn’t stop at coffee and has their life together enough to make a smoothie or juice every morning, then this is the coffee station for you. This closet-style example includes fresh fruit, a blender, and even a juicer, creating the perfect multi-purpose coffee station.

Coffee, Smoothies, and Juice Station Idea

Closet of Coffee Station

A great space-saving idea for a coffee station in the kitchen would be to put the set-up inside of a closet. This example used the shelf and drawer space of a pre-existing closet for a unique bar with plenty of storage space built-in.

Closet of Coffee Station

Simple and Coffee Station Cabinet

Repurposing cabinets, closets, and shelving is a popular way to create your own home coffee station and this example is no exception. This tall and slender cabinet is perfect for a single coffee machine and the accenting pottery on the shelves above gives it a nice touch.

Simple and Tall Coffee Storage

Coffee and Grinder Hideaway

This hidden duo of an espresso machine and grinder makes a great espresso station. As always, the coffee mugs above clear out space and allow the set-up to feel balanced.

Coffee and Tea Hideaway

Built-In Brew

Putting the coffee brewer inside of the custom shelving adds a nice subtlety, as we’ve seen with other examples in this list. But this coffee station allows the coffee accessories above to blend in as well, giving an overall subtle feeling to the entire coffee station.

Built-In Brew

A Coffee Bar to Open the Room

This coffee bar has been given equal space in the kitchen, making the entire room feel balanced. However, the mirror behind the coffee bar is the star of the show and gives the design a more open feeling.

A Coffee Bar to Open the Room

The Espresso Maker Becomes the Shelf

Just like with a lot of the examples here, this one features a built-in espresso maker. But what sets this coffee station apart is the use of a shelf on the wall that houses not only the espresso maker itself but many different mugs and saucers as well.

The Coffee Maker Becomes the Shelf

Minimalist Coffee Bar Idea

There aren’t a lot of plates, mugs, or other coffee accessories in this example. Sometimes, even if you have space, it can be nice to just let the area breathe and not add a lot of unnecessary things.

Minimalist Coffee Bar Idea

Coffee Bar with Clean Colors

The colors for this coffee station are what sets it apart from the others. White, gold, and even some copper shine through for a nice contrast of the wood of the shelving and coffee station.

Coffee Bar Idea with Clean Colors

Color Palette Centered

The focus for this coffee station in on the colors. Every appliance in this cabinet matches perfectly and allows for a modern, balanced feeling.

Color Palette Centered

Coffee and Wine, A Perfect Pair

A lot of people enjoy the saying “Coffee until wine,” and this is the perfect realization of that. This coffee bar features many of the great elements we’ve discussed in this list while including a few wine bottles at the top.

Coffee and Wine, A Perfect Pair

Clean and Classic Coffee Storage

This coffee bar does an excellent job of repurposing a cabinet while including shelving for some great storage. It looks great but not too flashy, a very approachable concept for many looking to create a coffee bar at home.

Clean and Classic Coffee Storage

Pantry Coffee Bar Idea

Just like the coffee closet, this example uses a pre-existing piece for the coffee bar. However, this example is a bit more similar to pantry and closet hybrid, allowing for a wider area and more kitchen counter space. And just as with the coffee closet, this coffee station makes a nice hide-away spot that can easily be covered up.

Pantry Coffee Bar Ideas

Repurposed Cupboards for a Coffee Corner

Having a coffee hideaway in a closet or pantry is nice, but repurposing an unused set of cupboards can be just as handy. This coffee bar frees up counter space and takes the place of cups, plates, or anything else that would have been housed in these cupboards. Creating this type of home coffee station also allows for additional storage for your coffee beans and any coffee toppings or syrups.

Repurposed Cupboards for a Coffee Corner

Breakfast Counter Coffee Station

This simple set-up combines a coffee bar and a few smaller kitchen appliances. There isn’t exactly a method to the coffee station part of this, but the wall shelving is a nice touch.

Breakfast Counter Coffee Station

Simple DIY Coffee Station with Narrow Space? No Problem

This coffee station makes use of a small kitchen space so well that it can fit two different coffee makers and a coffee grinder on one counter. The shelves on the wall above the coffee station are key here as they really open up space on the small counter and remove unnecessary crowding. It blends in nicely with the existing home decor.

Simple Coffee Station with Narrow Space? No Problem

Overall, a home coffee bar is what you want it to be. Whether you’re a fan of flashy espresso machines with perfect, color-coordinating shelving or you’re a fan of a small and simple coffee coffee nook with set of shelves with mugs and toppings.

What coffee stations from this list do you want to try out? Are you planning to go all out for your own kitchen coffee shop? Let me know below!

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