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What Color to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Grey Walls?

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Gray walls are a popular option in a lot of homes. It is a neutral color that is going to work well in many homes and looks nice and clean if you are trying to sell it. When the walls in your kitchen are gray, you will need to consider what color is going to be the best for the cabinets to make them look nice.

Neutral colors often work best on kitchen cabinets if the walls are gray. This means that you should go with options like a neutral gray, cream, pearl, and white. This can help to provide some of the modern look that the cabinets are going to need.

To make a bold statement, consider going with something a little darker. Try to use that sparingly to avoid some issues with overwhelming people when they walk in the door.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best colors that you can choose for your kitchen cabinets when you have gray walls to see what will look nice.

What Color Kitchen Cabinets Go With Grey Walls?

There are different options that you can make when it is time to choose a color to go on your kitchen cabinets. If you do not want to repaint the walls, which is a popular option to just leave them as grey, then you will want to take the proper steps to get the cabinets done in the right color so everything will look nice.

Some of the options to choose from include:

Mix and Match the Colors

One option that can look nice in your kitchen is to use different colors like grey and white cabinets. This helps to create a type of gentle contrast. You can go for gray cabinets and white countertops or you can have all white in the upper cabinets and then grey for the lower ones. This just makes a nice contrast, especially if you can get some greys that will go with one another.

Another option is that you can choose to paint the cabinets all grey in order to match some of the grey that is in the walls or to the floor. You just need to make sure that the grey you choose for the cabinets is going to contrast a bit from what is on the wall.

So, if the grey that is on the walls is a light color, a dark grey will look nice on the cabinets to provide some contrast.

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Many homeowners worry that grey is going to be boring in their homes and they do not want to make the room boring or uninteresting, especially if they are looking to sell. Grey, when it is used well, can be unique and exciting. There are many grey colors that you can choose to fill up the space that you are in and make it look nice.

Use Shades of White

White is a simple color that is able to go with anything that you throw at it. It can look nice and clean, especially if you pick a bright color that will contrast a bit with some of the grey that is stuck on the walls. You may find that a simple splash of white on the cabinets will make them look amazing and brightens up the room.

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Pick a color that is bright and easy to clean off. You know that the kitchen can get messy and you will need to clean off the cabinets at some point. Changing up the color to bright white is going to show some of these messes as well. If the paint is easy to wipe off, you will find that it is easier to keep them clean.

Consider Tan, Beige, or Wood tones

There are some benefits to working with tan as well. Beige can fit into this category if you are looking to go a little bit later as well. This neutral color can make a nice contrast to the grey.

The right one that you choose will depend on the shade of grey that you have on the walls, but this can make the room warm and inviting while brightening it up, but it is a slightly darker color than the white so it is easier to hide some of the messes.

Play with Different Shades

Grey is a popular shade to go with and it is one that you should consider based on the color of grey that is going to show up in your walls. Grey is more of a stunning color than you realize and can make a difference in how the whole home will look.

You can go with a lighter grey and add in some brass hardware to create an elegant look, do a charcoal grey that makes the room more flexible to the design that you want, or even do a blackout and have the whole cabinet be a black color for a big contrast that looks amazing.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are so many color choices that you are able to make when it comes to the color of your cabinets. Going with a color that is neutral or something that is bold can be just what the room needs to look nice and to create the right design that you need to make your kitchen look amazing in no time.

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