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CIN CIN - unconventional glasses

Are you looking for unique wine glasses? Are you tired of drinking from a regular wine glass? Then look no further,  I have scoured the web in search of the most clever, cool, weird, and beautiful wine classes to share with you. You can buy all the glasses below, just click on their links!

Any wine enthusiast would agree that there is certainly more to it than drinking and tasting wine, it is the experience! Creative wine glasses add to the experience of savoring delectable wines!

My Favorite Decorative Wine Glasses

ANTONI BARCELONA Hand Painted Large Wine Glass


Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

Charming hand-painted wine glasses will definitely make your wine tasting and drinking more dramatic. Grab a pair of wine glasses with hand-painted flowers for designs. There are also wonderful pieces such as hand-painted leaves, animals and colorful silhouettes.

Beach theme palm tree pair of hand painted wine glassesThe Four Seasons Glassesblack tree silhouette hand painted wine glassesWhimsical Modern ArtFour Hand Painted Wine Glasses, Polka Dot Wine GlassesNautical Blue Compass Rose - Set of 2 Hand Painted Wine GlassesVintage Pair of Hand Painted Wine GlassesFour Hand Painted Wine Glasses, Polka Dot Wine GlassesSanta Barbara Design Studio Pink Leopard Lolita Wine GlassElegant Purple Swirl' Made to Order Hand painted wine glasses

Choose from the different colors, designs, shapes and prints. You can use these glasses for special occasions or during special dinners.

Cypress Home Hand-Painted Peacock Feather Wine GlassGold Floral Design, Hand Painted Wine GlassesTrees of the Season Hand Painted Wine Glasses4 Sunset hand painted wine glassesZebra Hand painted wine glassesSeashore Girls weekend Party hand painted wine glasses

Hand painted wine glasses are sure to captivate you. Regular stemmed glasses are painted with different designs with flower designs as the most popular.

Hydrangea Flower Wine GlassesHandpainted Unique Wine Glasses, Large Wine GlassesCherry Blossoms Hand Painted Wine GlassesCherry Blossoms Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Of all the flower patterns that can be printed over the glass body, tulips rank the most popular. Tulips come in different color patterns and the shape of every tulip flower complements the shape of the base of a wine glass. Collect different tulip colors and designs to use for different special occasions in your family.

Floral Wine Glasses

You can also customized hand-painted wine glasses, personalized with custom wording or imagery.

Custom Personalized Wine Glass, Brightly Colored Hand Painted Wine GlassesPersonalized Wine Glasses - Custom Wine GlassesCaricature Personalized Glasses Portrait Cartoon Likeness Hand Painted Wine GlassesCreate a Character Wine GlassesMr. & Mrs. Personalized Wine Glasses


Ornate Wine Glasses and Goblets

Italian Collection Versace-inspired 'Provenza' 9 Oz Crystal Wine Goblets Glasses, 24K Greek Key Gold-Plated

An intricately designed wine glass is heavily decorated with glass designs which are comparable to cups in the olden days. Like a lager glass, this wine glass looks fantastic when filled to the brim. Anyone drinking from this cup will simply find it amazing to look at and will surely admire its rich intricate details.

STREET CRAFT Handmade Pure Copper Wine GobletSTREET CRAFT 100% Authentic Hammered Copper Wine GobletHandmade Wooden Wine Glass GlassesSilver Abstract Swirl' Made to Order. Hand painted wine glassesArtland Inc. Brocade Wine GlassesCustom Hand Painted Wine GlassesRed Stemless Wine Goblets
Design Toscano King Arthur s Golden Chalice Gothic SculptureOrion Colored Footed GobletsColorful Plastic Picnic Party Supply Set - Plastic Goblets

Figurine Wine glasses

Wine glasses with glass figures on the stem are an item in a popular online store. There are different delicate glass figures to choose from such as a fierce dragon, a pair of penguins, a pink flamingo, a colorful angel fish, a pair of galloping horses and a cat in a tea cup.

Glass Sculpture Palm Tree Wine Glass from Yurana DesignsHand Blown Red Koi Wine Glass by Yurana DesignsDragon GobletPenguins Wine Glass Sculpture ModelPink Flamingo Artistic Wine Glass

These glasses are unique works of art and are available for a limited number of time only.

Some Great Unique Wine Glasses Ideas

There are some really unique wine glasses out there. From how they are painted to how they are shaped, ,you can find a great wine glass to fit your personality. I picked out some funny wine glasses, some unusual wine glasses, and some really cool wine glasses.

Hand Painted, Wine Glasses, Day of the Dead

Tipsy Twirling Wine Glasses

A tipsy twirling glasses are unique wine glasses that look like it is going to topple over. This glass is simply designed this way and the stem is available in different colors and color combinations.

Tilted Wine Glass Set

Tipsy wine glasses are available online from wine glass stores so be sure to buy an entire colorful set. If you want the twirling, but not the tipsy, then look at these.

Susquehanna Glass Spiral Stemless Wine Glasses

Fill to the Line Wine Glasses

A fill to the line wine glass is a creative wine glass that tells you how much wine you are going to drink. This is a regular wine glass with pink stripes that indicate the amount of wine.

Caloric Cuvee - The Calorie Counting Wine Glass

The stem is decorated with pink polka dots in a black background. You may use this or gift this to a friend who also loves to drink wine.

Stemless Fill to the Line Wine GlassSeriously? I Need More Wine Funny Novelty Wine Glass

Upside Down Wine Glass

How do you drink from an upside down wine glass? This totally unique idea may look complicated at first but it is actually simple. You sip the wine from a glass straw or drink it from the base!

Upside Down Wine Glass

Anyway, this wine glass is not really meant for serving wine but rather a conversation piece to be placed on your wine rack or your wine table.

Vampire Wine Glass

Care to try a vampire wine glass? This wine glass is not really made for vampires but is used to sip wine from a straw that is connected from the glass.

Leegoal Vampire Wine Glass

This unique wine glass design is perfect for Halloween or simply just for fun!

Funny Wording Wine Glasses

How about some interesting sayings on your decorative wine glasses? Drink your favorite selection from these smart wine glasses that say,  “Girls just wanna have wine” or “Liquid Therapy” on the glass.
Girls Just Wanna Have WineFunny Wine Glasses Mommy MedicineI Teach Therefore I Drink Stemless Wine GlassHand Painted Wine Glasses, Mermaid Wine GlassMud Pie Legally Bombed Wine GlassMeow Wine Please! Custom Cat Themed Stemless Wine GlassWinoSaur Wine GlassDuVino Liquid Therapy Funny Wine Glass

Giant Wine Glass

Would you drink wine on a giant wine glass? Strictly for display only, this wine glass is so huge it can carry the contents of an entire wine bottle!

Daron Giant Wine GlassOversized Extra Large Giant Wine Glass -33.5 oz - Holds a full bottle of wine!

Imagine a wine glass that is taller than the average wine bottle and is larger than one too!

20 Inch Giant Clear Decorative Hand Blown Wine Glass Novelty Stemware

More Randomly Funny and Unique Wine Glasses

Here are some more random unique wine glasses. Some are ridiculous, some are outrageous. But it all makes for a great time with friends.

Guzzle Buddy

Ultimate Wine Bottle GlassUnbreakable Wine GlassesGovino Wine Glass Flexible Shatterproof RecyclableHalloween skeleton hand acrylic red champagne flute, wineglass gobletAntler Wine GlassesStarfrit Double Wall Wine Glass, 8-OunceSempli Cupa-Vino Clear Aerating Wine Glasses
Bottom's Up 15-Ounce I'll Drink to That Handpainted Wine Glass
Opulent Wine GlassBeautifully Designed Short Stem Wine GlassesDouble-wall Stemless Wine GlassStainless Steel Unbreakable Wine GlassesHandcrafted WUD Walnut Wood Wine GlassThe Original RedNek Wine GlassLight Up Wine Glass with Long Spiral Stem
Grinch Wine Glass2 Blue and Red Worn Baseball Hand Painted Wine GlassesNHL Artisan Wine GlassVino2Go Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler with Merlot with Black Lidscool wine glassDarth Vader wine glass

Happy wine glass hunting! But wait, there’s more!


You Need Wine Glass Charms, too!

Italy wine glass charms

OK, now for some bonus points. If you want to take your wine glasses to the next level and add a finishing creative touch, then add Wine Glass Charms!

What are Wine Glass Charms? You haven’t heard of wine glass charms? Really?

A wine glass charm is a trinket decoration that is placed around the stem or on the rim of a wine glass. These charms make wine glasses even more festive and fun. Plus they also mark your glass so you know which one is yours.

Charms are usually used for special occasions to make every sip of wine more special! Charms can be used for a Christmas dinner, a Thanksgiving feast, a wedding toast or a Halloween treat.

Ring-Around the Stem Charms

LSArts Wine Charms, Foxes

One of the most popular is the use of colorful glass beads. Use a few inches of strong but
bendable wire. Thread the small glass beads with the wire and wrap this around your wine glass stem just like a spring.

Oenophilia Wine Glass Charms, Stem Dangles, Candies of Different ColorsAVIRGO Colorful Glass Charms Wineglass Drink MarkerHawaiianTropical Wine Glass Charms

You can use small glass beads for fastening sequins or you can go Bohemian and use larger beads or stones.

Billiard ball party favors Pool game wine charmsLEGO® Wine Glass CharmsGlass Charms Wineglass Drink Marker SetOenophilia Wine Glass Charms

Stick-on Charms


Charms don’t always have to ring around the stem of a wine glass. What if you use stemless wine glasses? We can’t leave you out. Some use magnets and some use suction. Here are your options for stemless wine glass charms!

Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass CharmsKiss Lips Lipstick Print Silicone Drink MarkersSimply Charmed Cat Wine Charms or Glass MarkersWine Glass Name TagsAdorable Cartoon Suction Cup Wine Glass CharmsClingks 12 Drink Markers - WINE A LITTLE - Fun Alternative to Wine CharmsHouseVines Silicone Wine Tasting Charms for Glasses 50 Shades StyleSimply Charmed Mustache Wine Charms & Magnetic Glass Markers for Stemless Glasses


Hanging Charms

Some wine charm dangle on the lip of the glass. Some grip on for dear life. There are a lot of fun options to choose from!

Joie Wine Watchers Cocktail and Wine Glass CharmsNPW Drinking Buddies CocktailWine Glass MarkersPaws Off™ Glass MarkersStem Spring Charms In Assorted Colors by TrueFred & Friends WINE LIVES Kitty Drink MarkersThe ORIGINAL Shark Mark Silicone Drink Markers Wine Glass CharmsMake My Day Temptations Wine Glass CharmsDrinking Chaps Drinking Buddies

Event Charms

Wine glass trinkets are not just simply wine glass decor but it could also serve as a souvenir for the event. In a wedding where it could be a shame to serve wine on a plain glass, a charm can make wine glasses more festive. Guests can also take their charms home as a souvenir.

Wedding Wine CharmsWedding Top Table Charms BridalPersonalized Wedding Wine Glass Charm FavorsPersonalised named wedding wine glass charmsPersonalized Wine Glass Charms, Wedding Favor



Drink wine in style with a great looking glass and a decorative wine glass charm. May you never have a dull looking wine glass again.

Please send me photos of you drinking from all your unique and creative wine glasses and I’ll immortalize you in the comments and social media!

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