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Can I Use Kitchen Units/Cabinets in Bathroom?

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Are you in the process if designing a bathroom? You may be wanting to know if kitchen units can be used in the bathroom. Well, they certainly can if done right. It is important to install them correctly. You can check out some of the pros and cons of using kitchen units in your bathroom here. Also, how to install them. Let’s get started!

For the Sink Area.

No one likes bending over in the bathroom to wash their hands. Did you know that when using a kitchen countertop in the bathroom you can eliminate having to do so? This puts the bathroom vanity at the perfect height for adults. If it suits the needs of the people in your home, then why not use kitchen counters in the bathroom?

What About Cabinets?

Certainly. A lot of space can be saved by using kitchen cabinets in the bathroom. You can store towels, extra linens, cleaning products and much more in the kitchen cabinets. By having them in the bathroom you are freeing up a lot of space. Even though It is not traditional, it is very much conventional and useful!

What Are the Pros of Having Kitchen Units in the Bathroom?

You may be wondering what some of the pros are for having kitchen units in the bathroom. Well, if you are a taller person or someone that has trouble with bending over to use traditional sinks, kitchen units allow for you to wash your hands without all the bending. However, that is not all. Think about space. Kitchen units allow for so much more space and storage areas.

What Are Some of the Cons of Using Kitchen Units in the Bathroom?

With every pro there is a con. Having kitchen units in the bathroom can be a lot of work. If you are not prepared for the task of taking some things apart and dealing with the glue and all then the task is not for you. Modifications will need to be made to make the vanity work. However, the cabinets are fairly simple in themselves.

What Modifications Will Need to Be Made?

When using a kitchen unit in the bathroom for a vanity there will be some things that may need to be modified. If there are drawers in the cabinet, then do note that they may have to be removed. The reason for this is the pipes and plumbing for the sink will need room. Make sure that the cabinets are either made for plumbing or can be modified.

What Style Should You Choose?

A big question is what style of cabinets you should choose for your bathroom. The answer is very simple. What style do you like? It does not matter what kitchen cabinets you use in your bathroom. Just make sure that it is something that suits the needs of the home. It will all fit nicely from there. Take a look at some of the different styles below.

Traditional Styles

Natural stone looks are often involved in the traditional style. If not stone, then solid wood. Traditional styles are usually done in a dark wood finish.

Modern Styles

The modern style is more of a sleek look. It gives the appearance of being free of clutter and highly organized. You will find that the modern styles are more so of a chrome or even glass material. You can also get them in different shapes for your liking.

Cottage Style

Think warm and cozy. The cottage style cabinets are more like a very home style. It gives off a close and warm environment. You can even closely relate it to the cabin style of cabinets. The cottage style cabinets give off a country accent.

What About Price?

Kitchen cabinets can get very costly. Sometimes you can get them at a reasonable rate or even find someone who is selling or throwing out their old cabinets. They do not have to be brand new cabinet’s or kitchen units to get the job done. You can bet that if you plan on buying the cabinets full price, then it will certainly cost more than the used ones.

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What is the Difference Between the Two?

Bathroom cabinets tend to be much smaller. Not a lot of things can be stored in them before space runs out. Bathroom sinks are certainly shorter than kitchen sink units. It is all about size and bathroom units just tend to be smaller in shorter.

Before You Leave!

Hopefully all of this information has been helpful to you. Please check out this informational YouTube video in the link for more tips on how to use kitchen units as bathroom units. It is certainly starting to become a new trend and you will find that it is very useful. Thanks!

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