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How Can I Clean My Bathroom Tiles?

Here are the Best Cleaners for Bathroom Tile and Grout

By Blake Lockwood | Curated by Blake Lockwood | Reviewed by Blake Lockwood

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grout cleaning

It is that time again! Time to clean that bathroom tile. The worst part is trying to get in between the pieces of tile to the grout. You may be wondering if grout is even able to be brightened after time. Well, it can. You can find the best bathroom tile and grout cleaner below, plus some tips on how to have that floor squeaky clean.

So how can I clean my bathroom tiles? Bleach is the key to getting grout and tile clean! You need to use a product that helps brighten the tile, as well as one that acts as a disinfectant to make the floor fresh and clean. Bleach is the best product on the market for that job.

However, it should not be mixed with other cleaning products. This is fine because Bleach does a great cleaning job on its own.

Products with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Cleaning products that contain hydrogen peroxide will be what gets in down into the grout to bring it to a nice and white clean. It creates a bubbly formula that pulls the dirt from the grout. It should be left on the grout for a good ten minutes for maximum cleanness.

Bleach Always Brightens.

When using a cleaning product, it is very important to never mix them. When certain cleaners are mixed together, it can create a toxic gas. That gas can cause some very serious health problems or even death. So, be sure not to mix chemicals together.

Here are the Best Cleaners for Bathroom Tile and Grout

Check out some of the best products for bathroom tile and grout cleaner. Some of them may contain the chemicals above, while others may not. Feel free to have your pick.

Zep Grout and Tile Cleaner.

This grout cleaner is specifically designed to clean and brighten grout while cleaning tile. Unlike most tile cleaners you do not have to leave this on the tile very long for it to work. Plus, you get every bit of the tile clean including the grout all in one easy step. You can find it at the link.





Black Diamond Grout Cleaner.

This Black Diamond grout cleaner works on removing stains that are set in on the grout. It has a very high rating from its customers. It works amazingly well and that is why people love it.

You can simply take this and apply it easily to the grout and while removing just wipe it across the tile. It will remove all stains and have the tile and grout looking sparkly clean.



Grout EEZ.

This tile and grout cleaner works hard to remove all the stains that can occur on the grout. No more scrubbing for hours trying to clean the grout in your bathroom! It removes all the dirt and grime that builds up on tile over time.

The great thing about Grout Eez grout cleaner is that you do not have to scrub very much at all. Check it out in the link!




Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Spray.

This cleaner can be used for the floor, bathtub, and much more. Not only does it leave the bathroom tile and grout fresh and clean, but it also disinfects. As with any bathroom it is best to have a product that will kill any germs or bacteria.

Plus, you can use it on any surface in the bathroom making it for a quick and easy way to clean the entire bathroom.




The Clorox Pen.

The Clorox Bleach Pen is great for the grout. It is not particularly best for the entire tile due to the small area it is intended for, but for grout alone, it will get in between the pieces of tile and into the grout allowing for the chemical to brighten and remove all the stains that grout can have.





Goo Gone Tile and Grout Cleaner.

Goo gone works on stains the best. All you have to do is simply apply it and let it set for the recommended time and then wipe the surface clean. It makes cleaning the bathroom tile and grout a breeze.

If there are any hard water stains around the toilet or bathtub it cleans them away with little to no scrubbing.




And don’t forget a good scrub brush just for grout!

A Grout Cleaner Brush.

This is not a cleaning chemical, but it makes the job super easy when cleaning the grout.

This cleaning tool works better than the old way of cleaning with a toothbrush because it covers more of a wide area down in the grout making less time for brushing and more coverage.



Before You Go!

Remember, you not only want to clean your tile, but you want to prevent any mold from appearing. Mold in the shower is dangerous.

Hopefully, all the information above will help you find the best bathroom tile and grout cleaner.  Cleaning the bathroom is never fun but the above products make it super easy allowing you to breeze through the chore. If interested, you can check out some of these tips in this YouTube video.

Thanks for reading today!

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