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18 Stunning Doorless Showers for Easy Access

Small Workout Room Ideas when space in your home is tight.

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doorless showers

You can take your bathroom from shabby to chic in the blink of an eye. Doorless showers can fit virtually anywhere. No matter how big or small the bathroom, a doorless shower is likely going to fit right in. Doorless showers have one benefit that puts all other shower options to shame. Showers without doors or shower curtains can be designed and styled with an endless array of materials, looks, colors, and finishes.

Open Floor Plan Shower Without Doors

Open Floor Plan showers without doors

All too often, the shower feels set apart, as if it wasn’t meant to take up the same space as the rest of the bathroom. With an open floor plan walk-in shower, you can say goodbye to such restrictions and boundaries.

doorless walk in shower

Literally step from the counter to the shower without ever opening a door or feeling as if you’ve left the room. Open floor plan doorless showers instill the elegance of modern design writ large across the entire bathroom space.

Central Glass Dual-entry Idea

Central Glass Dual-entry Doorless Shower

Put your shower at center-stage with a central glass dual-entry shower. A sheet glass wall positioned at the center of the shower’s edge creates two entry points, while also showing off the beautiful tile and shower head on display.

Due to the seamless nature of this design, these particular walk-in showers make the bathroom feel like one large space, as opposed to several separate areas cordoned off by shower walls and shower doors. To build in visual contrast, you can also make use of multiple different types of tile as well.

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two-sided walk in showers without doors

When it comes to luxury, few styles proclaim it more boldly than a two-sided doorless shower. Not only do you get to experience the spaciousness of a walk-in shower, but you also get the grandeur of being able to access the outside world at the same time.

With enough area, you can also include gorgeous oversized tile work. If your space permits such a design, you have the ability to create a focal point for your entire home without ever leaving the bathroom.

Mid-Century Modern Concrete Doorless Shower

Mid-Century Modern Concrete walk in shower designs without doors

Glass isn’t everything and not even necessary. If you want sharp lines and stark simplicity in your bathroom, look no further than the midcentury modern shower. With all concrete, you can add an integrated shower seat and shelving for shampoos, soaps, and accessories.

show without doors

The thick concrete finish calls to mind the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and other giants of the 20th-century architectural world while providing a strong sense of privacy at the same time. Like stucco, the concrete can be finished to bring out multiple shades of gray in the detail. As an alternative, it can also be easily painted to match the rest of the bathroom’s style.

Doorless Shower for Couples

Doorless Walk-in Shower Idea for Couples

Create an intimate tile shower space that doubles as a modern addition to your home and bathroom in one fell swoop. This couple’s alley shower stretches the length of the room and provides enough space for two people to shower at the same time.

doorless walk in shower for couples

With two individual showerheads and one dominant overhead rainfall shower fixture, you and your partner can simultaneously relax and enjoy the pleasures of contemporary design and personal intimacy. White subway tiles of the shower design contrast nicely with the pebble tile shower floor.

Transitional Tile Galley Shower

Transitional Tile walk in shower no door no glass

An easy way to add variety and texture to your bathroom is through the use of multiple forms of tile. Here, we have gray tiling in addition to porcelain and pebble. The varied tile work effortlessly increases the room’s complexity without becoming too “busy”.

In a doorless galley shower, you also get the benefit of length. The size gives you more room to breathe in the shower area, of course, but it also extends the breadth of the bathroom as a whole.

Upscale Faux Gym Shower

Upscale Faux tile showers without doors

Bright colors are always a strong choice. They stand out from the crowd and bring attention to themselves, and they do the same for any room where they’re utilized.

Along the same lines, other bold choices used in the same space can enhance the use of orange or purple or other generally unorthodox palette options. With a faux gym shower, you take a concept from a typically commercial environment and apply it domestically.

Features such as an extended towel rack and opaque, white partition walls bring a sense of high-end locker room luxury into the home. This is a great option for those trying to hit a home run off the beaten path.

Shōji Rain Shower

Shōji Rain Shower doorless shower designs

The name is a mouthful, but this shower is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Also, given its size, you might expect this shower design to be a communal operation.

The truth is that you can have a singular shower experience like no other with a customizable, oversized, rainfall showerhead. Sliding shōji doors and bamboo flooring shower base complete the look.

showers without glass doors

Give yourself something to look forward to each and every day with this incredible Japanese-inspired shower design.

Modish Compact Doorless Shower

Modish Compact Doorless walk-in Shower

Take your bathroom by vogue storm and rip a trendy page right out of the tiny home design playbook. While multiple tile styles with invisible grout lines can add contrast, a small space doesn’t typically need it.

Using just one material can actually make a more compact space seems much larger than they actually are. With this doorless shower, you can have the simplicity that a small bathroom space deserves, plus all the clean grout lines and luxury you could possibly want. See also Small Bathroom Ideas.

Branched Shower Design

walk in shower design no door

This bathroom design contains two sides — or “branches” — that lend it a solid and sturdy feel and prevents shower spray over to the toilet. Each side supports one-half of the components. What really sets this shower design apart is the seamlessness of the entire unit.

showers without doors

The same oversized tile is used throughout, making it cohesive and unitary from start to finish. Minimal fuss equals minimal mess, visually speaking. If clean and clear is your goal, this could be a great way to go for your bathroom redesign or renovation.

Transitional Pebble Tile

Transitional Pebble shower without glass

There’s something about being to walk into the bathroom and directly into the shower area without opening a door or even crossing a threshold. It’s open and airy and makes the space feel especially large, no matter how many square feet it might be.

Porcelain pebbled flooring works brilliantly in this floor plan, because it can be used for your general bathroom floor as well as the splash zone areas. Throw in a shaded vertical tile along the shower wall to emphasize the room’s height and break up the visual tone of the space at the same time.

Marble on Marble

Marble on Marble no door shower designs

If you have a favorite material (especially one that looks great anywhere it goes), then you can use it as the focal point of the entire space. Take marble for instance: because of the glossy veneer and the variations in texture, even one color or finish can bring an entire character to the room.

Compact Curvature

Compact Curvature Shower

Small spaces often necessitate invention in the form of calculated design choices. You need to maximize the space but you also want to tailor its design to your tastes and personal sense of style, color, and texture.

With a compact environment, you can get away with things like curving the shower around the back of the vessel sink. People will think you’re a genius (and let’s be honest, it’s completely true).

Spanish Tile Stucco

Spanish Tile Stucco no wall shower

Another eye-catching option for those in need of a little flair in the bathroom is to incorporate unconventional styles in the floor tiling and a half wall. Introducing components like Spanish tile into the shower floor or shower walls (or both!) can contribute a ton of flavor with minimal fuss, clutter, or construction.

What’s more, stucco walls with a matte finish make the flooring stand out, even more, allowing the room to have a living, breathing character that pops as soon as you walk into it. This can work in both larger or smaller bathroom spaces to make the shower area stand out from the crowd with ease.

Spanish Tile and Brick shower without walls

Pair two contrasting elements and colors to construct a bathroom that’s full and complex. The Spanish tile on the shower floor instantly takes you out of the present day and into another time and place altogether.

At the same time, the dark brick along the shower walls that enclose this doorless shower ultimately provides a comforting break from the world screaming for our attention at all times. Together, these elements combine to produce an incredible bathroom look that will stand the test of time.

Ultra-Minimal Concrete Open Shower

Ultra-minimal Concrete Open Shower

Sometimes, the fewest materials create the biggest splash (no pun intended) in this doorless shower area. If you take something clean and austere like concrete or plaster, you can build an entire space out of that one material. Nothing says intentionality and hard-boiled style like a monochrome finish throughout the entire room.

minimal shower designs without doors

Throw in some wood (like the shower bench shown here) to engender a little variety and practicality at the same time. The brown from the woodgrain will transfix the eye and create an anchor point for the shower itself.

Shades of Beige Concept

Shades of Beige curbless shower no door

Some people want to bring the hotel life to their own home. If that sounds like you, then here’s an option you’ll want to consider: modern, clean lines, and varied shades of beige and white. The effect is homey and upscale at the same time, a place both lived-in and immaculately designed by hand.

With the elevated wood slats and the hanging globe light, you can subtly fabricate the feeling of an entirely separate space without any additional doors or walls. The shower and the bathtub coexist side-by-side in this space, unifying the bathing experience from start to finish in the lap of luxury.

Omni-tile Open Shower

Omni-tile open shower with glass wall

There’s rarely a thing as too much tile. The beauty of this component is that you can literally put it just about anywhere, and it will work perfectly. Consider this open shower design option, in which dark tiling lines the shower floors and walls, right up to the ceiling. It’s a lot of tile, to be sure, but it isn’t remotely too much.

Earthy Vertical Tiles

Earthy Vertical Tile Open Shower Design

You can bring the outdoors inside with ease by implementing a few key elements into your bathroom design. For one, vertical tiles elongate the height of the space, calling to mind the sky. At the same time, the use of earthy tones such as varying shades of green and a hint of brown immediately instill a sense of the world outside your four walls.

Geometric Shower Tile With Bronze

Geometric Bronze doorless shower with bench

If the title of this design sounds like a work of art, that’s because it is. Modern interior decorating has the luxury of adding visual elements and style that blend into an artistic whole that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

With the zigzag of geometric tiling elements along the floor and one wall, even the tiniest hint of brass bathroom fixtures (see also: Are Brass Bath Fixtures Out of Style?) will electrify the space. Some might say brass had its heyday back in the eighties, but this design proves that notion dead wrong. Add some geometry and glitz to your bathroom to make the room unforgettable.

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