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44 Shower Tile Ideas To Modernize Your Bathroom

Ready, Set, Tile! Transform Your Shower with the Latest trends in shower tiles.

By Blake Lockwood | Curated by Blake Lockwood | Reviewed by Blake Lockwood

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3 Texture Title Mix - River Stone, Marble, Faux Tile Wood

Are you struggling to find shower ideas that fit your style? Look no further! I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide. Choosing the right shower tile can completely transform your bathroom, and this article will show you how. From color schemes and design styles to tile materials and accent elements, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make the perfect choice for your shower. Whether you’re after a modern look, a small space solution or a DIY project, I’ve got ideas and inspirational tips for everyone. So let’s dive in and get your shower looking fabulous!

Did you know that changing the shower tile pattern for your bathroom can transform the entire look of the bathroom? Not every look will fit into every bathroom, and that is why you should have a large set of ideas to choose from. Below are some ideas that can transform any bathroom into something new and spectacular.

Shower Tile Design Ideas

Staggered Rows Mixed with Organized Rows

Slates of Light Wood bathroom shower tile

You Don’t Have To Go Symmetrical. Not every tile in your shower has to be lined up perfectly to create a beautiful tile pattern. In fact, some shower tile patterns are purposely put into a disorganized look. This can be done by staggering the tiles with different colors or even shapes.


The Hawaiian Straw

The Hawaiian Straw tile idea

Green Raindrops

Green Raindrops shower

Scales of Grey

Scales of Grey bathroom shower tile accent

Triangular Shades of Blue

bathroom idea with Triangular Shades of Blue

Checkered Tan with Solid White

Checkered Tan with Solid White bathroom tile

A Checkered to Solid Color Shower Tile.  Another shower tile idea is a solid color that meets up with a solid pattern. This wall tile can be a checkered area of different colored small tiles and then an area that has one single color of tile. This can help make certain areas of the shower sand out by the change in a pattern. The tile ideas are endless for this type of shower tile and can be laid out according to your preference.


Large Marble Rectangles

Large Marble Rectangles bathroom shower

Shifting Planks

Shifting Planks shower tile

Blue Tile Waterfall

Blue Tile Waterfall tile shower

Solid White Marble Crisp

Solid White Crisp shower's tile

Try a solid color of tile in the entire shower except for on or around the built-in niche then lay out a checkered look of two tones of tile.

Honeycomb Brown

Honeycomb Brown shower tiles

If you’re looking for something more modern, try large format tiles like porcelain or ceramic in bold colors and patterns.

Extruded White Brick

Extruded White Brick bathroom tile ideas

Try using a combination of different sizes and shapes for an interesting look. You can also use contrasting colors or textures to create visual interest in the space.

Chevron Shapes

Chevron Shapes tile ideas

Tall Standing White Tiles

bathroom shower tile ideas
A checkered tile pattern except for around certain areas of the shower like the faucets or maybe even a shelf. This shower tile pattern can be reversed as well for an equally unique look.


Contrasting Built-in Niche Centerpiece

Contrasting Centerpiece bathroom tile ideas

To create a beautiful masterpiece in the center of your walk-in shower that is even more eye-popping, you can have a staggered look of tile with a set pattern in the center. For example, you can choose to do a letter to represent your last name or even just a diamond tile design or a particular shape with a set color.


Rustic Alley Way

Rustic Alley Way bathroom tile

Outdoor Oasis – Flattened Pebble Floor Tiles

Outdoor Oasis - Flattened Pebble Tile Base

Natural stone is an excellent choice for shower walls because it is durable and easy to clean.

Freckled Pebble Tiles

Shower Ideas with Freckled Pebble Tiles

3 Texture Title Mix – River Stone, Marble, Faux Tile Wood

3 Texture Tile Mix - River Stone, Marble, Faux Tile Wood

Polka Dotted Tan Pebble Tile With Faux Wood Tile

Polka Dotted Tan Pebble Tile

Use contrasting colors and patterns to create an eye-catching design.

Shiny Metallic

Shiny Metallic shower tile

Incorporate accent pieces such as glass mosaics or natural stones into your design.

Small Pixel Tiles

Small Pixel Tiles

Monochrome Polygonal Tile

shower tiles ideas with Monochrome Polygonal Tile

If you want something unique, look for patterned or textured tiles such as hexagons, subway shapes, and penny rounds.

Blue Subway Tile Contrast with 1×1 White Tile

bathroom idea with Blue Subway Tile

Using a Two-Toned Tile Pattern. A bathroom tile pattern that involves two different colors can definitely transform your bathroom shower. Consider, shower tile that has two of the similar colors but of a different tone. This can create a tile pattern that is less boring and more fun. Also, the tile colors can be of a different contrast altogether. This can transform the showers look completely.


Slant Pattern with Center Attraction

Slant Tile Pattern with Center Attraction

Go Green

70's Green Multi-Width shower tiles

Pac-Man Kids Shower Tile

Pac-Man Kids Shower Tile

Mosaic tiles are another great option that can be used to create unique designs on your walls or floors.

Rocky Path

Rocky Path bathroom shower tile ideas

Try groutless tile options like pebble stones or river rocks for easier maintenance and cleaning.

Peacock Design

Peacock Shades tile shower

Yellow 70’s Tile Design

Yellow 70's Tile Design

Faux Wooded Tile Shower Idea

Wooded Tile Shower

Is That Really Tile? One way to really change the entire look of your bathroom’s shower tile is to purchase a set of tiles that do not even look ceramic tile or like shower tiles at all. There are endless designs on the market of shower tiles that can customize any shower to perfection! Shower tile can be purchased with an appearance of wood which creates a modern touch.


White Rectangles

White Rectangles shower's tile

Go Completely Solid with Your Favorite Colors.  Another way to change up a bathroom shower tile pattern is to go completely solid. It is all about your individual preference! One way to change your shower tile is to choose a color that fits the bathroom. Even some vibrant colors can fit well into a shower tile setting. Solid white shower tiled bathrooms have been owned by many.


Tan Staggered Tile

Tan Staggered shower tiles

Thin Grey Stripes with Pebbles

Thin Grey Stripes with Pebbles shower tile idea

Professional designers often use tiles of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures to create an eye-catching design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They may incorporate accent pieces such as mosaics or decorative borders for added visual interest.

Bricked Travertine Shower Tile

Bricked Travertine bathroom tile ideas

One of our best tile ideas is to do a contrast between a solid and checkered look between the tile floor and ceiling.


Sprinkles of Fun

Sprinkles of Fun shower tiles ideas

Another way to change some things up in your bathroom shower with just the shape of the tile is to turn some of the tile pieces in diagonal directions with different colors. This can really make some of those pieces of tile stand out more than the other and even transform the entire look.


Slight Color Variations

Slight Color Variations tile idea

For a luxurious feel, marble is always a great choice for shower tile! It’s timeless and adds elegance to any bathroom design

Beautiful Natural Stone Tile Mix

Beautiful Stone Tile Mix tile shower ideas

Small-Scale Narrow Extruded Rows

Small-scale narrow tiles in extruded rows

Diamonds Designs with Subway Tile

Diamonds Shower Tile Designs with Subway Tile

Different Tile Shapes Make A Wonderful Pattern. Sometimes the color of the tile does not even need to be changed to transform a bathroom’s shower tile. One way to mix things up a little bit and add a unique and elegant look to a shower is to change up the shower tile with a mix match shapes between the shower floor and shower walls. The tiles can change from squares to rectangles or even a broken tile appearance can sometimes be used to change things up a bit.

Vertical Glass Subway Tile

Vertical Glass Subway Tile

Translucent Polygonal Tile Pattern

Translucent Polygonal Tile Pattern

Glass mosaic tiles are another popular option that adds color and texture to any bathroom space.

Moroccan Inspired Tile Pattern

Moroccan Inspired Tile Pattern

Mini-Teal Subway Tile

Mini-Teal Subway Tile

Getting Creative with Your Shower Tiling Designs

Types of Shower Tiles

Transform your bathroom into a stunning oasis with the perfect shower tile. With an array of materials to choose from, including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, and mosaic tiles, you have endless possibilities to create a unique look that matches your design aesthetic.

  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer affordability and durability with customizable options.
  • Natural stone tiles provide an organic feel while offering superior durability compared to synthetic materials.
  • Glass tiles add contemporary sophistication with shimmering shades for a touch of elegance.
  • Mosaic tile designs allow for creative patterns and colors that draw the eye.

Just remember to prioritize safety by choosing slip-resistant materials. Elevate your bathroom experience today!

Choosing the Right Tile Size

Tile size has a huge impact on the look and feel of your bathroom.

Larger tiles create the illusion of more space, while smaller tiles offer intricate patterns and designs. The choice between them also affects maintenance. Using larger tiles makes a small bathroom appear bigger without remodeling. Plus, fewer grout lines mean less cleaning.

Smaller tiles add texture and detail to shower walls or flooring, with options like neutral ceramic mosaic or bold-colored glass mosaic for drama.

Choose high-quality materials like porcelain or ceramic for moisture resistance against water damage over time.

Dark colors such as navy blue or white are easier to maintain long-term due to their non-absorbent nature and stain resistance.

When picking tile size for your shower area, consider what message you want it to convey: sleek modern looks or intricate textures? There are plenty of options available!

Color and Pattern Selection

The right color and pattern for your shower tile can transform your bathroom design. Choose a color scheme that sets the ambiance in your space.

Here are some popular options:

  1. Timeless black and white designs create stunning contrasts or a classic Amalfi aesthetic.
  2. White tiles brighten small spaces, adding texture without overwhelming visually.
  3. Gray-scale showers paired with accent colors like blue, yellow, or green add personality.
  4. Don’t be afraid to add more colors to subway tile – try striped tiles in blue, grey, green, or yellow.

Elevate your shower design with the perfect color and pattern combination!

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