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18 Walk-In Showers for a Stunning Bathroom

Small Workout Room Ideas when space in your home is tight.

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doorless walk in shower ideas

Are you looking for stylish walk-in shower ideas and designs for your bathroom? A walk-in shower design has many benefits over traditional tub-shower combos. You can simply walk right into the shower enclosure. There is no shower door! Walk in showers are also great for people with disabilities and mobility issues.

Take a look at my curated list of 18 Stylish Walk-In Showers and see what strikes your fancy. There’s a walk-in shower design for everyone.

Single Pane Walk-in Shower (Most Popular)

Single Pane shower designs

To craft a sense of openness, all it takes is a single pane of frameless glass artfully situated between the bathroom and the shower space. A change of shower tile color and shape along the shower walls and shower floor can also create separation by changing up and demarcating the visual quality of the room. You can create a seamless flow with no step or curb from into the shower pan area which is angled to allow water to drain properly.

Glass Panel Shower Stall

walk in shower designs

A glass enclosure works well for a small shower or corner shower in smaller bathrooms, where space is at a premium. Simply install glass panels wherever fits your bathroom best and experience the beauty of modern shower stall with the utmost simplicity.

Minimalist Single Panel Shower

Minimalist Single Panel bathroom with walk in shower

Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest one. In this walk in shower bathroom design, you have one style of shower tile laid out over the bathroom floor and walls, and a single piece of framed glass separating the shower area from the sink and counter vanity. With glass, there is no need for a shower curtains or even a glass door, just not so much privacy though.

Single Pane bathroom designs with walk in shower

Because of this, you get a sense of intense cleanliness wherever you look. The eye can travel anywhere, and everything will look immaculate. Such is the result of one or two materials used extensively to create unified, impeccable bathroom designs. From shower light sconces and modern rain shower header, this is a super clean shower room.

Seamless Double-Pane Partners Shower Design

Seamless Double-pane Partners walk in shower designs

This elegant master bathroom walk in shower is for couples that desire both warmth and personal space in their showers. The seamless double-pane partner’s shower appears to the naked eye (no pun intended) as simply more bathroom space. Upon closer inspection, one notices the two beautiful panes of glass, multiple shower heads, and the extension of the tile into a dedicated shower space like no other.

The give and take between brick, metal, wood, and stone components works magnificently within a greater scope of modern architecture for your home. Specifically, the white and gray tones of the shower floor tile distinguish markedly from the wooden countertops for visible distinction from one material (and space) to the next.

Industrial Subway Tile Shower

Industrial Subway walk-in Shower

The use of multiple finish elements on your shower walls in a bathroom can produce both the look and the feel of something else entirely. With components like brick and subway tiles, you can give birth to a fully industrial design aesthetic, even if you don’t have a ton of space at your disposal.

The key here is the use of distinct materials that live in the same world. The roughhewn nature of the brick juxtaposes with the clear and smooth subway tiles, ultimately making the rest of the bathroom feel at once unified and, importantly, striking to look at.

Ultramodern Minimal

Ultramodern Minimal Walk-in Shower

Make use of a larger space with big modern tile, oversized stone slabs, and a floor made of rich travertine. A single sheet of crystal clear glass is all that separates this side-by-side walk-in shower from a contemporary bathtub of equal brilliance (and nearly equal in size!).

Like a lot of great modern architecture, this particular master bath walk-in shower design is deceptively simple. Straight lines, clear visibility, and high-finish materials contribute to an overall look of luxury. When people see it in your home, they’ll be utterly delighted by its presence.

Hotelier Pebble

Hotelier Pebble Double walk-in Shower

One might almost expect to see this spa like open shower design in a fancy hotel more than a home (which explains the name). The pebble shower floor makes for a breathtaking contrast with the black tile use on the ground and the walls.

Bathroom Shelving (see also Bathroom Shelf Ideas) located directly adjacent to the shower itself is both convenient and a great place to add a dash of creative decoration. Or you could use this space to give yourself the deluxe hotel treatment: shower bombs, gels, scented candles. Anything is possible in this gorgeous steam room spa like shower design.

Subway Single

Subway Single Walk-in Shower

Suave. That might be the best word to describe this sleek master bath walk in shower design. Great for a bachelor pad or a newly renovated condo, polished white subway tile complements this minimalistic single shower perfectly.

Mixed tiling creates instant contrast, and the solitary recessed shelving within the shower itself breaks up the unity of the wall with a smooth and modern flair. And don’t think that’s just for soap either! A well-placed, green succulent supplies just the right dash of color this sort of room might be looking for…

Three-Quarter Shower

Integrated Three-quarter walk-in Shower

Who needs a bathtub? Not you, that’s for darn sure. This bathroom features wall-mounted everything unified by a singular tile front on all splash-zone surfaces, connecting every inch of the space to every other.

With a shoulder height recess shelf, you can keep your soaps and other shower supplies handy, while also adding a little decoration to give splash of colors to the rest of the bathroom.


If you’re seeking simplicity and unification, this walk in shower might just be your ticket. Add a heated towel rack next to your linen closet so you’ll always have warm towels when you step out of the shower.

Ultramodern Open-Air Shower

Ultramodern Open-air walk-in Shower

There are no windows and no glass doors… No, this isn’t the opening to Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. This is a description of the world’s most modern shower ever invented.

The white, miniature mosaic tiles along the shower wall stand in contrast to the long, dark, solid shower tiles lining the floor, and square rain shower head. For shelving, a thick block of metal stands, statue-like, off to one side, providing yet more contemporary distinction to this singularly distinguished shower space.

For bathroom design ideas that are modern and futuristic all at once, try the ultramodern open-air walk in shower on your next bathroom remodel. Windows and glass doors are overrated anyway, don’t you think?

Unified Mosaic Unified Mosaic tile beautiful walk in showers

Sometimes you want to create a single unified look throughout the entire bathroom. One eye-catching way to do this is to use mosaic glass tiles on the whole floor, the tub, and even on some of the shower walls.

This allows for a complete visual flow from one end to the other. Additionally, you can essentially turn the entire bathroom into your shower playground.

Indoor/Outdoor Garden Shower

Indoor/Outdoor Garden shower home design

If you’ve got a green thumb or just enjoy the open air, put an indoor/outdoor garden shower on your ground floor. All you need is a single pane of glass to separate the walk in shower area from the rest of the bathroom, and a sliding door to the outside.

There’s nothing like bamboo or wooden slat walls to extend the feeling of the outdoors into the shower itself. Just one or two minimal shelves give you a little storage space without detracting from the overall bathroom style.

Urban Industrial Chic Shower Design

Urban Industrial Chic tile walk in shower

When you can’t decide on one material…just use all of them! When executed well, multiple elements that easily stand alone can also work seamlessly together to build a unified urban look to your bathroom.

Repurposed brick, marble slab, and reclaimed barn wood are unique components that can form an industrial, urbanized look while remaining totally chic. The optical variety carries the eye from one surface to the next, where there’s always something new to discover and enjoy like the angled shower bench, chrome shower head, and other fittings.

Metropolitan Tub and Shower Combo

Metropolitan modern shower tile designs

If you’re just as likely to hop in the clawfoot tub as take a shower, why no simply combine them both into the space physical location? Sure, you could put them in the same room, but a more striking choice places the bathtub inside the actual shower.

Not only will this unique layout get oohs and ahhs from your neighbors and friends, but you may find it quickly becoming the new norm in your social circle. Such is the ability of a novel bathroom floor plan that simplifies as much as it entices.

Chic Block Idea

Chic glass Block walk in shower tile designs

It’s possible to be trendy and chic while also instilling a sort of austere vision in interior design. To achieve this look, combine two fashionable materials and utilize them laterally throughout the space. Combine brass shower fixtures (Are Brass Bath Fixtures Out of Style?), shower head, grey stone tile, and black marble.

The rich completeness of the marble countertops complement the understated complexity of the subway tile perfectly. Neither one calls too much attention to itself, instead building a full picture of a bathroom with intentional style and luxurious dreams.

Marble on Marble

If you have a favorite material (especially one that looks great anywhere it goes), then you can use it as the focal point of the entire space. Take marble for instance: because of the glossy veneer and the variations in texture, even one color or finish can bring an entire character to the room.

marble doorless shower

In other words, don’t feel like you simply have to use multiple materials. If there’s one you love, you can always find a way to implement it into the space without overdoing it — in truth, that’s part of the fun of the design. Don’t you just love that modern shower system?

Oversized Grey Tile Shower

The magic of tiling — especially in the bathroom area — is that it works as both a feature or an accent, often doing both at the same exact time. Here, nearly every surface has a facade of tile, but the little pieces throughout — yellow towels, fogged glass windows, a bronze figure — break up the monotony beautifully without any commotion.

Oversized Tile Compact bathroom tile walk in shower

In small spaces, big and bold design choices can produce a feeling of large-ness throughout (see: Which Small Bathroom Tile Size Will Make a Bathroom Feel Bigger?), even when floor space is at a high premium. Using oversized shower floor tiles with a built in shower seat is an easy way to elongate the sense of area without doing too much or overworking the space.

Add to this by installing a single glass panel to provide separation for the shower area without visually blocking off that portion of the room. This also acts to make this guest bathroom feel even bigger and contribute an expansive sense of openness.

Rustic Industrial

Rustic Industrial large shower design ideas

There’s a reason that Chip and Joanna Gaines are so popular. Their designs resonate with millions of people. Take a little bit of the rustic life and infuse it with industrial elements, and the result is absolutely stunning.

That’s what we have here. White subway tile and dual oversized shower heads complement one another with a pristine grace that speaks of two worlds fusing into one. If you can’t get enough of the country life, but also love the industrial aspects of design, then this style may just be the perfect one for you.

Mixture of Texture

walk in shower inspiration

Finally, choose shower fixtures that blend into the surrounding tile of the wall to complete the earthy yet refined picture. Be creative with materials and textures. Mix natural stone, wood, tile, and glass for an amazing look (and even a window with a mountain outside). With these straightforward components, your shower will become a transporting, outdoorsy oasis.

Whether you’re into concrete or marble slab, subway or Spanish tile, modern or traditional fixtures, the walk-in shower can accommodate all of these tastes and more. Mix two or more of these looks to make the style completely your own and giving your space a unique and beautiful look year-round.

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