35 Bathroom Shelf Ideas to Organize Your Bathroom

Modern Under-Sink Extension Bathrooms Shelves

Clutter is a nightmare. If you are anything like me, you have your fair share of it around the house. It ends up everywhere. Bedroom? A mess. Closet? The stuff of night terrors. Bathroom? Don’t even get me started.

What if it didn’t have to be this way? What if you could have your bathroom cake and it eat it too? Without having to burn down the house and start all over again.

The good news is you don’t have to raze your home to get your dream bathroom with storage galore. The even better news is that there’s one incredibly simple way to achieve this and be the superhero your bathroom deserves: shelves.

That’s right. A shelf (or two) is exactly what the doctor ordered.

With the right bathroom shelves in the right place(s), your bathroom becomes an oasis. Whether you want practicality, aesthetic sensibility, or whimsy, there is bathroom shelving made just for you.

That said, here are some bathroom shelving ideas to choose from that will work wonders in your bathroom. Stay tuned all the way through to the end, and I guarantee one of these bathroom shelf ideas will work perfectly.

1. Multifunctional Ladder Shaped Planter Shelf

Multifunctional Ladder Shaped Planter Shelf

Gift yourself this multifaceted, multilevel shelving unit, then decorate it with plants and trinkets, as well as using it to store towels and sundries. Give this a try as you move through bathroom shelf ideas. Bathroom organizing has never been so fun.

2. Over-the-Toilet Ladder Ideas/Bathroom Shelf Combination

Over-the-Commode Ladder Ideas/Bathroom Shelf Combination

If you’re not the type to want to do any major (or minor) construction, I highly recommend a simple DIY ladder shelf over your toilet. It supplies direct and easily reachable storage and even decorative design space in a place that often goes under-appreciated.

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3. Movable Wooden Shelving

Movable Wooden Shelving

Sometimes, you need mobility. A small set of shelves gives you exactly that. These are perfect for flexing over near to the tub for your next bath.

4. Industrial and Rustic Pipe Shelf

Industrial and Rustic Pipe Shelf

Combine the best parts of two worlds — industrial and rustic — with this accent shelf doubling as a towel rack. Combining any two ideas, bathroom shelf design can do pretty much anything you want it to.

5. Modern Ladder Bathroom Shelf

Modern Ladder Bookcase

This shelf isn’t just for storing bathroom reading materials. Rest this against your wall and rest your towels on its tiered shelves for convenience and sensibility.

6. Recessed Shelves Ideas for Above Sink

Recessed Shelves Ideas for Above Sink

For those bathrooms that can’t have toiletries hanging off the wall into the open space, there is a fantastic solution: recessed shelving. Like recessed lights, these are tucked away, unassuming, and incredibly useful. With these in your bathrooms, shelves bring the whole space to life.

7. Wooden Block Bathroom Shelf Idea

Modern Under-Sink Extension Bathrooms Shelves

Variable Size Floating Shelves

Wooden block shelves are clean, modern, and provide you the ability to put a shelf or series of shelves wherever is most convenient.

8. Single Extended Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Single Extended Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Similar to the wooden block shelving look, the single long shelf furnishes a similar aesthetic, while also extending the feel of your bathroom space. Depending on the depth, you might opt for a more functional or design-centric look.

9. Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Shelves

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Shelves

This is one of my faves. Reclaimed wood’s the trifecta: high design-oriented, functional if large enough, and environmentally friendly. If that’s not enough to get you excited, I don’t know what is! In all seriousness, if you can get your hands on this, I highly recommend it.

10. Readymade Toilet Cabinet

Readymade Commode Cabinet

Just like the toilet ladder, the toilet cabinet functions in nearly identically, except that it offers some concealment for those extra TP rolls.

11. Wooden Shelf Over Bathroom’s Crawl Cabinet

Wooden Shelf Over Bathroom's Crawl Cabinet

Occasionally, rooms or closets have a small crawl cabinet. If you place a wooden block shelf directly over it, the space has an intentional, built-in look without architectural headaches. Can be used for hand soap near the sink, toilet paper near the toilet, and decorative elements anywhere.

12. Minimal Tub Shelves Idea

Minimal Tub Shelves Idea

The beauty of these little guys is that they provide high design with minimal space requirements. They work best as an accent to a tile wall, especially when incorporated with tea lights or well-designed tub utensils.

13. Side Table Nook Shelves Ideas

Side Table Nook Shelves Ideas

For those of you with bathroom space to spare, shop for a large side table that can double as a shelving nook. The three sections allow for distinct uses: decorate the roof, store folded towels in the middle, and drop other sundries down below.

14. Modern Under-Sink Extension Bathrooms Shelves

Modern Under-Sink Extension Bathrooms Shelves

Wide bathrooms have a luxury element to them. Add to that (and take advantage of it) by installing a long shelf directly beneath the double vanity. It’s a beautiful take on a simple concept and can be done with a single piece of wood.

15. Hyper-minimalism Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Hyper-minimalism Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Tiny rooms offer unique opportunities to improvise and work with what you’ve already got. If your area is small, such as a studio apartment, the break in the wall provides an easy space to install a small decorative shelf without compromising the space that you have.

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16. Bamboo Organizer with Handle

Bamboo Organizer with Handle

Another perfect setup for you to move around your shelves, bathroom on wheels not required, and use them for a variety of different purposes.

17. Freeform Open Cabinet Shelving

Freeform Open Cabinet Shelving

What I love about these is that they are open and closed. Your items are secured by a wire rod and bookends, and there’s a convenient towel rack as well.

18. Wooden Slab Bathroom Shelf with Industrial Piping

Wooden Slab Bathroom Shelf with Industrial Piping

I see you, industrial chic. You want rugged and polished at the same time. The wooden block here is classy, modern, and clean, while the towel piping infuses it with a bit of old-timey charm.

19. Bathroom Shelving Ideas that are Built-In

Built-in Inlay Bathroom Shelving Ideas

The benefit of getting to design your bathroom from scratch is that you can take advantage of every inch. Built-in shelves are a great way to do exactly this. They fit seamlessly into the bathroom area because they don’t jut out and take up any extra space.

20. Medicine Cabinet Replacement

Medicine Cabinet Replacement

Some bathrooms lack a medicine cabinet (or just have an ugly one). Use this wooden replacement instead.

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21. Tiered Wire Rack Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Tiered Wire Rack Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Wire racks are as sensible an option for a bathroom’s shelving as they come. There’s no mystery with these guys. They’re lightweight, transparent, and get the job done. They are a great bathroom shelf ideas for storing towels.

22. Bathroom Shelf Ideas that are Removable

Wire Sink Caddy

Another small space alternative to a “shelf bathroom” is a wire caddy. You can hang these just about anywhere (including the shower), but right next to your medicine cabinet is a great place to keep your most used toiletries.

23. Minimal Over-Sink Shelf

Minimal Over-Sink Shelf

Similar to the under-sink shelf, over-sinks maintain separation of space in the bathroom, which is especially useful if yours doesn’t have a tile backsplash or crown molding to do that work for you. I also recommend a potted plant.

24. Wire Shelf and Towel Rack

Wire Shelf and Towel Rack

The curved design of some wire racks gives them a softer feel. These bathroom shelf ideas furnish you with both shelf space and towel convenience.

25. Multifaceted and Modern Beneath the Sink Bathroom Shelves

Multifaceted and Modern Beneath the Sink Bathroom Shelves

Take that space most people store TP and cleaning supplies and turn it into a modern, multifaceted masterpiece. A combination of wood and metal piping can be the perfect fit for a space high on design and low on clutter.

26. Bamboo Block Shelf

Bamboo Block Shelf

I know what you’re thinking. Another block shelf? Nope! Well, yes. But this one is made of bamboo making it a sustainable replacement for traditional wood.

27. Wooden Block Shelving Bathroom with Wicker Baskets

Wooden Block Shelving Bathroom with Wicker Baskets

If you have ample wall space but not nearly enough shelving in your bathroom, this unit has your name written all over its beautiful, dark, wooden finish. You can make them even more functional with baskets of storage, as in this photo.

28. Cantilevered Side Shelf

Cantilevered Side Shelf

There is something quite beautiful about a side table in the bathroom. Remove the legs and undercarriage and you’ve got something even more unique. This shelf variety furnishes your space with a charming, intentional feel. Hang a mirror overhead to complement.

29. Variable Size Floating Shelves

Wooden Block Bathroom Shelf IdeasStack a few of these shelves of different lengths to create a sense of intentionality, design, and functionality with minimal effort.

30. Rustic Wooden Rack and Rod

Rustic Wooden Rack and Rod

Give yourself an aesthetic, rustic shelf. High craftsmanship and copper distinguish these shelves ideas from others, and they will do the same for your bathroom.

31. Inlaid Tier Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Inlaid Tier Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Make use of those often overlooked corners and set up some inlaid tiered shelves. The look is clean and provides ample space to stack fresh towels. Throw in some woven baskets to complete the rustic look, and you’re well on your way to a bathroom getaway in the mountains.

32. Shelf Ideas, Bathroom, and Locker Combination

Shelf Ideas, Bathroom, and Locker Combination

For the ultimate in design and practicality, go with a single long shelf that can hold towels for convenience alongside decorative elements. Add in a tall wooden locker, and you’ve got plenty of space for anything you want to keep hidden, too.

33. Spa Style Locker Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Spa Style Locker Bathroom Shelf Ideas

If you like the idea of having a day at the spa in your own home, give this wooden locker style shelving a look. Depending on your space and needs, you can have as many as necessary, though one or two is probably enough.

34. Bathroom Shelf Ideas for a Clawfoot Tub

Bathroom Shelf Ideas for a Clawfoot Tub

This first bathroom shelf idea is simple, understated. Because of its unassuming nature, the shelving can be adorned to feel either modern or rustic. The hooks add a layer of practicality for hanging towels, clothes, loofas, or anything else you need to keep nearby.

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35. Classy Glassy Organizer

Classy Glassy Organizer

Store small bathroom necessities on the glass and hang your towels to dry. Its wooden finish complements the clear shelves perfectly.

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