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Are Brass Bath Fixtures Out of Style?

By Blake Lockwood | Curated by Blake Lockwood | Reviewed by Blake Lockwood

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brass fixture

If you’re in the process of designing a new house or remodeling your current home, you certainly know that an enormous number of options exist for finishes and fixtures and appliances. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder if you’re making the right decision. With this in mind, you have understandable questions and concerns. One specific question you might be asking yourself right about now is, “Are brass bath fixtures out of style?”

Well, are brass bath fixtures out of style? No, today’s brass finishes many more modern styles, making them unrecognizable from how Brass was used in the eighties and nineties. It’s not the brass color that’s out of style, it’s how the brass was used.

For the bathroom especially, fixtures and finishes abound. A simple search on popular interior design website Houzz can leave you dizzy. Brass or chrome bath fixtures? Importantly, you want to know for sure that the style you choose today isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

Brass Bath Fixtures? 

You might already be thinking it’s a no-brainer. Brass came and went in the eighties and nineties!

Right? Actually, no, not exactly.

According to multiple sources, brass is very much back en vogue.

Yes, the final decades of the 20th century were replete with brass options galore, but they were big, bold, shiny, and, well, brassy. That’s not really a compliment.

Here’s the thing: a brass bath faucet this year wouldn’t even recognize its counterpart from thirty years ago. These days, they’re more subdued and subtle, coming in a matte or brushed finish that complements cabinets and counters perfectly without calling too much attention to themselves.

For this reason and many more, brass is back with a vengeance!

Brass Bath Fixtures Are Definitely in Style Again

Because of this renaissance in brass, the material is having quite a heyday…again. More and more people are installing brass fixtures all over their homes. In particular, the bathroom has quickly become the new and trendy home of brass, in large part because modern brass bath accessories just look so darn good.

For one thing, people expect stainless steel or nickel or chrome when they come into a home. If you install brass bath fixtures instead, you get to surprise guests with something tailored to your bathroom, a hint of golden luxury that runs throughout the house. Truth be told, this goes for both contemporary and antique brass bath fixtures, as either one can be brushed to appear with a more muted tone.

Another reason people have begun to use brass bath fixtures again is that they truly look fantastic. It bears repeating here that modern brass finishes do not remotely resemble the shiny faucet your parents and grandparents had all over the place.

It is much simpler and more understated now, meaning that it can be used as a soft accent instead of yanking attention in a room. Where stainless steel or other silver finishes might appear cold or impersonal to some people, contemporary brass typically gives off a warm, homey feel wherever it lives.

For all these reasons, brass is most certainly back in style, and people are absolutely loving it, most notably in the bathroom.

The Benefits of Brass

Apart from the great look that modern brass provides, plenty of purely practical reasons exist for this new rush to the fair and flaxen material these days. Brass draws people in with both its incredible look and its robust functionality.

For starters, brass happens to be an incredibly durable finish. Specifically, brass normally withstands the pressures of hot water and abrasive substances better than its peers.

Because of this, brass bath countertop accessories are actually pretty difficult to damage in the course of normal, everyday usage and last a very long time. Despite heavy wear and tear, you can expect your brass fixtures to last decade after decade with little to no actual upkeep or replacement.

Another pragmatic reason more homeowners use brass today comes by way of its adaptability. Namely, brass parts and fixtures are usually very easy to find, so if you do end up needing to replace them (which is unlikely), you won’t have any trouble doing so.

Along those same lines, hardware manufacturers often cite the simple fact that brass is quite pliable and easy to use. This means that the installation process, along with any maintenance, will likely be very simple and straightforward. (You could even do it yourself if you wanted!)

Finally, it’s important to note that brass fixtures and finishes tend to also add to a home’s valuation simply by virtue of the material’s overall value itself. In other words, if you install brass in your home, you’re likely increasing the home’s resale value for the future, a major win-win.

Are Brass Bath Fixtures Out of Style?

At this point, you probably know the answer. It’s a resounding “no. Brass did have a spike in design usage in the eighties and nineties. But the finishes used in the 21st century come in much more subtle and modern styles, making them infinitely customizable and adaptable, as well as making any bathroom instantly fashionable.

The updated look, understated feel, and practical benefit of contemporary brass finishes makes the material an easy choice to add style, luxury, and warmth to any modern bathroom.

So, when your friends ask you whether brass bath fixtures are out of style, you can simply show off your own updated bathroom replete with brushed brass that wows and delights time and time again, and then let them decide for themselves.

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