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Ideas to Make Your Fireplace Surround a Focal Point of Any Room.

ideas for fireplace tile

Looking for the beautiful fireplace tile ideas? I spent hours collecting and curating these eye-catching tile fireplace pictures so you don’t have to!  Browse below as I cover all the popular materials and styles to enhance your fireplace surround such as glass, ceramic tile, natural stone, subway, porcelain, marble, herringbone, and mosaic tile.

Here are my hand-selected fireplace tile ideas that will take your lackluster fireplace from blah to beautiful!

Monochromatic Contemporary Fireplace Tiles Don’t Have To Be Bland

Monochromatic Doesn’t Have To Be Bland
The white and light gray tile surround gives a monochromatic feel to this living room’s inspiration. In some cases, too much of one color can be a disaster, but this is a perfect presentation resulting in an understated glam look for your home.

The larger tiles give a feel of a consistent surface, drawing your eyes up to the sharp edge accent leading to the chimney beam, making the ceiling appear to soar even higher than it does.

Chevron Tile

zig-zag pattern
Chevron is a zig-zag pattern that is similar to the herringbone design. The difference is the end cuts – chevron has a 45 degree cut at each end to make a right angle.

In this modern design, the mixture of dark and light grays with white contrast each other so that the zig-zag pattern stands out. Matching the darker color with an accent in this living room, like the side cabinets, can pull the room together while still keeping the main focus on the tile fireplace.

grayscale color scheme
This chevron pattern also stays with the grayscale color scheme, but with the white surround, you get a much lighter and brighter feel in your home.

Herringbone Tile Fireplace

Herring To The Bone
Herringbone tiling has become all the rage, and there are a few different layouts to get you the look you want. For example, on tiled fireplaces,  like this one, the long and skinny subway tiles are laid out diagonally, giving a luxe look. Alternatively, shorter, thicker subway tiles can be installed at a 90-degree angle giving your home a more modern feel.

Revamp A Classic Style

Revamp A Classic Style
Remember how I knocked old school wood paneling? There are ways to do it right. The dark cyan subway tile on this modern fireplace gives the classic wood paneling a bright touch with the shine. Most people imagine the stark white when they think of subway tiles, but using different colors can change the effect you are going for.

Retro Mid-Century Tile Design

The design here is the perfect retro throwback with a modern twist.
The style here is the perfect retro throwback using a blue and white pattern tile design with a modern twist. To make sure the tiles are lined up so seamlessly takes patience, but it is worth it for the end result. This is great if you have a mid-century modern style in your home.

Fireplace Tiles With Texture Adds Visual Appeal

Texture Adds Visual Appeal
Using a glass tile with texture gives a two-dimensional look to your fireplace to make it a statement piece. The dark olive color with the gloss accents the wood in this living room perfectly. With all of the windows surrounding the fireplace, the gloss of the fireplace tile is highlighted, making a strong impression.

dark bronze tile The dark bronze ceramic tile in this design inspiration has a slight texture giving just the right amount of pizazz.

Geometric Fireplace Tile

elongated hexagon tiles
The cream elongated hexagon fireplace tile used here gives a unique feel to this fireplace. Using a darker grout brings dimension into the design.

As I mentioned before, the same effect can be made if you have a darker tile and use a light grout. The dark black insert stands out with the lighter colors in the surround.

Square Tile Designs

It’s Okay To Be Square
Using square porcelain tiles on a fireplace surround is a more classic look – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In this case, the rest of this wood fireplace is dramatic, and so the understated brown tiles are the perfect accompaniment. The same is true in this example. The deep eggplant color on the wall is so rich the square tiles in muted tones are the perfect selection for this tile fireplace.

laid out seamlessly
Square porcelain tiles are laid out seamlessly in this design with subtle accents of smaller squares and focal point art tiles. The rust color scheme brings focus to the gas fireplace in a room with bright white walls.

Got The Blues

Got The Blues
Who doesn’t love cobalt blue? I know I do. Now, some people might not be daring enough to do a full-length floor to ceiling tiled fireplace with a bold color, but I am loving the result. Especially with the different use of glass subway tiles in a vertical pattern.

Large And In Charge Fireplace Tile

neutral colors
You can use marble tiles that are usually seen on the floor if you want a cohesive look where it almost looks as though the surround is all one slab. Sticking with more neutral colors like whites, creams, or light grays works well in this electric fireplace application. This is another example of larger tiles used for a fireplace surround. The same fireplace tile is continued to the hearth, where there is a large enough area for seating or to display artwork.

Take Your Fireplace Design Vertical

gold with a mild gloss
The gold porcelain tile with a mild gloss is an unexpected choice for a large modern fireplace surround like this one. But look at that glam! It really works. Just imagine sitting in this living room at night with the reflection of the flames bouncing off of that gorgeous tile.

Pro-tip: the pattern and layout of the fireplace tiles are just as important as the type of tile you select.

Add Depth To The Design

raised mod circles add subtle dimension to this fireplace.
The raised mod circles add subtle dimension to this tile design. The repeating texture of the tiles results in a ton of personality, while the neutral color balances out the look, so the design is not too overwhelming. Look at how the understated hearth sits off the floor, bringing even more depth to this avant-garde style.

Unique Mosaic  & Custom Made Floor to Ceiling Tile Fireplace

Create A Work Of Art
A fireplace can become the statement piece of an entire home. What better way to make your guests green with envy than to design a piece that rivals art in some of the hottest art galleries?

The bright orange glass mosaic and cobalt blue ceramic tile with pops of vibrant green combined with the different shapes of tiles selected for this design make this glass mosaic fireplace a colorful work of art for your home.

mosaic design and the selection
The bohemian design ideas of this room is accentuated by the mosaic tile surround of the dramatic fireplace. The mosaic tile design and the selection of tiles make the perfect statement.

jeweled mixed with metallic swirlsIt is hard to find words to describe the magnificence of this fireplace tile pattern. The jeweled glass mosaic tiles mixed with metallic swirls give a funky yet glamorous feel to the room. And those striking wrought-iron gates deserve an article all their own.

decorative ceramic in earthy tones
This mosaic tiled fireplace is a piece of art in its own right. The decorative ceramic tiles in earthy tones match the wood ceiling and furniture in the living room of this home and create a timeless masterpiece.

Pro Tip: you can get custom art tiles created through several tile companies to put your own personal touch on your fireplace.

custom art

Pastels Bring Coastal Elegance

pastel teal and tan design of the large flower tiles
The pastel teal and tan mosaic design ideas of the large flower tiles give this fireplace a coastal elegance that is reminiscent of a sunny beach house in this family room. The vast wooden mantel (read also: Mantel Decorating Ideas) brings in a natural element that breaks up the light colors of the fireplace tile surround and the white walls. Notice how the French doors are painted an accent color to match the tiles, brilliant!

Intricate Tiling Idea Creates A Flawless Focal Point

mosaic on this metallic fireplace
How would you like to count the mosaic tiles on this metallic modern fireplace surround? The intricacy of the tiling makes this electric fireplace the perfect room divider and is the perfect counterpart to the larger tiles on the floor.

intricate design
This bathroom fireplace is another example of intricate tile design, this time using small vertical natural stone tiles. The tan stone tile color continues the serene feeling of the bathroom and wood cabinets, making it a great place to enjoy a bubble bath in front of the fire.

Pearlized are used to ceiling
Pearlized tiles are used from floor to ceiling on this white fireplace, making a sleek and sophisticated statement. It contrasts nicely with the built-in wood cabinetry.

Maintain The Style, Even Outdoors

colorful surrounding this outdoor fireplace
The colorful mosaic tiles surrounding this outdoor fireplace compliments the adobe style of the home. Remember, when designing an outdoor fireplace to make sure the fireplace tile is rated for outdoor use.

Stone Fireplace Done Right

rustic simplicity
There is definitely a way to do stone fireplace tiles right, and this is it. While the natural stone takes up most of the wall, it is designed with a rustic simplicity that balances the more dramatic blue glass tiling that is directly surrounding the fireplace insert.

The Hearth Stands On Its Own

lighter colored solid surface hearth breaks up the space between the darker fireplace tile and flooring
When choosing a hearth design for a contemporary fireplace, you need to decide if you will continue the tile, or pick a different material to complement the look. In this example, the lighter colored solid surface hearth breaks up the space between the darker fireplace surround tile and flooring.

It’s Okay To Go Halfway

the shape and the dark metallic color of the tiles blend perfectly with the industrial look of the other half of the fireplace design
I wanted to show you this fireplace because it is so unexpected. The fireplace tile only goes halfway, but the shape and the dark metallic color of the fireplace tiles blend perfectly with the industrial look of the other half of the fireplace surround.

Bold Tile Ideas

vibrant red and orange tiles
The vibrant red and orange glass tiles remind me of fire – very fitting for a fireplace design. For a family room, it is okay to go as bold as you want, but I would suggest keeping the wall color and flooring more neutral so that the fireplace tile really stands out.

dark graphite gray with raised oval insets to give dimensionMake a statement with bold tile ideas like this dark graphite gray porcelain tile with raised oval insets to give dimension. Again, tiling all the way to the ceiling gives this living room height.

Shimmer & Shine

metallic mosaics on this fireplace remind me of a disco ball
The metallic mosaics on this fireplace remind me of a disco ball – without the accompanying music, of course. The light gold shimmer of the fireplace tile adds glam to an otherwise bland room design.

Keep The Focus On The Fire

light colors and continuous from to ceiling brings the eye directly to the fire and not focused on the surround
With two-sided tiled fireplaces, like the one here where the obvious intent is to have the focus on the fireplace insert, using a more understated marble fireplace tile works well. The light colors and continuous tiling from floor to ceiling brings the eye directly to the fire and not focused on the surround.

Gray Stone Tile Fireplace

graystone brick-like used here combined with the tall windows is the perfect way to bring in natural light and make a statement
Taking the fireplace tile all the way to the ceiling creates a remarkable effect that has a major impact. It is definitely the way to make your fireplace stand out in the space. The gray brick-like stone tile used here combined with the tall windows is the perfect way to bring in natural light and make a statement.

The Entire Wall- Wall To Wall

deep blue miniature subway tiles cover an entire wall
The deep blue miniature subway tiles cover an entire wall, but the way it is done is not overpowering. If you are going to cover an entire wall, the consistent color, and the simple fireplace tile pattern are the perfect way to cover a large space without being too overwhelming.

Wave Patterns

gray accent around the insert gives an extra boost to the design
The peaceful wave patterns on this tile give the fireplace a serene vibe, just like the rest of the bedroom. The gray accent tile around the insert gives an extra boost to the design and takes your eye where it is supposed to be – on the fire.

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