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Bathroom Window Covering Ideas for Style and Privacy (2023 Edition)

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It can be hard to decide what style of bathroom window curtains are right for your bathroom window. Bathroom windows can be all shapes and sizes and are not always placed in the most convenient places.

Bathroom curtains create a visually aesthetic appeal in your bathroom without the need to spend a lot of money. They also give you privacy without blocking all the light.

A lot of bathroom window curtains I’ve seen in client homes can be small or the wrong size, preventing any privacy you would expect to have in your bathroom. But I’m here to assure you that no matter the size or shape, there is always an option out there that fits your bathroom window exactly how it should.

Carnation Home Fashions Ava Fabric Window Curtain

You want natural light to come into your bathroom, but you still want to maintain privacy, so this is why you need bathroom window curtains. They are different from the curtains you have on your living room windows or the curtain panels you have on your bedroom windows.

DII Elegant & Modern Charming Lace Sheer Window Curtain

Bathroom curtains are meant to provide privacy, be durable to withstand moisture and humidity, and create an atmosphere for relaxing.

Curtain Fresh Arm and Hammer Odor-Neutralizing

There are different kinds of bathroom curtains that will look beautiful with most bathrooms. So let’s consider the best materials and fabric for your bathroom window treatments.

Lariy 1pcs Sheer Roman Curtains Liftable Embroidered Windows Curtain Organza Panel


Sheer Curtains

Sheer bathroom curtains let in light while still offering you some privacy.

3 Piece Semi Sheer Window Curtain Set: Botanical Design, 2 Tiers, 1 Valance

Deconovo Transparent Curtains Wave Line with Dots Linen Look Volie Rod Pocket Sheer Window Curtain

Liftable Roman Curtain Voile Tab Top Windows Curtains Sheer Panel

Waterproof Curtains (Vinyl)

Vinyl curtains are convenient for bathrooms because they can get wet and then dry easily without worrying about mold or rot. They are a window treatment that is inexpensive, simple to install, and easy to clean and maintain. They come in different colors and designs. So, you will surely be able to find a color and design that will suit your taste and bathroom decor.

You will easily find a bathroom curtain window treatment that coordinates with your shower curtain and it can be made out of the same material.

Eve Split Geometric Patterned Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain,Window Panel Drapes

Vinyl Bathroom Window Curtain


What about Small Bathroom Window Curtains?

If your bathroom windows are small, there are many creative ways to give them a stylish looking window treatment while still getting the privacy you’re looking for.

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain in Orange - Tie Up Shade

Consider bathroom curtains that are made especially for the window. Have the bathroom curtain hemmed to fit your window perfectly so they have a nice clean look to them. You can also sew a tie-back to each one, then you can pull them up and out of the way when you want to let some light in.

Lorraine Home Fashions Jackson 58-inch x 24-inch

A fun idea for decorating a small bathroom window is applying a shutter to it. A plantation shutter will give your bathroom a homey feel, while still allowing you to have the privacy you want.

Mysky Home Faux Linen Back Tab and Rod Pocket White Melange Window and Door Sheer Curtains

Another option would be using roman shades or panel curtains. Panel curtains are easy and simple because they come in many different prints, designs, textures, and colors. They are easy to match with any decor. See also: Should Curtains Match The Walls or The Couch?

Carnation Home Fashions Hanover Fabric Window Curtain

Stylemaster Malibu 40 by 63-Inch Sail Cloth Grommet Panel


Small Curtains for Big Windows

Some bathrooms have windows that are much larger, but some of the small bathroom curtain ideas may work just as well with larger windows.

GPD Newport 60-inch x 24 inch Button Tab Top Tier Curtain

For example, classic hanging curtains and panel curtains both look great with large bathroom windows. They provide an adequate amount of privacy while still looking nice. With larger windows, you should also consider a bathroom curtain and blind combo. Having blinds will ensure privacy while still incorporating decorative curtains as a style element.

Gray Starfish Nautical Window Curtain Valance Stylemaster Elegance 60 by 36-Inch Sheer Voile Panel

Traditions by Waverly Ellis Tier and Valance Set Natural


Curtains for Arched Windows

Not all windows are rectangular. If you have arched windows, you still have many curtain styles to choose from.

Original Arch Light Filtering Pleated Paper Shade White

You can hang bathroom window curtains directly under the arch of the window leaving the arch open, allowing light into the room, but giving you privacy at the same time.

Ellis Curtain Paisley Prism Jacobean Floral Print Lined Arched Valance

If you do not want to leave the arch uncovered, consider draping curtains over the arch giving the window an elegant style. There are also arch-shaped bathroom curtains made specifically for this purpose!

Bathroom Window Curtains for a Row of Windows

If you have rows of windows in your bathroom, hanging curtains are always a great choice. You can hang matching curtains on each window, giving the windows a uniform look.

bathroom curtains for windows

If you are looking for something a little different, you can create a frame with your curtains. For example, on the two outside windows, hang one long bathroom curtain. On the middle windows, hang short decorative curtains. This will give your bathroom windows a unique and stylish look, which is very easy to achieve.

Alternatives to Bathroom Window Curtains

 Plants as Bathroom Window Treatments

plants in bathroom

A great alternative idea to bathroom window curtains is to use natural items such as shrubs or plants that will block your windows. This is a perfect solution for large towering windows.


Just put large plants in convenient planters and place these near your windows to cover them.



You can also use vines to create a curtain! Really? Yes, vines can hang from the top part of your window and cascade below. It gives you a cool jungle looking bathroom effect.

Edal Willow Tulle Voile Door Window Curtain Drape Panel Sheer Scarf Valances Purple

Beads as Bathroom Window Treatments

A bright and fun (Bohemian) window curtain idea is a one made of different colored beads or shells. Simply string them together and install them over your windows.

Zebery Decorative Door String Curtain Beads Wall Panel Fringe Window

Let the beads cascade downward and provide you some privacy. Strings of beads may also be parted to the side to open the window and allow natural light to come in and is easy to clean at the same time.

Static Privacy Window Film as a Bathroom Window Treatment

If you don’t want to hang anything, you can add these great translucent “stickers” to your windows. They let in the light and obscure the view of peeping toms!

Generic Premium Decorative No-Glue 3D Static Privacy Window Film for Bathroom

Niviy Frosted Glass Decal Self-Adhesive Window Film the Bathroom Opaque Window Frosting Privacy Decorative

Bloss Self Adhesive Static Window Privacy Window Tint for HomeBedroomBathroomOffice


Bathroom windows are special because no two bathrooms are the same. This gives you tons of freedom in your decision making.

Bathroom windows come in all shapes and sizes and so do bathroom window curtains. There is a bathroom curtain that is right for you, no matter the location or size of your bathroom window.

A bathroom can be a messy place with all the soap, hairspray, and water that is being used inside it every day. Use the right kind of bathroom window curtains so that you will create a look that is not too boring and not too sloppy either.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to update your old bathroom window curtains. All you need are a few bathroom window treatment ideas, time, and easy to find materials and you will have new bathroom windows in no time at all!

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