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Can I Put Plantation Shutters In A Bathroom?

Perhaps the thought crossed your mind to put in plantation shutters in your bathroom to give your windows some style. However, you may have worried that they wouldn’t do well against the steam of your shower or bath over time. So, with your shutter designer dreams dashed, you wonder what to do next.

So, can you put plantation shutters in a bathroom? You can put plantation shutters in your bathroom. You can choose from wood, vinyl, or plastic shutters to withstand the steam and humidity. There are ways to cater your shutters to your bathroom so you can get both the style and durability you desire.  You can choose a solid color as an accent piece or complementary to your current bathroom color scheme. Plus the aesthetic of the plantation shutters can make any shabby chic designer’s heart flutter in their chest.

There are multiple companies that offer a variety of styles and sizes of plantation shutters for any bathroom. Such as Kirtz or The Shutter Store that not only make the shutters but can cater to the materials and color to your bathroom. Finding stores like these can help make your shutter dreams come true during your bathroom remodel or redo.

What Kind Of Plantation Shutters Should I Get?

Vinyl Plantation Shutters Could Be Your Answer

Vinyl Plantation Shutters 

Vinyl is a good material for windows that will get splashed or hit with water often. Whether your windows are lower to the tub or just in a high-frequency zone, vinyl can put your worries to rest. Vinyl plantation Shutters are waterproof and can withstand a few bumps by the klutz in all of us. Not to mention the fact that it looks just like wood!

Plastic Plantation Shutters For Your Pockets

Plastic Plantation Shutters 

Plastic shutters may not look as good as vinyl or wood, however, it does look good to our wallets. Plastic plantation shutters are also waterproof and can withstand water and steam as well as vinyl without the hefty price tag. This can be a good option for those who want the aesthetic but aren’t able to spend the money on it.

Hardwood Plantation Shutters, Extra Thick & Coated

Hardwood Plantation Shutters 

Many people stay away from wood because they are worried that it may warp when exposed to steam or water. While some wood can do that, most plantation shutters are over an inch thick, so it would take a long time before any warping happened. Many companies also coat the wood to make it more water-resistant.

What Should My Plantation Shutters Look Like?

Here are some tips on what kind of shutters you should pick for your bathroom:

1. Solid Colors All The Way

Let other accessories in your bathroom like towels be loud with patterns. Your shutters should be a solid color that matches one of the colors in your bathroom. You can also choose neutral colors like white, brown, or beige that can go with any color. Your shutters can even be the statement color of your bathroom so long as it’s solid.

Then again, it is your bathroom, so follow your own rules! If you want patterns rather than solid colors, then go for it!

2. Choose Complimentarily Colors

Complimentary colors are opposite colors on a color wheel that look good together. Most home designers consult this wheel when decorating homes to make them look the most appealing. Here are some combinations you may find:

  • Orange-navy-white
  • Light blue-brown-white
  • Red-black-white

These are only a few examples of the color combinations you can do with your plantation shutters in your bathroom. Using complementary colors will bring cohesion to your bathroom and make it more visibly appealing to the eye. These combinations can also make a room feel larger, so if you want to create a larger looking bathroom then use this method!

What Can Plantation Shutters Do For My Bathroom?

Plantation shutters can promote the style and privacy of your bathroom. It can cater to the shabby chic design that you may be going for in your home. It also acts as a privacy barrier for those who are worried about being seen from their bathroom window.

1. Bring On The Shabby Chic!

The shabby chic style is a design choice that caters to the contemporary country home. It’s a perfect mix for those who love both modern and country/cottage styles. Plantation shutters are a great way to complement that decor.

2. Privacy For Days

Privacy is important to everyone, especially in the bathroom. It can be a challenge to get comfortable with the idea that someone could spot you or see you from your bathroom window. Plantation shutters offer both style and the option of privacy when you need it. Simply close your shutters to keep prying eyes away.

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