40 Inspiring Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Your Next Remodel

Bathroom Vanity and Sink Ideas

As you know, vanities have a very important function for every bathroom. Both from a functional point of view and for the impression that they make upon visitors.

If you want to maximize the appeal of your bathroom, you should choose your vanities wisely. There are many varieties and styles of bathroom vanities that you can choose from.

You should consider smaller vanities for smaller bathrooms, in order to make the most efficient use of space. Good design should mean that a small size will not prohibit the storage of towels, mats and other bathroom essentials.

Before your embark on your next bathroom remodel, give yourself the gift of time to peruse the various styles of bathroom vanities that are available.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Ideas

A contemporary vanity can add a sense of sophisticated depth to your bathroom space.

59 inch Double Lune Large Vessel Sink Modern Contemporary Bathroom Vanity with Phoenix Stone Top

The characteristics of a contemporary vanity.

  • Clean lines
  • Sleek and minimalist design
  • Lack embellishments
  • Current-era materials, like wood, metal, and stone
  • Simple yet elegant hardware

Keep in mind that the naturalism and simplicity of contemporary vanities are in direct contrast to traditional elements. They usually echo a vastly more vintage, historic style and are big on adornments in look and function.

Design Element Perfecta Double Integrated White Acrylic Drop-in Sink Vanity Set, 72-Inch

All of the vanity’s elements of the contemporary style work together harmoniously. They create an efficient yet upscale look, and a classically austere feel.

Wyndham Collection Avara 60 inch Double Bathroom Vanity in Espresso, Green Glass Countertop, Altair Black Granite Sinks, and Medicine Cabinets

Great for Small Bathrooms

No bath is too big or too small for contemporary bathroom vanities! They can be used in various bathroom sizes and shapes.

21.75 Orion Single Vessel Sink Wall Mounted Modern Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Furniture Cabinet

In smaller bathrooms, the minimalist aspect of contemporary design will make efficient use of the less abundant space.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities Pedestal Glass Bowl Vessel Sink Combo With Faucet

This style is extremely effective in creating a pleasant and inviting smaller bathroom. It efficiently uses space and actually can make the bathroom feel larger than it really is.

30 Giovanni Vessel Sink Vanity Cabinet Model HF339A with Matching Mirror

Virtu USA UM-3069-S-BL Tilda 40-Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set with White Stone Countertop, Ceramic Basin, Chrome Faucet, Black Finish

But Great for Big Bathrooms too!
In a roomier bathroom space, the simple elegance of the contemporary design and materials can create a soothingly spacious feel, an almost spa-like atmosphere. Imagine having such a retreat right in your own home!

Design Element Moscony Double Sink Vanity Set with Espresso Finish, 60-Inch

Regardless of the size of your space, the contemporary vanity’s clean lines offer the benefit of space-saving efficiency. Many of the vanity designs you’ll encounter feature thoughtfully designed drawer and cabinet systems for maximum storage.

Design Element New York Double Integrated Porcelain Drop-In Sink Vanity Set, 60-Inch


And no matter the size of your bath, the choices of materials in contemporary bathrooms are truly inspired.

Natural woods, concrete or natural stone countertops, and modest metal or stainless steel are often used in modern design. These materials complement the look of modern furnishings. They also have the benefit of being highly preferred and desirable material choices for the times in which we currently live.

Virtu USA UM-3067-C-ES Opal 48-Inch Wall-Mounted Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Integrated Ceramic Basins, Faucets, Espresso Finish

Budget and DIY

Much like the size of your bathroom, the size of your budget does not necessarily dictate your choices of contemporary bathroom vanities.

If you’re on a budget, take heart, with a little footwork, creativity, and elbow grease, you can create the modern look you’re craving.

For example, you can often find old, mid-century dressers, buffets, or credenzas at secondhand shops, antique stores, or even yard sales. You can usually buy furniture at these places for a song! And with a bit of conversion work, that old dresser can make an amazing bathroom vanity.


Incorporate a complementary sink, some stainless-steel accessories, and your own stylish accents and you will create a contemporary piece that will “pop”.

31.5 Aries Modern Wall-Mounted Vessel Sink Vanity With Glass Top

Furthermore, you’ll have an amazing conversation piece, making your new bathroom a huge hit with those who visit your home.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

On the opposite side of the vanity style spectrum, we have Rustic Vanities. Rustic bathroom vanities are an attractive option for people who like unique bathroom designs. Rustic bathroom vanities are not only fashionable, but also durable, and fit with many other design schemes applied in houses. Wooden surfaces also blend well with a number of color schemes, making your bathroom easily adaptable.

36" Cottage look Abbeville Bathroom Sink Vanity Cabinet

The rustic style is very distinctive. It uses a lot of wood textures and a subtle roughness to the furnishings. It incorporates salvaged and reclaimed or reused wood.

46 Cottage look Abbeville Bathroom Sink vanity Model CF28325

This style is most popular in larger, older houses, farm houses, and cabins. But it can also be implemented successfully in smaller, newer houses as well.


Rustic bathroom vanities generally include multi-functional furniture constructed from solid wood. Repurposed furniture with salvaged fixtures and fittings also popular features of this style.

James Martin 238-104-5711-BLK Savannah 72 Driftwood Double Vanity with Absolute Black Rustic Stone

These are Common DIY Projects

Lots of people build rustic vanities themselves. You can always adapt and redecorate or repaint wooden furnishings to suit your chosen color scheme and to achieve the overall atmosphere you wish your bathroom to have. So maybe consider searching for second-hand items as well as new ones.

Patrick Sutton Associates

Sagehill Designs CE3621D Casual Essence 36-Inch Vanity Base Causal Oak

When you choose the wood from which your vanity will be made, it is important for you to not only choose a durable wood, but also one that is aesthetically attractive.

36" Inch Rustic Northern White Cedar Bathroom Vanity

Solid wood is generally much more durable than composite materials, especially in a bathroom, where there is lots of water which could potentially damage materials over extended use.

36 Inch Cedar Barnwood Bathroom Vanity

Teak, oak or cherry is often the wood of choice for rustic-style vanities. They are all durable and attractive. The texture of cherry is particularly appealing for bathrooms.

Fairmont Designs 142-FV36 Rustic Chic 36 Inch Farmhouse Vanity In Weathered Oak


How about some Trough Sink Ideas…

Peruse any home decorating magazine and you’ll surely see a lovely bathroom space featuring a trough sink. Trough sinks can go with contemporary or rustic styles which makes them a great option to choose.

Virtu USA MD-423-C-ES Gloria 47-Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set, Espresso Finish

True, the idea of barnyard animals slopping at the farm yard trough may not really bring to mind a clean, functioning, and pleasant sink. But it will be the centerpiece of your sparkling bathroom.

You will be interested to know that the trough sink was originally designed and used only in luxury hotels and other commercial establishments.

Native Trails 48 in. Trough Drop In Bathroom Sink

These days, trough sinks area widely available to homeowners and they offer flexibility and distinct advantages.

So, put aside those barnyard images. You can have a trough sink in your bathroom to create a very easy to use bath space with a very high-end look.

GSI by Nameeks 694011 Bathroom Sink

A trough sink in your bathroom gives you a lot of flexibility and choices. The sheer size of a trough sink lends itself to having multiple faucets using the same, long sink. This means that having a trough sink in your bathroom offers multiple uses.

Tecla by Nameeks EDW3011 Bathroom Sink

Great for families

A trough sink configuration is perfect for large families. Mornings, nights, and just regular bathroom breaks can be hectic and take a toll on the family bathroom. Picture that long sink with multiple faucets, allowing a few children to brush their teeth or wash their hands at the same time! This is a time-saver and anything that saves time in a large family is a huge bonus.

Tecla by Nameeks CAN05011 Bathroom Sink

Even better for Kids

Plus, we all know that kids tend to be messy. A trough sink can also be a mess saver for a family with kids because the design and size of a trough sink allows for the sink to catch much more of the water and other items that get away from them. So, you have less counter space to clean, thanks to that big, beautiful sink.

Unlimited 90 Wall-mount or Countertop Bathroom Sink

Great for Master Bathrooms

Trough sinks are also advantageous for master bathrooms, and are making their way into master baths with great frequency.

A trough sink in your bathroom creates a very comfortable, ultra-usable bathroom space, with an eye for function, luxury, and style.

Luxier CS-001 Bathroom Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin Decor Star CB-013 Bathroom Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin

Of course, there are all of the multiple faucets for multiple people and mess-reducing perks as outlined above. (It’s true; these often apply to adults, too!)

A stylish replacement for double sinks 

Are you and your partner looking for something other than the often used double sinks or double vanities? But you still want the ability to wash hands, brush teeth, and the like at the same time? A trough sink is your answer.

Native Trails Trough 4819 NativeStone Bathroom Sink

With their sleek look and the ability to accommodate multiple faucets, the trough sink can offer you all the benefits of a double sink set up, while providing your master bath a fantastic and fresh motif.

This means that you can forego the whole overused double sink, double vanity look for the chic, up-and-coming look of a trough sink.

Scarabeo Scarabeo 8033-No Hole-637509861285 Porcelain Ceramic Sink Vessel

All of these positives are great reasons to put your preconceptions about trough sinks out of your mind and give these fabulously utilitarian and classy sinks a second look.

A Corner Bathroom Vanity Idea For a Small Bathroom

Regardless of your contemporary or rustic style choice, you may have a small bathroom. A corner bathroom vanity is a small bathroom vanity that fits snugly in a corner of your bathroom. This is a small angled vanity with a sink and faucet, a small counter, and a bathroom mirror. They usually have a small cabinet or storage beneath where plumbing can be accessed. A corner vanity is small but it has a lot of uses that homeowners will really appreciate.

24 Thomasville Corner Sink Bathroom Vanity Model CF-47533GT

A corner vanity functions just like a regular vanity except that everything is smaller. It is so small that it can fit in a small bathroom of an apartment unit or a condominium unit. At the same time, it provides enough space for other bathroom elements and accessories. A homeowner with a smaller bathroom will be able to enjoy all the conveniences of a normal vanity counter with a corner vanity system.

A corner system will fit small bathrooms and often comes pre-assembled. A homeowner can readily buy a corner bathroom vanity from a local home store and install it themselves.

Hamilton Corner Vanity

Corner vanities can be purchased in as a set. You can choose from different kinds of bathroom vanity faucets, the kinds of cabinetry, the materials used for the sink and the vanity countertop, the type, size and shape of mirror and the type of vanity cabinet. You can match a corner vanity system to the design of your existing bathroom.

Belle Foret BF80039R Single Basin Bathroom Corner Vanity, Dark Oak

This type and size of bathroom vanity fits bathrooms that are relatively smaller compared to others. Bathrooms that you can find in apartments, RVs, guestrooms and in small homes may not enough space for a full-sized vanity counter and sink. A small corner vanity will save space and provide the convenience of using a vanity, sink and mirror.

Antique White Bay-view Corner bathroom sink vanity Model BC030W-AW

You do not need to worry about cleaning a corner vanity since you barely have space to clean! Most modern ready-made vanity systems are made of modern materials which make it strong and durable. It will even resist stains and grime.

Fresca Coda 14 White Modern Corner Bathroom Vanity Elite Sinks EC9808P-SV Melamine Wall Hung Corner Vanity Fixture with Door

Fresca Bath FVN1040 Ordinato Corner Mount Glass Vanity

You can also choose to have your corner bathroom vanity custom-made. A contractor will need to take measurements to ensure that your corner vanity will fit. And of course plan for the appropriate materials to use. Custom-made corner vanities are more expensive than ready-made ones. But you can guarantee that your custom-made vanity will fit perfectly in your bathroom.

Design Element Jade Double Under-Mount Sink Vanity Set with Travertine Stone Countertop, 72-Inch

However you go about remodeling your bathroom, adding a vanity to your bathroom is a wonderful way to update your space for the 21st century.

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