Americana Decor

Americana decor
Any true blue American will love Americana home decor. Decorating your home in Americana decor is all about using the old stars and stripes everywhere!
If you love the USA, then stand up and give Americana decor a try. Here are some tips for dressing up your home in true American style.

Using the Flag

The American flag is the focal point of any room that is decorated with the Americana style. You can find posters, portraits, or actual flags of the USA to hang on your wall. But you can also find the flag printed on pillow cases, bedding, curtains, valances, and wall prints.
Even the important components of the flag could be in different areas of the room such as the stars could be fabric designs or wall appliques, or the blue and white or the red and white stripes could be on fabric or wall decor.
Basically anything goes for as long as these important components are strategically placed in different areas of the room.

A Mix of Old Country and Modern Design

Americana home decor is a mixture of old country style design as well as modern tones. You can find country classics such as wooden furniture, bulky sofas, arm chairs, dressers, wall shelving, decorative plates, classic lamp shades, and so much more. This interior design style offers more than eye candy for a patriot, but it also preserves comfort and country style.
An Americana home also recognizes brands and names that were prevalent in forging of America. You can recognize that a room has Americana flair with popular signage from the past such as using Coca Cola signs, Gulf, Mobil, Arby’s, and more.
You may even spot patriotic signage that serve as eclectic home decor. Fun yet decorative signage such as “United We Stand America!” “God Bless America!” or “All You Need is Love” are just some of the most common that you can find from popular Americana-style homes.
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  1. ok, sorry about all the vintage signage. I got a little carried away. But I can’t help but love how they look. And they all embrace the Americana feel.

    As usual, you can buy most of the items pictured here over at Amazon!

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