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How Do You Hang Curtains In A Bay Window?

5 reasons why it might not be the best idea

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How Do You Hang Curtains In A Bay Windows

Bay windows are beautiful in any home, but it can be troubling to decide how to hang curtains over them. Often, bay windows are left open for their aesthetic as well as the amount of light they let into the home. So, finding the perfect curtains and hanging them correctly can be a tough task.

So, how do you hang curtains in a bay window? To hang curtains in a bay window, use three separate curtain rods and put the curtains through each. One large curtain can work so long as they aren’t opening and closing constantly. Opt for long curtains if the windows almost reach the ceiling. Curtains can also be hung at opposite ends of the windows closest to the walls for added appeal.

There are multiple ways to hang bay window curtains depending on what kind of look or curtain type you want to use. As well as the size and height of your bay windows. These factors can make shopping for curtains a daunting task. Have no fear, there are ideas within this article that cater to all types of bay windows! Read on to learn more.

How Do You Hang Curtains In A Standard Bay Window?

Option 1: Use Three Different Curtain Rods

All bay windows have three spaces where one of the windows juts out of the wall towards the outside. The other two follow the shape of the nearby wall. If you want to hang curtains that you can also use functionally, then you’ll want three separate curtain rods. This will help your curtains follow the shape of the window while also letting you open and close them as you please.

Option 2: Use One Curtain

bay windows Use One Curtain  If you have a long curtain that fits across all three rods, or one rod that is on the wall atop the bay window, you can feed one curtain across the entire window. Just be sure to measure the space so your curtain will reach from one end to the other. This can give a great look if you don’t plan on repeatedly opening and closing the curtain.

How Do You Hang Curtains Over A Tall Bay Window?

If you have a bay window that nearly reaches the ceiling, you will need different curtains compared to a typical bay window. This is because you have less wall space to put up curtain rods and more windows to cover with curtains. One of your best bets is to measure the length of your bay windows and find a curtain that is just as long so it will cover the entire window.

Option 1: Use Longer Curtains To Fit The Bay Window

Given that your bay window is larger than standard ones, you will want to buy longer curtains to match the space. Buying curtains that stop three-fourths of the way down the window won’t look good. You want to cover the whole window so that it can block the sun when needed as well as look good in the space.

Sheer Curtains with Tabs

Option 2: Opt For Two Curtains Over One

Two Curtains Over One

Typically larger bay windows will cover more space along the walls. In this case, you are better off buying two curtains and hanging them on either side of the windows rather than trying to fit one large curtain across all of them. This will look good both when they are open and closed. Plus, they can add needed pops of color to the room.

What If My Bay Windows Aren’t Angular?

Bay windows come in all shapes and sizes. One of these may be more delicate angles rather than sharp corners. This can make installing curtain rods difficult since regular curtain rods don’t bend. You have a couple of options in these situations. You can choose to buy more flexible rods that can bend, or only put curtains on the ends of the windows.

Bay Window Curtain Rod Set

You Can Buy More Flexible Curtain Rods

More flexible curtain rods will let you hang curtains across all the windows, even if the angles aren’t quite as sharp as traditional curtain rods. These can help you achieve the same look as traditional bay windows with curtains. You can purchase some here. This can allow you to cater to your curtain rod to whatever angle of your bay windows.

Set Up Two Curtain Rods On Either End Of The Bay Windows

If you don’t like the look of flexible curtain rods, or they are still not fitting quite right, you can opt to just put curtains at the ends of the window. This way, you can still hang curtains for the look, without needing to worry about getting the curtain rod across the entire thing. You would only be able to cover the outer windows, but if you go for this look you will likely just have the curtains hung to the side.

Photo: JLS Designs
Photo: Jessica Dauray Interiors/Elements Of Style
Photo: Sheer Curtains with Tabs
Photo: Curtains by Jo-Anne
Photo: Bay Window Curtain Rod Set

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2 Responses

  1. Hi. Can you hang curtains in a bay window w medallions in place of a curtain rod? If so, how do you go about that? Thank you!

  2. Hi Sara,
    You can certainly hang curtains from medallions instead of traditional curtain rods in a bay window. The key is to use medallions that are designed to support curtains – they should have holes or hooks to thread the curtain rings or clips through.

    When using medallions, position them at the edges of the windows and space them evenly across the bay. Make sure to get medallions big enough to comfortably fit your curtain hardware. You may need to use medallions of varying sizes if your bay window has sharp angles.

    I hope this helps explain how to hang bay window curtains with medallions. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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