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What Color Curtains Go with Yellow Walls

By Blake Lockwood | Curated by Blake Lockwood | Reviewed by Blake Lockwood

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Curtains Yellow Walls

Yellow is a bright and happy color. And painting your walls yellow will not only brighten up your room but enhance a good mood. With all that brilliance, what curtains do you choose? After all, curtains make a major statement in any room of your home. Picking the right set will set the tone.

The best colors of curtains that go with yellow walls are:

  • black
  • red
  • brown
  • blue
  • lavender

Yellow is a primary color, so it works well with these contrasting hues. Various styles of curtains combined with these colors can create either an elegant or casual space

Windows interrupt the flow of a wall. You need to make sure the treatments you put on the windows reduces that interruption and brings the room together. With yellow you have some dramatic and some comfy cozy choices. We’ll explain and tell you what options there are to dress up those windows to make your room flow.

Yellow Combined with Other Colors Makes Beauty

Check out the next rainbow you see. You’ll notice yellow in it because yellow is a primary color.  No two colors can be mixed to make yellow. But combined with or contrasted to other colors, yellow creates a smorgasbord of hues that can make a room come to life.

Black Curtains are Drama Tenfold

Elegance with a touch of drama enfolds black curtains against yellow walls. They are striking. When you have black against yellow, you’re adding a modern touch that has a lot of punch and is expressive. Some black curtains we found that have that powerful look include:

  • Dreaming Casa Solid Sheer Curtains—These light curtains are sure to instill that dramatic feel you’re looking for. And because they’re sheer black, you’ll still have that glorious sunshine coming through.
  • Lush Décor Edward Trellis Curtains—How about a bold design to go with that bold color? This black trellis patterned beauty will add a flair to any room. And if the room you’re painting happens to be a bedroom, you’re in luck. These beauties are also room darkening curtains. You’ll be able to easily catch that afternoon nap.
  • Naperarl European Style Jacquard Curtains—Tradition and elegance are combined in one with these lovely curtains. They’re machine washable and have grommet tops. The beautifully raised pattern is deep black, imprinted over a lighter black. This gives the curtain an added dimension, sure to look lovely in any room.

Red and Yellow Make for a Stunning Combo

This combination is downright bold and not for the timid. When you really want to make a statement, go red. If you’re worried about the brightness of red going with your yellow walls, just remember that rainbow. Red is another primary color. It doesn’t fight the yellow it works with it. The walls draw the eye to the rich red curtains.

This is an opportunity to also connect with your furniture. You can either use red chairs, a couch, or some fun red pillows. Several red curtains that we like are:

  • Ruthy’s Textile 2 Piece Window Sheer Curtains—Like the black ones we recommended earlier, we love the way these sheer curtains add an airiness to the room. They’re light enough not to be overpowering while at the same time giving you that Wow look. Grommet panels make them easy to hang.
  • Vertkrea Strip Window Curtain—Since we’re going bold anyway, let’s take it to the next level. These horizontal red and white striped curtains are amazing. They’re a durable satin fabric and great for giving you privacy. They’re a little on the casual side, so they’d be great for a family room or den.
  • Hiasan Buffalo Plaid Sheer Curtains—Now we’re really going casual. Checks are comfy, cozy, and work well in a family room or bedroom. This set of curtains is special because it combines red and black. If you like a tailored look, this is the set for you.

You’ll Love a Comfortable Brown

You’ll want to curl up with a book when you hang brown curtains up on your yellow walls. It’s just that cozy. Brown tones down the brilliant yellow walls and adds a splash of charm to the combination.  Go with a dark brown curtain, and you can pair it up with tan furniture. If you go that route, don’t forget the yellow accessories. We like these brown curtains. But you choose your fave.

  • Sun Zero 43910 Barrow Energy—Go classically simple with this set. No complications, they’re just straight-lined, chocolate curtains. And with a statement that doesn’t overpower the room, you’ll love the clean pallet you’ll have to work with.
  • Regal Home Collections Amore—Taffeta adds a touch of elegance to any room. These curtains do exactly that. With a beautiful valance that’s mixed with cream, this curtain set is sure to add class to any room.  And don’t worry about cleaning; it’s machine washable.
  • Riyidecor Wooden Plank—This is strictly Americana. If you’re into the comfort of the country look, we’ve got you covered. With a rustic wood plank design, it’s going to give you a hometown feeling that’s sure to bring up thoughts of homemade ice cream and walks in the woods.

A Blue Feeling is Good with the Right Curtain

Want to go with a sleek, modern look that’s also trendy—then go blue! The yellow and blue together create a crisp and cool look. Depending on the style of your curtain, the two colors will go either masculine or gender neutral. These combined colors have a modern style that is also comfortable and inviting. We’re sure any of these curtains would be the right choice:

  • Miuco Semi Sheer Curtains—These navy blue sheers allow the natural light through, to dance off your yellow walls. Because these are sheer, they have an airy feel to them despite how dark they are. This set is sure to bring elegance to your home.
  • Madison Park Amherst Faux Silk—Combining two great colors that complement yellow make these blue and white curtains a winner. This faux silk has large blocks of different shades of blue and white. It’s a decorator’s dream and adds sophistication to any home.
  • Deconovo Silver Diamond Foil Print—Navy blue with a silver diamond print—be prepared to impress your guests. The diamonds are finely lined so they’re not in your face. These amazing curtains will give you years of enjoyment.

Because Opposites Attract…Go with Lavender

Yellow and purple are opposites on an artist’s color wheel. That’s where purple’s cousin, lavender comes into play. When you pair lavender curtains with yellow walls, they contrast beautifully. The result is a room that exudes energy and excitement.

With accessories, you have the choice of a room with a feminine personality or go bold to create a dramatic space. The yellow walls make for a fun look while the lavender curtains offer a luxurious setting. We’ve discovered some lavender beauties that are sure to accentuate your yellow walls.

  • Anjee Grommet Curtains—Sporting a fine-lined, geometric pattern, these curtains are dramatic. They have a look that’s both lavish and modern. But they’re practical too and not just another pretty face. These curtains block out 85 to 99 percent of sunlight, including UV rays.
  • Sweet Home Collection Sheer Voile—This vertical ruffled curtain is not your grandmother’s ruffles. It’s downright funky. Shabby chic at it’s best; it will demand to be the centerpiece of the room. For all its glory this curtain is still easy to maintain and is machine washable.
  • Roslynwood Block Light Velvet Curtains—Luxurious is the only word to describe these curtains. They’re a traditional window treatment that will bring classic beauty to any room.

Yellow Walls Create a Palette Great to Work With

Yellow walls are fun, light, and have a penchant for the dramatic. Dress them up or down, depending on your mood. These walls have room for everything from classic blue and brown to a funky lavender and red.

They can even handle the queen of drama—black. That’s the beauty of a rainbow’s primary color…the sky’s the limit.

Photo: Turnstyle Design

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