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What Are Sheer Curtains?

White Sheer Curtains

You may have heard the word “sheer” thrown around when discussing curtains, but what are they really? You may find yourself asking this question when deciding whether you need to incorporate them into your home. You may also feel that sheer curtains can be one-note compared to other curtain options, but you’d be surprised how versatile they can be. 

Sheer curtains are transparent curtains that help lessen the sun’s rays. They are made from a lightweight and somewhat see-through fabric. Sheer can help provide a calming effect on any design. These see-through curtains can add privacy to any room by covering the windows without being too heavy or dark. Many sheer curtains also work well in layers with other curtains. 

Sheer curtains are a great addition to any room and can be a quick fix when looking for something to add to a space. You can also incorporate them into an asymmetrical room to add the illusion of symmetry. This can be a great trick for those who don’t want to tackle expensive remodels or replacement bills using them as window coverings. 

You Can Choose From A Variety Of Sheer Curtains   

Top Finel White Sheer Curtains 90 Inches Long Brown Embroidered Leaves Grommet Window Curtains for Living Room Bedroom, 2 Panels

There isn’t just one type of sheer curtain. You can opt for variations depending on what kind of look you are going for in your room. The traditional sheer curtain is the one often used when you are styling with a traditional look in mind. The wave fold sheer curtains are used more for a Bohemian or whimsical look. Both work great as window treatments. 

The Sheer Curtain Can Be Great For Traditional Rooms  

Sheers curtains offer a great, soft look to improve any space. They are a nice, soft option when it comes to choosing a window treatment. Both in controlling the light being let in as well as the overall look of the room. These curtains will drape over your windows and offer a nice contrast to the lines of the room. It can also be a great addition to patterned curtains that are your window treatments. 

Wave Fold Sheer Curtains Are Great For Whimsy Or Modern Spaces 

Wave Fold Curtain Tape and Hooks-10 Yards/100 Hooks

Wave fold sheer curtains offer that extra “wow” factor by adding the wave shape to the curtains. It can add dimension to the room, as well as bring attention to the window treatments. They can also cover the windows for added privacy. The folded shape can help the sheer curtains block out more of the sun’s light. This fact can be especially helpful for rooms that usually get the most light during the day. They can have this look by using roller blinds or curtain panels to create their shape. 

What’s The Difference Between Opaque and Sheer Curtains? 

Light Filtering Curtains for Windows Jacquard Curtain Panels for Living Room 84 inch Length Opaque Leaf Pattern Privacy Bedroom Curtains Grey Grommet Top, 2 Panels

Opaque curtains are often viewed as the polar opposites of sheer curtains when it comes to a window treatment. You would use opaque curtains when you want total darkness, or close to it in a room. These curtains can be significant in a bedroom or workspace where you don’t want much natural light. Opaque curtains also offer the most privacy, so they can be an excellent option for windows that feel five feet away from the neighbor’s bedroom. 

You Can Choose Opaque Curtains When Function Matters More

Since opaque curtains are often used to block out sunlight and provide privacy, opt to use these where you need light control. Bedrooms can be a great place or even workstations that don’t need a lot of natural light filtering in. These are much thicker than sheer curtains, as well as heavier to provide those benefits. The size options also differ based on what type of window you own. Semi-sheer curtains can be a great compromise if you can’t decide which is better for your room. 

Diamond Grommet Window Curtains

Sheer Is Used For Style

While sheer curtains can obviously provide light dimming benefits and privacy, they are nowhere near as powerful as the opaque curtains. For this reason, sheer is better utilized as a style element to provide those benefits as well as look great in the space. Opaque curtains provide that function element over style, but some can be styled as well. Not to mention, you could match the two together in a room as window coverings. You can always throw a semi-sheer curtain into the mix if you are looking for a middle ground option. 

How To Style Sheer Curtains With Your Windows  

You may be wondering how to properly use sheer curtains in your space, and what kind of benefits they can offer. You could use them to bring a softness to the room, or you could use them to add dimension as your window coverings.

Kotile White Sheer Curtains - Gold Foil Confetti Fluttering Print Rod Pocket Short Sheer Drapes for Bedroom, 52 x 63 Inches, 2 Panels

They can also help block out some of the sun’s light and add a bit of privacy to a room that can be seen by your neighbors. You could also use them as a room divider to help break up a larger space. 

Here Are Some Ways You Can Use Sheer Curtains

You don’t have to only use the sheer style when accenting your window treatments.

  • You can pair the curtains with another type of curtain to add dimension.
  • Including a patterned or striped curtain next to the sheer can help accentuate the space and home decor. Plus, it can help let a little light into the room.
  • While they can block some light, allowing a little in can be beneficial as well.
  • The sheer can also help tone down the loud or bright types in the room that may be taking too much attention away from the rest of the space. 

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