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What Color Curtains Go with Tan Walls

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Dreaming Casa Solid Sheer

Tan is a workhorse color. Unfortunately, with the vibrant paint colors now available, tan is often viewed as ho-hum. But think of it as a neutral that can be paired with many different shades. You can either go soft with your curtains’ hue or add a pop of brilliance.

The best colors of curtains that go with tan walls are:

  • aqua
  • chocolate brown
  • grey
  • black
  • lime green

Use these colors to accentuate your walls and create a cohesive space that has that decorator’s touch.

Tan walls go one of two ways; they are either warm and cozy or bland and a snooze. If you like the warm and cozy, we’ll help you embrace that look. But for those who want to spice it up, we’ll show you how tan walls highlight the colors you love.

Tan Walls Create a Challenging Canvas

Tan is not a primary color, and you won’t find it on a painter’s color wheel. Tan doesn’t even have a complementary color. What to do? Well, you go for contrasts. You’ll note that the colors we selected all contrast with tan. Let’s take a look.

Aqua a Surprising Contrast that Just Feels Happy

Do you want a happy, spring like look all year long? Then go with a fun aqua. It’s a cooling color that wakes up the neutral tones of tan. The light aqua with the darker tan makes a contrast that’s sure to catch the eye. Carry the fun throughout the room with light area rugs and pillows. Some aqua curtains we like are:

  • Mrtrees Sheer Curtains—Aqua sheer curtains that add to the fresh clean feeling. These transparent voile window curtains are light filtering. Throw the window open and let these filmy beauties stir with the gentle breeze.
  • Aqua Blackout Curtains—Beautiful and practical, these blackout curtains will give you complete privacy. And here’s the bonus, you’ll enjoy the energy savings. They also block 90 to 100 percent of sunlight from reaching your sleepy eyes.
  • Intelligent Design Raina—These curtains are special. A metallic print emblazons this aqua and silver curtain. And once more, there’s the added benefit; they’re blackout curtains. So, whether it’s the dead of winter or a hot summer day, Raina are thermal insulated, assuring you’re comfort.

Go with a Comfortable Laid-Back Feeling with Chocolate Brown

Light with dark contrasts always work well. And this twosome definitely pulls a space together to look both comfy and classic. The two colors act as a foundation to any other color you wish to introduce in your space. You won’t have to worry about color competition. Stick to the basics. Some chocolate brown curtains that warmed our hearts include:

  • Napearl European Style Jacquard—A beautiful curtain with a traditional style. It’s a semi-blackout with 40 to 60 percent darkening capability. Grommet topped, they’re easy to hang.
  • Achim Home Furnishings Ombre Curtain—Stunning is the only word to describe these curtains. With a wide vertical stripe and mixture of chocolate brown, light brown, and white, they’ll snap, crackle, and pop their way into your room. You also have the option of purchasing a matching valance to go with it.
  • Ambesonne Chocolate Curtains—Dark and light brown, these curtains are a work of art. They have a parquet pattern. And if that’s not enough, the pattern creates a natured inspired geometric design. These are comfortable curtains and would look great in a family room.

Soften Your Room with Grey Curtains

For a soft, warm look, go grey. It’s a lovely contrast, which tan needs, without being loud. These curtains create a subtle look.  Grey curtains on a tan wall act as a blank canvas allowing you to accentuate your room with multiple colors. It’s easy to pair furnishings and accessories with them. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite grey curtains. 

  • Lush Décor—Ruffles! Yes, we said it. We’re not talking Mom’s ruffles. These grey curtains have diagonal ruffles that crisscross over the fabric. It ends up giving the curtain a 3-D look. Perfect for that boudoir. It’ll also work with that ultra-traditional formal dining or living room.
  • H. VersailTex Open—An open weave linen, this curtain offers an airy feeling to any room. These charcoal grey curtains are long and semi-sheer. Formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly, these grey curtains are green. They’re safe for kids and nurseries.
  • Grey Velvet Curtains—These lush curtains add a touch of class to a formal living room. They’ll also work in the dining room. Featuring a silky smooth touch, they drape beautifully.

Sophisticated Black Creates Modern Drama

Remember when black didn’t go with brown. Well thankfully, that ended, and doors were opened for stunning looks. Tan and black create a flair of drama. After all, tan needs to contrast with a color, and there’s no better contrast than black. Check out some of the black curtains we came up with to dazzle your tan walls.

  • Dreaming Casa Solid Sheer—A filmy sheer that denotes elegance, these floor length curtains are bound to create a light feeling despite their dark color. These curtains manage to balance elegance with comfort.
  • Deconovo Black Curtains—Printed with wavy grey lines and dots, the Deconovo out does itself with style. And as much as they are beautiful, they are also practical. These curtains are thermal insulated, which helps to not only cut down on energy loss but on neighborhood noise.
  • Black Velvet Curtains for Bedroom Living—Velvet black curtains for the bedroom are good, but velvet black curtains with pom poms are even better. Because they’re dark, they’re perfect for privacy and sleep, but the pom poms really make them. Pom poms are located on all three borders. It’ll add a cheerful touch to your space.

Go Funky with a Splash of Lime Green

Who said limes were just for margaritas? If you want a modern, cool look, go with lime green curtains. It’s a versatile color that’s great for either an uptown apartment living room or a child’s bedroom. It all depends on what style you go for. And we’ve picked out some styles that are sure to jazz up your world.

  • Ambesonne Lime Green Curtains—Fun! That’s the only word for these curtains. With geometric shapes, this curtain has a simple form that will make you smile every time you enter the room. Great for a kid’s room but will work in any room that needs to be livened up.
  • No. 918 Calypso Sheer—Somehow this curtain combines elegance and sheer joy. The clean lines offer a modern touch while at the same time providing an elegant, whimsical look to any room.
  • Ambesonne Mandala—Go exotic with these lime green beauties. They sport an oriental Moroccan retro pattern that will make any room glamorous with a touch of mystery.

Tan Walls Surrender to Contrasting Colors

You can make tan boring, or you can liven it up and make a statement. With contrasting colors, tan walls will let you show off your style. Let your imagination run wild. Your choices of aqua, chocolate brown, grey, black, or lime green curtains will wake up your tan walls to exude excitement. Don’t stop there. Pair your curtains with furniture that speaks to you and colorful accessories that make your curtains pop even more. 

Photo: Dreaming Casa Solid Sheer

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