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Where to Put Towels in a Small Bathroom

5 reasons why it might not be the best idea

By Blake Lockwood | Curated by Blake Lockwood | Reviewed by Blake Lockwood

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A Colorful Shelf Holds Towels for Use

Towels are among those daily life essentials that, ironically, you easily take for granted. Sure, you appreciate its warm softness against your freshly-showered skin, but then forget about it once you have put some clothes on.

It’s a different case though when the fresh towels have piled up, and you don’t know where to stash it in your tiny bathroom—then it’s all you think about.

The Importance of Proper Towel Storage


Towels come in contact with the largest organ of your body, the skin. It is vital that a towel is clean each time it touches your skin so as to avoid irritation and illnesses.

Clean towels must be stored away from unwashed towels and/or clothes as these are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. In an article published on Time, using dirty towels can give you E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Ease of access and organization

Being organized with how you store your towels means not having to frantically search everywhere when you already feel yourself growing a second skin from all the day’s grime and pollution. Worse, you wouldn’t want to be standing naked, cold and dripping wet because you forgot to bring your towel either.


An organized towel storage can amp up the aesthetics of your home. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a house that looks neat, tidy and appealing?

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So Where do you Put Towels in a Small Bathroom?

Even with the advent of compact, space-saving towels, nothing beats the luxury of a thick, plush towel. The caveat with thick towels, however, is that it can take up much cabinet space, which could be a problem if you had a small bathroom—and limited imagination.

Below are our top picks:


MyGift Hand-Woven Seagrass 14-Inch Wall Hanging 2-Tier Storage Basket,

Baskets are superb not only for storage purposes but also for injecting a rustic look to a small bathroom. When choosing a basket for your bath towels, go for a color that complements the bathroom’s color scheme or go for a simple, varnished brown one—you can never go wrong with that.


Haotian Modern Ladder Bookcase

A ladder is a fun idea to create vertical storage space in a cramped bathroom. Want the sleekness of a ladder but you don’t have one just lying around? Maybe it’s time for a visit to the flea market.

Wine Rack

5 Bottle Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack, Towel Rack

This is in no way to encourage you to store your wine in the bathroom, but a wine rack is actually an excellent place to store rolled-up bath towels. For a better space-saving idea, affix your wine rack to the wall.

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Over-door towel rack

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Wood & Stainless Steel Over The Door Towel RackMyGift Over-The-Door 3 Tier Bathroom Towel Bar Rack

The bathroom door stops being just a bathroom door when you open your creative mind and realize that it can actually be a clever storage area. An over-door towel rack is perfect for small families with a small bathroom.

Big Basket

Large Woven Storage Baskets

Recreate the luxurious look of a spa in your humble bathroom by putting your rolled towels in a big bowl. You can make do with a huge salad bowl but if you’re going for one with real character, a visit to the antique shop might give you just what you’re looking for.

Freestanding Towel Rail

Bamboo Folding Towel Stand with Shelf

A freestanding towel rail takes significantly less space than a regular towel rack. Light and compact, it is easy to move around during bathroom cleaning time.

Fruit/vegetable crates

At Home On Main Handmade Rustic Crates

Just like baskets, fruit/vegetable crates can give your bathroom a provincial feel. You can use it as it is or paint it a color that matches your bathroom interiors. Pro tip: give your creates a thorough washing before use, especially if you got them directly from the market.

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3 More Important Towel Hygiene Tips

1. Stowing away used towels is different from storing unused towels.
Wet, damp towels can breed germs and microbes that can irritate your skin, or worse, give you an infection when put in contact with open cuts or wounds. The best way to treat used towels is to hang them loose to air-dry, preferably under sunlight.

2. Flush with the toilet seat down
When storing towels inside your bathroom, remember to flush the toilet with the lid down so as to prevent fecal matter and other toilet organisms from flying around and getting in contact with your towels.

3. Remember to wash your towel every 3-4 days, and more frequently if you work out or do sports.
When you wipe your skin with your towel, you transfer dead skin cells and/or bacteria that do not get washed away from your shower. How would you like to wipe your face with a bacteria- and germ-infested towel? Yeah, we didn’t think so.


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