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What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls?

By Blake Lockwood | Curated by Blake Lockwood | Reviewed by Blake Lockwood

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Living room with walls painted with Mylands Colours of London French Green No. 187.

Green walls can be an incredibly hard color to pair with curtains since it isn’t a neutral color. Don’t let that deter you, though. You can still decorate with a correctly chosen curtain color. You can even switch up the curtain material to add depth to the room. A harmonious room can make a world of difference. So, what color should you choose? Read on for ideas.

Green may seem intimidating to pair with other colors, but it is possible. Use a color wheel to help find compatible colors with your specific green. Warm or cold colors can both look great in your design and can follow a modern or traditional style.

Here are some of the best colors of curtain that go with green walls:

  • Mint Green Walls: Use Gray, Beige, Light Blue, or White Curtains
  • Cool Green Walls: Use White, Gray, or Blue Curtains
  • Olive Green Walls: Use Red or White Curtains

These are just some suggestions to try with your green walls. You can cater the curtains to the room in your house, such as the living room.

Pairing Your Curtains With Your Wall Color

The first step in pairing colors with your green walls will be figuring out what shade of green you are using. If you are using light green, then you should use other light colors to match it. You can also make the green pop if you want to use opposites and go with dark colors instead. The best method is to pair warm with warm or cool with other cool colors. If you are unsure which to choose, you can always consult an interior designer to help you plan out your home.

We selected a green from the oriental rug that also highlights the painting over the fireplace

White curtains can go with literally any color, green included. You can choose a bright white for contrast or an off-white for a softer look. Either way, white is a good bet to make when furnishing your room. White is neutral, which makes it an excellent choice to pair with a green wall. White curtains can help frame the window as well as a pop against the green of your room in your home. White can also be a light color against cool green walls.

As mentioned above, the color wheel can be a great resource when decorating green rooms. You can use colors that pair well with green, or even polar opposite colors if you want more contrast. It all depends on your style and what aesthetic you are going for in the room. You have a variety of options for what paint is in the room, such as the hue of the curtains.

Should Your Curtains Match Your Wall Color?

This question can easily thwart even the most savvy of designers. The final verdict, you can match the green walls with green curtains. You can match the green shade or even choose a different variation of green. Shades of green go well with the color on the wall and add dimension to the room. Darker greens can bring out more of a vintage look, while lighter greens can promote a more modern take in your space. Any green will work well, so long as you feel happy in the area.

green wall and green curtains

Green curtains can also have designs on them, like polka-dots. The designs can be white or even multicolored to provide more variation of color to the room. You can bring cohesion to a green room by choosing other colors that match it on the color wheel, like brown or white. Stripes or shapes can also bring out your style and promote more cohesion in the space. Don’t forget that you can also include other colors in your furniture or decor for added style.

A light green can improve your green walls. A mint green is a great match with light blue in any room. Your walls will catch anyone’s eye in your home. You can improve places like your living room by what color curtains with green walls you choose. Remember that blue can go with green walls and bring out the most in your space.

Contrasting Colors Can Work In Any Space

You should consult the color wheel to help better find contrasting colors. The best contrast to green is magenta. It can help promote both colors when combined. A cool green would contrast with a warm color, like yellow or orange. Variations of red are colors that go with olive green. Be sure to know what shade of green is in your home before you choose your paint so that it will be the best match for the room. You can always consult with an interior designer or get sample fabrics or colors to compare before committing to the design.

pink accents through out the room to really pop against the green

You have a variety of options when it comes to curtains. There are different styles of curtains to choose from, and many of them can pair well with your walls. Cotton or sheer curtains work well with olive green walls. Most curtains work well as a long, cascading fabric over walls. However, you can choose short or folded curtains for a more refined look. Gray curtains are great for green space if you want cooler tones. They also look great if you are seeking a more modern look in your home. All in all, it depends on your own style and what color green you chose.

elegant kid' room photo with green wall and red valance

Overall, what green you choose for your walls can work for any home. Your green walls will bring interest into any space. Those walls will also catch anyone’s attention, and can be styled to your heart’s content. Happy designing!

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Photo: Modern Traditions Interior Design LLC
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