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Can You Paint Your Fiberglass Shower Stall?

Can I Paint My Fiberglass Shower Stall

You can paint your fiberglass shower stall. Use waterproof enamel paint and primer. Prepare the surface with 100, 220, and 300-grit sandpaper to sand down your fiberglass shower surround allowing the paint to properly adhere to the surface. Use tape and plastic to protect your shower fittings and glass. Use acetone and a rag to wash the shower of sanding dust prior to painting. 

If you want to give your fiberglass shower a new look, or just don’t want to go through the hassle of completely replacing it, you can paint your shower stall! It will make it feel like a brand new shower and you can save money while doing it. However, there are specific steps you’ll need to follow if you want to paint your shower stall.

So, now you have a basic knowledge of what you’ll need to complete the process. We’ll discuss the exact steps you’ll need to complete to do it yourself. Be sure to consult the steps before trying it on your own! It’ll be harder to redo a messed up project than to read all the steps first!

What You Need to Paint Your Fiberglass Shower Stall

Be sure to pick up all the materials you’ll need before you start to paint your fiberglass shower surround. It will save you time and prevent multiple trips back to the hardware store or online ordering. Given how advanced online markets have become recently, this article will focus on providing ways to buy all your products online rather than in-store. But feel free to go to your local store too!

First, you’ll need sandpaper. Three different kinds, specifically. You’ll need 100-grit sandpaper for the first part to start the sanding process. You can buy the sandpaper here. Next, you’ll need 220-grit to resand right after using the 100-grit. You can get it here. Lastly, you’ll need 300-grit to resand after the primer. Get it here!

The next product you’ll need is acetone cleaner to remove the sand dust before applying the primer paint. This will prevent sand dust from getting stuck under the primer and paint, which can make it look uneven. You can get some here!  You should also pick up masking tape to cover your faucet and knobs when you paint, get it here!

What kind of paint do you use in a shower?

Lastly, you’ll need some waterproof enamel paint and spray primer for painting the fiberglass. You have full reign on what color combination you’d like for your bathroom (read also: Bathroom Ideas). Here are some paint options on Amazon you can order. You can pick up some spray primer on Amazon as well, here! Lastly, pick up some plastic to lay down on your shower to protect it from sand dust and paint here!

How to Paint Your Fiberglass Shower Stall

Here comes the real meat of the article. The whole reason you read this article in the first place! The best way to explain how to paint your fiberglass shower is by listing the steps. You can read them here:

  1. Wash your fiberglass shower thoroughly. This will help make sure you get rid of any grime or yellow tint that may have built up.
  2. Next, cover the floor with the plastic you bought. Use masking tape to keep it in place. Be sure to fully cover the floor so the sand dust doesn’t sneak its way under your plastic.
  3. Cover your face with a dust mask or a bandana tied around your nose and mouth to protect your lungs.
  4. Start to sand the fiberglass with the 100-grit sandpaper so it will be ready for the primer. This helps even the surface of the glass as well.
  5. After you finish with the 100-grit, resand the fiberglass with the 200-grit to further even out the surface.
  6. Afterward, wash the surface with acetone cleaner to get rid of all the sand dust. Then wrap the knobs, drains, and faucet with more masking tape to protect it from paint.
  7. Put a coat of spray primer on the sanded fiberglass. Let it dry before sanding it again, gently! Use the 300-grit sandpaper this time. Use a clean cloth to wipe the sand dust off the glass.
  8. Time for a second coat of primer, which you will sand again as you did with the first coat of primer.
  9. Next, you’ll apply 2-3 coats of enamel paint to the glass.  If you use a paint gun make sure you stand at least 10 inches from the glass or wall to prevent paint drips. Make sure you are also painting top down.
  10. Let the paint dry for 24 hours before taking the masking tape off the faucet, drain, and knobs. You can remove the plastic from the ground as well.


Overall, you can paint your fiberglass shower! It can boost up the look of your bathroom while not spending a bunch of money. It will also take less time than demoing the bathroom to replace your shower (read also: walk-in shower ideas). Once you order all the materials and are ready to go, you can have a brand new shower in as little as two days!

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