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26 Fireplace Tile Ideas for a Beautiful Eye-Catching Surround

ideas for fireplace tile

Looking to find ideas for fireplace tile designs? I spent hours collecting and curating these eye-catching tile fireplace pictures so you don’t have to!  Browse below as I cover all the popular materials and styles to enhance your fireplace surround such as glass, ceramic tile, natural stone, subway, porcelain, marble, herringbone, and mosaic tile. Here […]

Why Tile Bathroom Walls?

tile bathroom wall

When you are taking a look at how to update your bathroom and make it look nice, there are so many options to choose from. You can pick from certain colors, update some of the hardware or the appliances, try a new vanity, and so much more. One option that you should consider when you […]

Should Bathroom Backsplash Match Countertop?

bathroom backsplash

Renovating the bathroom is a process in which you have to make many decisions about materials and design. Should the bathroom backsplash match the countertop? As a general rule, your bathroom backsplash should match the vanity’s countertop if you want a cohesive look to your bathroom. You can use complementary colors and textures to match […]

Should Shower Tiles Go to the Ceiling?

Chevron Shapes tile ideas

Your bathroom remodel is fully customizable, so whether or not the shower tiles should go to the ceiling is completely up to you. Over time paint and drywall can become moldy, discolored, and have a range of other problems from exposure to shower water. As a whole, most experts agree that shower tiles should go […]

How Can I Clean My Bathroom Tiles?

grout cleaning

It is that time again! Time to clean that bathroom tile. The worst part is trying to get in between the pieces of tile to the grout. You may be wondering if grout is even able to be brightened after time. Well, it can. You can find the best bathroom tile and grout cleaner below, […]

44 Shower Tile Ideas To Modernize Your Bathroom

3 Texture Title Mix - River Stone, Marble, Faux Tile Wood

Are you struggling to find shower ideas that fit your style? Look no further! I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide. Choosing the right shower tile can completely transform your bathroom, and this article will show you how. From color schemes and design styles to tile materials and accent elements, we’ll cover everything you […]

18 Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas (A Simple Guide)

Looking for bathroom tile ideas? If so, you found my guide to modern Tile Designs, Trends & Ideas so you can achieve beautiful floor and wall tile designs for your bathrooms! Lucky you! Give your bathroom a new look with these cool and creative bathroom tile ideas for walls, tile backsplash, floor designs, and showers. […]

27 Best Fireplace Remodel Ideas to Makeover your Fireplace

Fireplace makeover ideas

There are a lot of interesting fireplace remodel ideas and if you are looking for the best ones that will fit your home, then read on for some great ideas. Going back a few decades, most homes in cooler climates had a large fireplace. It was one of the central visual points of the home. But with all the technological and […]

25 Fireplace Decorating Ideas with Gas Logs, Electric Logs, and Glass Rocks

fireplace log ideas

There are lots of fireplace decorating ideas you can add to the inside of your fireplace to jazz it up. Among the most popular ideas are decorative logs and decorative rocks. So I have put together some of my favorite fireplace decorating ideas for the inside of your gas or electric fireplace. When you have […]

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Tile

Which Small Bathroom Tile Size Will Make a Bathroom Feel Bigger?

Having a small bathroom can make it feel like a closed-in space. There are ways to decorate to make a small bathroom appear bigger. If it is time for tile to be redone in a small bathroom, you may be wondering what size and color to choose to make the bathroom appear bigger. You can […]

Can You Paint Bathroom Tile?

Can You Paint Bathroom Tile

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, you are likely looking around for ideas. You’re probably figuring out what’s doable and what’s not. This could lead you to the question of whether or not you can paint bathroom tile. Let’s take a look and see if you should do this during your remodeling. Different […]

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