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Can You Paint Vinyl Flooring in A Bathroom?

Are you wanting to change things up a bit in your bathroom? Does that same old vinyl flooring seem to get annoying?

Well, you may be wondering if you can paint that vinyl instead of removing it or actually putting more vinyl over it.

You can find out all the information on the matter here.

Will the Paint Hold onto The Vinyl?

You may be wondering if the paint can hold onto the vinyl flooring. Well, it can. However, you can expect to be doing some work before you paint the floor. By simply painting over the vinyl it will not hold. It is important to follow some of the steps below to have a successfully painted vinyl bathroom floor.

paint bathroom floor

Most of the time it is not recommended to paint the vinyl flooring in a bathroom. This is especially true for when there are tears in the vinyl. Do note that those tears can be fixed up and ready to paint. Take a look at how below.

paint bathroom floor tile

How to Fix A Tear In Vinyl Flooring.

One very important thing to do before you paint vinyl flooring in a bathroom or any room for that matter is to make sure that any tears are sealed up and sanded down to make a smooth appearance when the painting steps are finished. You can see how to fix a tear to prepare for painting in vinyl in these steps.

Step One: Cut Excess.

A lot of times a tear in vinyl will have excess material poking up. You can take some scissors or a box knife to cut the vinyl making it smooth as possible. This allows for less sanding and a much smoother surface when all of the steps have been completed.

Step Two: Fill in The Gap.

Once step one has been completed you will see that there will be a dip in the floor where the vinyl once was. To better smooth out the floor, it will take some all-purpose caulk. Fill in the gaps with the all-purpose caulk and allow for it to dry.

You can check out how to use caulk at https://www.lowes.com.

Step Three: Sand the Vinyl Smooth.

Now that the other two steps have been completed you can go onto the final step in repairing the vinyl for painting. After the all-purpose caulk has had time to dry thoroughly you can sand it smooth. The tear or rip will then be ready for painting right along with the rest of the vinyl.

Elad Gonen

How to Paint the Vinyl Flooring in A Bathroom.

If you go to place paint on a vinyl floor without taking some extra steps, then the paint can easily be mopped away in a matter of no time. It is important to follow some of the simple steps below if you plan on painting a vinyl bathroom floor. Make sure not to leave any of these steps out either!

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Step One: Make Sure to Use Primer.

It is very important to make sure that primer is used before painting vinyl flooring. If this step is skipped, then it can make it to where the paint does not take to the vinyl flooring and result in a loss of time and of money. Two coats of primer work the best. Just be sure to let the primer dry in between application.

You can read more on what primer is used for at http://www.imageworkspainting.com.

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Step Two: Time to Paint.

After the primer has dried all the way you can then start7 painting the vinyl bathroom floor. You can paint on a couple of coats to get a smooth and even color. Just like with primer, make sure that the coats are completely dry before applying the next coat. This is not the final step in the process of painting vinyl flooring though.

Do note that waterproof latex paint would be the best choice for painting vinyl flooring.

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Step Three: Seal the Floor.

As with painting any walls or any other surfaces, a sealant is very essential. This will be the last and final step. However, it is very important. The sealant is what will make sure the coat keeps it color and no scratches or water will wash away the paint. Once the paint has dried apply a couple coats of sealant to ensure that the paint job will be around for a while.

painted bathroom floor

A Couple of Ideas.

The vinyl flooring does not have to be one solid color. You can paint the vinyl in any way that you like. You can come up with endless ideas for vinyl flooring and make it your own.

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Check out this YouTube video in the link for some more information on painting vinyl flooring. It certainly is helpful. Hopefully, you now have all the steps necessary to paint a vinyl bathroom floor.


Source: Elad Gonen

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