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Sycamore Wood Freestanding Room Divider Wall Divider

Having a large living room is great especially if you know what to do with it. But sometimes, you need to divide it into smaller areas to improve efficiency. The simplest solution is to build walls. But, what if you are renting or you don’t want any complicated construction work done?

A room divider is the best solution to divide a large living room without building walls. You can use any of the following to divide a large space into separate areas.

  • Screens and Curtains
  • Classic Bookshelves Divider
  • Stylish Blinds
  • Large Fish Tank or Aquarium
  • Tall Potted Plants
  • Furniture
  • Sliding Doors

Any of the following items above can serve as a room divider. But, before we discuss the details on how to use any of these options, let us first define what a room divider is.

What is a Room Divider?

Based on Wikipedia, a room divider is any object that can divide a large room into separate smaller areas. It was first used in China in the 7th century by members of the royal family.

A room divider can function in a variety of purposes that includes the following:

  • To divide a room to create more efficient use of space
  • To create privacy or hide areas for protection
  • As a decorative or accent pieces for increasing visual appeal
  • For adding character to a room or space

7 Great Ways to Divide Your Large Living Room Space

#1 Divider Screens

Using screens and curtains is a popular way to separate large rooms into smaller areas. You can construct this type of room divider using hinges or rod for flexibility.

Room Divider Privacy Screen

The standard height of a screen or curtain is 6 feet, with an extended width that measures about 6 feet. You will need about 3 to 4 pieces depending on the area to create your divider.

Sycamore Wood Freestanding Room Divider Wall Divider

You can use various panel screen materials like wood, or metal to match your decorations. It is simple to use and you can even fold it easily to create a continuous flow of space.


#2 Classic Bookshelves Divider

Another great way to partition your large living room is to use bookshelves as a room divider. It is an excellent space-saver and privacy tool to separate an area from the rest of the room.


Using bookshelves provides you with storage space for displaying your books and arts. It can also emphasize the height of the room, making it more elegant looking and stylish.

You can add locking wheels to your bookshelf for added maneuverability. Likewise, you can build cabinets for extra storage space.


#3 Divider Curtains

Installing curtains as a room divider is an excellent way to separate your large living room space. They add style to your home and allow sunlight and air to pass through different areas.

Curtain Dividers

Curtains are available in different colors, shapes, and styles. They can match any of your design themes and fit any of your decorations.

#4 Large Fish Tank or Aquarium

A large fish tank or a big aquarium is a wonderful way to separate your large living room area. It provides a touch of nature and scenery to both areas that you separate using the divider.

aquarium divider

This type of room divider creates a calming and relaxing environment for your home. It is beautiful to look at and is a perfect conversation starter to lighten up any occasion or gathering.

#5 Tall Potted Plants

You can strategically place tall potted plants to create a space divider in your living room. You can place them anywhere as long as the area can get enough sunlight to support their needs.


This type of room divider provides a cool and natural aesthetic appeal inside your home. You can even use twigs and branches as an alternative if it is more fitting for your needs and preferences.

#6 Furniture

Dividing a room using furniture placement may be best for your home. It can create a spontaneous feeling that is both natural and refreshing.


Furniture such as a sofa, coffee table, or even a simple rug can act as a room divider. Its placement can signify that each area serves a specific function.

#7 Sliding Doors

You can install sliding doors to act as room dividers for your living room. It can offer many structuring possibilities that provide you with different designs.

You can build this type of room divider in the walls or suspend it from the ceiling. You can even choose the color and material that suits your decorative requirements.

Final Thoughts

A large living room area can be separated using different types of dividers. You can choose any from our list or you can improvise and create one of your own.

Dividing a room is helpful if it can improve efficiency and increase its visual appeal. You just need to make sure that you have a proper layout that is beneficial for you and your family.

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