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How Tall Should Lamps Be In a Living Room? (Answered)

Find out the average height of table lamps and floor lamps

How Tall Should Living Room Lamps Be

If you don’t have overhead lighting to provide ample light in your living room, the best option is to use lamps. The next question is what kind of lamp should you get. If you’ve been to any furniture store, they have about as many lights as they do furniture sets. Which can make shopping for the indecisive among us difficult.

So, how tall should living room lamps be? This question depends on the type of lamp you choose to light your living room. A table lamp should be 25 to 35 inches tall and less than 1.5 times the height of the surface it is sitting on. The lamp’s shade diameter should be smaller than the width of the surface. The bottom of the lampshade should be at eye-level when you are sitting. A floor lamp should be 56 to 66 inches tall. The bottom of the lampshade should be higher than eye-level when you are sitting.

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There are multiple types of lamps you can use to brighten your living room. Since you will be spending a good amount of time there, you want to make sure your lamp works well in the room. You can choose the color and cosmetic look of each lamp depending on the theme you are going for. However, this article will solely focus on the height of the lamps.

How Do You Light Up A Living Room Without Overhead Lighting?

Safavieh Lighting Collection Times Square Clear 60.25-inch Floor Lamp

Lamps Are Your Best Friend

Lamps, such as a table or floor lamps, can provide the light that an overhead light usually would. You can set them up around the room to provide lighting based on the actions that you do in the room. Floor lamps can provide overall lighting for watching TV or sitting comfortably with family and friends. Table lamps can be great for reading or crafting in the room.

Glass and Metal LED Table Lamp

Table Or Floor Lamp, That Is The Question

Either table or floor lamps can go well in your living room. Both can offer lighting for your room. You can decide which one to buy based on what you need the lighting for. A floor lamp can offer more lighting across a wider space. Table lamps can provide lighting for reading or watching TV. Or, you can choose to have both for extra lighting!

JONATHAN Y JYL2005A Collins 29.25 Glass LED Table Lamp Modern,Contemporary,Glam for Bedroom, Living Room

What Table Lamp Should I Buy?

The correct table lamp for your living room will depend on what kind of side tables you have in the room. Your table lamp shouldn’t be any taller than 1.5 the height of your table. The diameter should also not be any larger than the width of your side table. It will give your side table a balanced look, as well as the lamp when it’s sitting on top of it.

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Signature Design by Ashley - Steuben Textured Ceramic Table Lamp Set with Drum Shades

1. Use Skinnier Lamps For Space

You may opt for a skinner lamp if you want more space to set items on your side table. This can be great for those of us who love to set our books or crafting materials on our table to use whenever we have the time. The lamp will help you see while doing these activities as well as give you adequate space to complete these tasks.

Signature Design by Ashley - Jaslyn Table Lamp - Contemporary - Silver Finish

2. Choose The Right Shade Size

You should make sure to measure the shade size when purchasing your table lamp. If your shade is too wide it can hang over your side table, which won’t look good. You may also bump it while sitting down or knock the lamp over on accident while passing the table. Make sure your shade does not cover over a third of your side table to prevent this problem.

What Floor Lamps Should I Buy?

Brightech Elizabeth Industrial Floor Lamp with Glass Shade & Edison Bulb

Floor lamps are great for providing lighting across a wider spectrum of your living room, compared to table lamps. Your floor lamp should not be shorter than your eye level while sitting in the room. It won’t provide much light if the lamp is too short. It will most likely get blocked by furniture. Using a taller lamp will help not only brighten the space but look more aesthetically pleasing in the room.

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Modern farmhouse seeded floor lamp

1. Make Sure The Floor Lamp Is Taller Than Your Furniture

Measure out your tallest piece of furniture in your living room for reference before heading to the store. Then when you buy your floor lamp make sure it is taller than that measurement. The typical floor lamp height that looks good in a living room is 56-66 inches tall. This size will light up your space while also looking great in your room.

Brightech Montage Modern - Floor Lamp for Living Room Lighting

2. Buy Floor Lamps That Are The Same Size

If you are buying multiple floor lamps, then make sure they are all the same size. This will make them look good in the room, rather than trying to mix and match different sized lamps. This method works great if you have a large living room that needs to be lit. Once you have your lamp chosen, you just need to buy it and take it home!

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