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12 Cowhide Rug Ideas from Real, Tricolor, to Fake Cowhides

Small Workout Room Ideas when space in your home is tight.

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faux cowhide rug

Cowhide rugs are making a comeback. Add a fine quality cowhide rug to your home decor to instantly give it a modern look! Cowhide brings an organic feel to your home because they are durable and versatile. You can always find a place for cowhide in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or on your doorstep. They will not be damaged by spills or the weather.

Here are my hand-picked finest quality Cowhide Rug Ideas. From real cowhide to fake, Brazillian cowhide to Colombian cowhides, if you want to find the widest variety to choose from for you home, then look no further. If you’re buying a cowhide you’ll find the perfect real or faux cowhide in the list below.

faux cowhide rug
white cowhide rug
Real Cowhide Rug
Tricolor Cowhide Rug
cowhide patchwork rug
brazilian cowhide rug
cowhide area rug
fake cowhide rug
round cowhide rug
zebra cowhide rug
genuine cowhide rug
gold cowhide rug


Cowhide Rug Inspiration

There are lots of ways to style your new Cowhide rug. Here is a faux small cowhide rug beautifully styled next to a clawfoot tub in a bathroom with hardwood floors.

small cowhide rug

Here is a tricolor cowhide rug living room with a white sectional sofa on a hardwood floor.

cowhide rug living room

Here you can see that a beautiful brown and white cowhide rug can even be used under a kitchen table on a tile floor!

large cowhide rug
Here in a bedroom, a brown, black, and white cowhide rug used beside a bed.

cowhide rug bedroom

Here is how a brown outdoor cowhide rug would look on a paver patio next to the water and palm trees.outdoor cowhide rug

The beauty of natural cowhide makes your home look unique! They are very popular in Americana, aesthetic, and Bohemian style decor trends. With the endless array of modern cowhide patterns, and color combinations of white, brown, and black cowhide, no two rugs are the same. No matter where you live, the addition of a good quality cowhide rug will bring a nice natural, fresh feel to your home. It will seamlessly blend the modern and organic aspects of your interior design.

Overall, quality cowhide is a great way to combine organic and modern elements when creating your interior design. The variety of cowhide materials available allows you to choose one that suits your personal style, making them a unique addition to any room in your home.

I hope this post was useful in helping you choose the perfect cowhide style rug for your home!

Photo: Loloi II GC-10 Grand Canyon Collection Faux Cowhide Area Rug, 3'-10" X 5', Ivory
Photo: NativeSkins Faux Cowhide Rug (3.6ft x 2.5ft) – Cow Print Western Boho Decor – Synthetic, Cruelty-Free Animal Hide Carpet with No-Slip Backing.
Photo: rodeo Superior Cowhide Tricolor Cowhide Rug
Photo: Cow Print Rug, Faux Cowhide Area Rug Carpet Great for Decorating Fun Kids Room,43 x 29 in
Photo: Dark Brindle by Rodeo Cowhide Rug Hair on Cowhide Leather Rug Great Decoration Essential Western Decor Must Have (6X6)

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