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What Is A Kilim Rug?

5 reasons why it might not be the best idea

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Kilim Rug

You may be asking yourself what a kilim rug is, and wondering what makes it stand out compared to other rugs. You may have passed it in a store and never knew it. Now you’ve taken it upon yourself to find out what type of carpet it is and how to identify it. There is actually a lot to learn about this kind of rug. You may find yourself in awe of just how cool this rug actually is. 

A kilim rug is made via a flat weaving technique created by Turkish heritage. It is a beautiful tapestry originating in Turkey. It is also manufactured in areas that follow similar cultural customs, such as North Africa or Central Asia. The kilim rug is different from any run-of-the-mill oriental rug by its sharp designs and flat look due to its weave pattern. Kilim designs are often associated with geometrical shapes because of their freedom in weaving ability. 

Kilim rugs are a great addition to anyone’s home who enjoys bold, sharp patterns and colors. It can help brighten up a room or bring cohesion to a somewhat disjointed space. Kilim rugs are also incredible for those who simply love flat weaving rugs as a style. 

You Can Create Kilims Rugs Several Ways  

and Woven Red and Multi Wool Area Rug

Kilim rugs are made differently compared to other oriental rugs. As stated above, you need to use a flat weaving pattern to make them correctly.

You do this by interweaving variously colored wefts and warps, unlike other rugs, which knot strands together, which creates the frayed or “bumpy” look in rugs. 

Kilim Area Rugs Are Geometric Masterpieces  

These area rugs have beautiful designs that can attract different kinds of people. The weaving technique allows for a lot of intricate designs to make the carpets aesthetically pleasing. You use a beating comb to help create this fantastic piece when working with materials like wool.

Kilim Rug

You want to use materials like wool or goat hair, which works best for these traditional rugs. Any animal hair can also work, as well. Often, geometric shapes are used to help the area rugs stand out compared to others. 

Slitweaving Creates Diagonal Patterns

Slitweaving is done by creating a gap between blocks of color. You can make this by returning the weft around the last warp of color, and the weft of the adjacent color is returned to the other adjoining color.

Safavieh KLM752A-5 Kilim Collection KLM752A Natural and Charcoal Premium Wool (5' x 8') Area Rug

The colors look great on the wool when used to make an area rug or pile rug. These traditional rugs can provide great eye-catching pieces as well as a sense of accomplishment for those who want to make their own. The flat woven look is both flattering and sleek. These hand woven rugs make any space better. 

You’ve Bought A Kilim, Now What?  

So, you’ve bought yourself a kilim rug or weaved one, now comes the fun part: maintenance. Yes, there is upkeep when it comes to kilim rugs. Especially since accidents happen, and kilim rugs are not impervious to damage. 

Stone & Beam Modern Global Bohemian Kilim Rug

Wash Your Kilim Rugs Outside

Kilim rugs are not rugs that you want to throw in the washer and hope for the best. The harsh detergents can degrade or even ruin your traditional rugs. Instead, use carpet shampoo or natural soap on kilims. You can wash kilims with a hose outside, but make sure not to soak the rug! Then let it dry flat out, so the colors don’t run into each other. 

Store Your Kilim Rugs Correctly

If you should ever need to store your kilims, you should make sure to do so correctly. Firstly, make sure that you wash and thoroughly dry the rug before storing it. Mold can form if the mat is damp. You should also roll up your carpet rather than fold it. You also want to make sure to make your rug moth-proof. This will protect your rug from any moth damage while it’s stored. 

How To Know If Kilim Rugs Are For You 

You have a basic knowledge of what kilim rugs are, so you need to know if the rug is a good fit for you. They are an excellent addition for those who love fine lines and sleek looks that also incorporate bright colors.

Stone & Beam Casual Geometric Kilim Cotton Runner Rug, 2' 6 x 8', Flatweave, Blue, Orange, Ivory

You can also use kilim rugs for more things than just a rug. The versatility can make the rug work for anyone and change it if you love the design but don’t want to use it as a rug anymore.  

Kilim Rugs Are Great Accessories 

You don’t have only to use kilims as rugs. There is an assortment of ways to use it to decorate a room. You can use kilim rugs as furniture covers such as chair or couch covers. You can also hang the rug on the wall as an accent piece, and since the rugs are so beautiful on their own, this option works well. You can also use the rugs for pillows and add great color to your sitting area. 

Overall, these facts about kilim rugs can help you decide whether it can be a piece for you or information to learn about the rug if you were interested in just learning about kilim rugs.

Photo: Safavieh Navajo Kilim Collection NVK177A Hand Woven Red and Multi Wool Area Rug
Photo: Safavieh Navajo Kilim Collection NVK177A Hand Woven Red and Multi Wool Area Rug (8' x 10')
Photo: Safavieh KLM752A-5 Kilim Collection KLM752A Natural and Charcoal Premium Wool (5' x 8') Area Rug
Photo: Stone & Beam Modern Global Bohemian Kilim Rug
Photo: Stone & Beam Casual Geometric Kilim Cotton Runner Rug, 2' 6 x 8', Flatweave, Blue, Orange, Ivory

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