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The 7 Best Light-Up Vanity Mirrors for Putting On Your Face

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best light-up vanity of all?

By Blake Lockwood | Curated by Blake Lockwood | Reviewed by Blake Lockwood

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Joyful Store Hollywood Makeup Mirror

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Putting on makeup is a delicate balancing act. It requires good makeup, a little bit of skill (and magic), and one other thing that is nearly impossible to get just right every single time: the lighting. Lighting is beyond any doubt one of the single most important factors when you are putting on your makeup and styling your hair each and every day. Nobody wants to struggle through the shadows and try to put their makeup on without actually knowing whether it looks any good!

Without the right light, you can barely see what you’re doing or where your makeup is going. To say the least, it is incredibly difficult to get all the right shades and lines exactly where you want and need them in poor lighting conditions, whether you’re at home, away on a work trip, or on vacation. That is precisely why a lighted vanity makeup mirror is highly recommended for wherever you choose to put on your daily makeup and do your daily hairstyling.

Your daily routine is important. You may not have much space or time to get your makeup and hair done, which makes it even more important that you find the perfect lighted makeup vanity mirror for you, your needs, and your specific space and lighting requirements.

Another problem you run into right away, though, is that there are so many lighted makeup mirrors on the market today. With such a plethora of options, how in the world is anybody to know or decide which one should they should choose to use? It’s an incredibly difficult decision, but it’s also one that can last a very long time if you choose wisely and with careful consideration for all your makeup and hair needs and desires. You can find some of the best lighted makeup mirrors and vanities in the list below. Now, let’s get started. Light ‘er up!

1. Best Quality: The Vanity Girl Lighted Mirror

White Vanity Girl Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror

This particular lighting mirror is not just any old vanity mirror. All of the lights on this lighted makeup mirror will allow you to see your face and makeup clearly and without any shadows being cast at all. It is one of the single best options of all the lines of vanity mirrors that are available on the market today (and there are a ton, as we’ll see below). Not only is it really great for all of your mirror needs, but it also puts out the perfect amount of light necessary to get the job done quickly and without any extra fuss over shadows or poor angles. Check out some of its key points below.

Great aspects of the Vanity Girl Lighted Mirror:

  • It has incredibly high quality
  • Is salon grade and high class
  • Bulbs are able to be dimmed to the desired brightness
  • Beautiful designs available
  • Highly rated vanity mirror

2. Best Tri-Fold: Best Choice Table Top

Best Choice Products Lighted Tabletop Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror

Do you already have a tabletop that you are currently accustomed to when you are putting on your makeup? There is absolutely no need at all to uproot your whole system and move all of your makeup supplies (likely losing some in the process!). You can simply purchase a classic, beautiful tabletop vanity like this one. It is the ultimate in convenience, yet it also has everything you might need in order to be able to see clearly when putting all on your makeup. Check out some of its key points below.

Great aspects of the Best Choice Table Top:

  • The ultimate in convenience
  • Easy to Move Around and Stow Away
  • Accessible without a lot of fuss
  • Bright and well-lit
  • Easy to use
  • LED lights
  • Tri-fold design that allows you to see every angle you wish.

3. Best Tech-Savvy: The ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity

ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror Bluetooth Audio-Enabled LED Light Bulbs

Do you like your vanity, but also sort of wish that it was high-tech and could do more than just, well, light up your face? Well, then do I have the vanity for you! This vanity makeup mirror has bright lights that will not melt your makeup. It achieves by using LED lights on the display that do not get hot. When trying to apply makeup to your face or fix and perfect your hair styling, this is incredibly important. The endless border look is an absolutely stunning design to the makeup vanity area. Apply makeup every single day like the movie star you truly are!

Great aspects of The ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity:

  • Easily adjustable.
  • Lights are very easy to dim.
  • LED light bulbs that don’t overheat
  • Stunning visual design.
  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers to listen while you get ready
  • USB Outlets and Dual Power Outlets
  • Made of incredibly high quality.
  • More than just a mirror!

4. Best Compact: Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror

If you happen to be on the lookout for the kind of lighted vanity mirror that is compact but also has all the many great features of a full, large-sized vanity, then you can finally stop. The search is over. Look no further! Not only is this vanity mirror incredibly easy to use, but it is also able to fit into just about any suitcase for convenient travel accommodations. Take your mirror wherever you go. That means no more using poor lighting for makeup application no matter where you are in the world! Home, work trip, vacation, you name it. Wherever you are, you have the confidence and convenience of your personal makeup mirror right there with you. Check out the features below.

Great aspects of the Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror:

  • High-quality mirror.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitcase and travel compatible.
  • LED Lights that won’t get too hot.
  • Easily adjustable lighting.
  • Has UV coating to protect mirrors surface.

5. Best Energy Efficient: The Chende Table Top Vanity Mirror

Chende Tabletop Vanity Mirror

This lighted vanity makeup mirror has everything that you could possibly need for the best time applying your makeup, whether it’s day or night. Not only is this vanity makeup mirror ready to use, but it is also remarkably easy to move around, so you can put it anywhere you want without trouble or heavy lifting. Truth be told, you can place this vanity on any countertop you wish without any problems. This makes makeovers fun and classy, even when you’re on-the-go! Being an energy efficient LED lighted vanity, it even has a dimmer switch to change the brightness. This is one of the major benefits of using LED lights as opposed to other options that are available on the market today.

Great aspects of the Chende Table Top Vanity Mirror:

  • The highest quality.
  • Very durable and tough.
  • Available for on the go makeovers.
  • LED Bulbs that don’t overheat.
  • Has a hook for an easy hanging feature.
  • Has a base for tabletop use whenever needed.
  • Dimmable lights.

6. Best All-Around: Joyful Store Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Joyful Store Hollywood Makeup Mirror,Wall Mounted Dressing Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror,Tabletop Vanity Mirror for Studio and Backstage

Are you someone who likes to have a very well-lighted area when applying makeup? If that is something that you need then this vanity makeup mirror may just be the right one for you. The Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror very well could be the best makeup mirror on the market for your needs. The vanity lights on this mirror are perfectly spaced out for the ultimate makeup experience every single day. Not only is this one able to supply the perfect lighting day-in and day-out, but it is also incredibly simple to set up and get going. In that way, you really get two in one! What a steal!

Great aspects of The Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror:

  • Gloss white finish for a classy look.
  • High precision lights and mirror.
  • LED lights for perfect brightness.
  • Adjustable lighting feature.
  • Easy to set up.

7. Best Double-Sided: Conair Double Sided Vanity.

Conair Double Sided Vanity.

This vanity mirror with lights by Conair is the utmost in simplicity and lighting for a great and minimal experience. The Conair lighted vanity has everything that one would need when applying makeup without the fuss of a much larger contraption. Ideal for situations where you want plenty of light, but may not have a ton of counter space. It’s absolutely perfect for small spaces where “less is more” is truer than ever. It has LED lights that light up the entire face. In addition to that, one of the two sides is actually magnified for those hard to see application spots. You can click this one on and off with ease, too, making it a great companion for small spaces and perfect faces!

Great aspects of the Conair Double-Sided Vanity:

  • Double-Sided for extra help.
  • Has magnification to apply in those hard-to-see places.
  • Classic chrome finish.
  • Easy to move and stow away.
  • Halo light effect.
  • Easy to find replacement bulbs.
  • On and off switch along the cord for ease of use.
  • LED Lights that stay the right temperature.
  • Rotates 360-degrees around for convenience.

You can check out these all in the links for more information.

Before You Go!

Hopefully, you can now find the very best lighted makeup mirror for all of your makeup and hair needs. Makeup and hair are already hard enough, without having to struggle in the shadows and darkness of a poorly lit room. It is incredibly important to have a mirror with proper light for your particular space and makeup and hair requirements. All of the vanity mirrors listed above have been top rated to have the best light and magnifications on the market today. Thanks for reading!

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Photo: Best Choice Products Lighted Tabletop Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror
Photo: ReignCharm Hollywood Vanity Mirror Bluetooth Audio-Enabled LED Light Bulbs
Photo: Joyful Store Hollywood Makeup Mirror,Wall Mounted Dressing Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror,Tabletop Vanity Mirror for Studio and Backstage
Photo: Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror,

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