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What Color to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Grey Walls?

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Gray walls are a popular option in a lot of homes. It is a neutral color that is going to work well in many homes and looks nice and clean if you are trying to sell it. When the walls in your kitchen are gray, you will need to consider what color is going to […]

What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Walls?

beige carpet with dark grey

Gray walls can look nice in most homes. This will give a modern and clean look to the home and is easy to clean and maintain. When it is time for you to update your carpets to make the home look nice, you may be curious about which colors of carpet will look nice for […]

12 Cowhide Rug Ideas from Real, Tricolor, to Fake Cowhides

faux cowhide rug

Cowhide rugs are making a comeback. Add a fine quality cowhide rug to your home decor to instantly give it a modern look! Cowhide brings an organic feel to your home because they are durable and versatile. You can always find a place for cowhide in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or on your […]

23 Gray Couch Living Room Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Gray Couch Living Room Ideas

Gray is a popular living room color right now, and everyone (including you) is searching for gray couch living room ideas. Living rooms with gray couches are sophisticated, understated, and make your home feel warm and stylish. If you are concerned that gray is too boring, think again! There are so many ways to integrate […]

27 Modern Gray Living Room Ideas for a Stylish Home

grey living room ideas

Gray is an “it” design color right now, and everyone is searching for unique gray living room ideas. It is sophisticated, understated and works well in any space — but my favorite place to use it is in the living room. If you are concerned that gray is too boring — think again! There are […]

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