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Beveled Mirrors: Expert Buying Guide and Idea Photos

square bevelled edge mirror

Mirrors are a great addition to any home and there are different designs, sizes, and shapes that you are able to choose when you pick one for your home. You can go with a frameless mirror or one that has an elegant or modern frame. You can even find some online to suit your needs. […]

21 Lucite Coffee Tables for a Modern Space

Lucite Coffee Tables

Lucite for a coffee table? Lucite is an eye-catching and unique see-through material for furniture in tight spaces. You might be questioning my sanity, but choosing a coffee table with lucite has many advantages. Lucite is easy to clean with simply warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Unlike glass, it does not scratch very […]

16 Rustic Sofas For a Perfect Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse sofas are a classic design staple. I always find it amazing that the style of these sofas, which could be found in any granny’s den, have truly withstood the test of time. But then, why wouldn’t they? Rather than having a rigidly defined style, these price friendly farmhouse sofas have a variety of characteristics […]

21 Distressed Coffee Table Ideas

featured distressed coffee table

There’s no better way to introduce the comfort of the farmhouse style into your living room than with a charming, distressed coffee table. It’s the center of your living space—a place where your family and friends gather for game nights, movie screenings, and book clubs. If you’re searching for a farmhouse coffee table to tie […]

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