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Can I Use a Regular Mirror in the Bathroom?

Can I Use a Regular Mirror in the Bathroom

Decorating can be challenging; there’s a lot to think about. But besides the aesthetics there’s functionality. Mirrors can be a nice touch to a room but in the bathroom, they’re a vital element. They not only add a sense of style, but they’re essential when you’re preparing to face your day. So, can you use […]

32 Stylish Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Inspire You

bathroom mirror ideas

Whether you are remodeling your old bathroom or constructing a new one, these beautiful bathroom mirror ideas are fun, stylish and creative. Why settle for a plain, unflattering bathroom mirror with a boring frame when you can have a much more unique mirror instead? They come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and shapes. […]

20 Elegant Oval Bathroom Mirrors to Reflect your Style

Here are my favorite oval bathroom mirror ideas. Find out why oval mirrors are a popular choice for both modern decorating styles and the psychological effect they have on you. Mirror, Mirror on the wall… what’s the fairest mirror of all? Mirrors are a must in any bathroom. We use them to brush our teeth, […]

Ideas for Making your Own Vanity Mirror with Lights

Build your own Vanity Mirror with Lights from scratch OR just go and buy one? Interior Designer, Blake Lockwood gives out his best ideas so you can decide! A lighted vanity mirror table is on every pretty much every girl’s wish list for their bedroom or closet. It is usually seen on fashion television shows where a […]

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