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Do Two Twins Make a King Size Bed?

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king size bed

If you’re getting a new bed or looking at mattress options, you might be wondering about bed sizes. Maybe you want to know if you could combine two twin beds to make a king size bed.  You might want to do this to save money by using the mattresses you already own.

A king size bed and two twin XL size twin beds are the same size. For this reason, two twin XL beds can be used as a king size bed.

Standard twin mattresses will leave a five-inch gap at the foot of the bed.

If you’re going to use two twin beds as a king size bed, there are a few things you should keep in mind. By educating yourself about your new bed setup, you can simplify the whole process. Read on to learn more about how you can use two twins as a king.

How big are king-size beds and twin size beds?

Standard twin mattresses are 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. Twin XL mattresses are 38 inches wide by 80 inches long. King mattresses are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Simply double the width dimensions of two twin XL mattresses. You will find that the total is equivalent to a king size mattress, which makes it a perfect fit.

Note that there is a five-inch length difference between the types of twin mattresses. Because of this, there will be a gap at the foot of the bed if you use standard twin mattresses with a king bedframe.

Mattress sizes are typically consistent, but you never know for sure. It never hurts to double check the dimensions of your mattresses though. Plus, doing this will help you to be more efficient in the long run.

Standard king size sheets will fit on two twin XL mattresses that are combined. You can also use two twin XL sheets instead. The same is true of bedspreads and any other bedding you might choose to purchase.

You can use either a king box spring or two twin XL box springs. Either option should fit correctly and provide a strong base for your mattresses. Once again, be sure to measure.

Measure your bedframe width before use.

If you have decided to use two twin mattresses as a king bed, you might be using a king bedframe. In this case, you should make sure the two mattresses fit the king bedframe correctly.

It’s a good idea to measure your twin size mattresses to make sure they will fit. In most cases, they should. It’s always best to be certain though.

Twin XL mattresses are 38 inches wide. King size mattresses are 76 inches wide.

King size bedframes are designed to fit mattresses of that width. In most cases, two twin XL mattresses will fit with a king size bedframe.

It’s important to check the width of your bedframe before using it though. Doing this will save you time and effort. You wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up the bed if you don’t know if the mattresses will work properly.

Consider the thickness and type of mattresses you’re using.

To create a level surface, you should choose two twin mattresses with the same thickness. If you use mattresses with varying thicknesses, one side of the bed will be higher than the other. You could be left with a bump in the middle of your bed too, which you won’t necessarily enjoy sleeping on.

One benefit of using two mattresses instead of one can give you more choices. You can choose a firm mattress for one side of the bed. On the other side, you could use a plush mattress.

Because of this, you can share a bed with someone who might prefer a different mattress than you. This can simplify the mattress-shopping process and eliminate any potential arguments too.

You won’t have to agree on a specific type of mattress and can both sleep comfortably. Even if you sleep alone, you might prefer a different type of mattress depending on the night.

What is a bed bridge?

You may be left with an uncomfortable bump in between the two mattresses. You might also have a gap in the middle of the bed, which can cause discomfort while you sleep. For this reason, you might consider a bed bridge to resolve the issue quickly.

Bed Bridge

A bed bridge is a narrow wedge that fits perfectly between two twin mattresses. It may be made of memory foam or another soft but durable material.

Many online retailers offer bed bridges, so you should have no problem finding one. The Ruili Bed Bridge is a top-rated option. It’s available on and can solve this problem.

To use the Ruili Bed Bridge, you will place it in the gap between the mattresses. Then, you can use the strap to lock the mattresses in place. This bed bridge is easy to remove if you need to for any reason.

If this bed bridge doesn’t fit your needs, there are plenty of others on the market. Look for one that is durable and easy to remove as needed.


If you decide to use two twin mattresses as a king size bed, be sure to use twin XL mattresses. Two standard twin mattresses will leave a gap at the foot of the bed. This can be an effective way to save money or to use the mattresses you might already have in your home.

If you use two twin XL mattresses as a king size bed, you can later use them individually if needed. This switch offers more flexibility than a king mattress alone.

  1. Measure the twin mattresses you have if you already have them. Otherwise, you should buy two twin XL mattresses.
  2. Measure the bedframe to ensure the mattresses will fit properly.
  3. Place the two twin XL mattresses on the bedframe.
  4. Don’t forget to place a bed bridge between the mattresses. If you’re looking for a bed bridge to minimize the gap between the mattresses, be sure to check out this one.
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