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3 Modern Office Design Ideas that Can Save Your Space

It is important to think outside of the box to get the most from your interior space. Offices are popularly growing into flexible and stylish workplaces as seen on Pinterest and Instagram.

However, not everyone can easily convert an existing unused space to a dedicated office.

It does not necessarily mean that you have to work in a small office space. If you’re short on space, it’s important to work with what you have. Here are the top three modern office design ideas that can save you space:

Top 3 Ways to Save Space with Modern Office Designs

1. Create an Office Space and Consider Highway Options

You can turn your living room, hallway or guest’s bedroom into an office using attractive office desk and simple home office storage. Desks are available in every style and size to choose from for your office. Finding furniture that isn’t obstructive and matches furnishes already in your room is important.

If you don’t like your office area to be 24/7 visible, consider what could be created behind a closed door. This option is especially possible for clutter-haters or even those who need a home office set-up occasionally. Such persons are able to maintain clean lines of contemporary spaces. At the end of a working day, all clutter must be put away.

2. Choose a Storage Wall Unit and Think of Underused Spaces Outside the Four Walls

Another great option for a space that’s multifunctional is installing a desk and a modular shelf on a wall. Keep all your office supplies in storage boxes and use shelves for display of your possessions to make an office space feel less utilized. It’s written nowhere that an office space must be self-contained.

Thinking outside the four walls is a concept that suggests that if you’ve got any waste papers in the hallways, dining room or under the stairs, they can easily be converted into an office. You could use flooring, paints and rugs to zone out the different elements of the space so it could feel more intentional than makeshift.

Use elements that are flexible and compact to convert your space into an office. For a perfect compact office space, use an adjustable chair with a storage space that’s freestanding.

3. Alcove Office and Create an Invisible Office Space in Open Plan

Another common space that is usually underused is alcoves. If an area of your room is too small for a drawer, TV stand or wardrobe to fit in, use the walls to support your working surface, creating an alcove office. Utilize the full height space, fitting cupboards and shelves above the wall-supported desk.

Unobtrusive office space can be achieved using a glass desk that can disappear easily whenever it’s not in use. Consider office interior design ideas using glass partitions to make your office look and feel spacious.

Use patterned or colored marble-effect contact papers or even paint your desk to give it a complementary look to your existing décor. Opt for spray paint to ensure new office elements are working with your existing space.

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