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What is a Persian Rug?

Persian Area Rug

A Persian rug can be a beautiful piece that will make any room look more lavish. You may have even seen it while shopping to decorate your own home. It can be hard to know what makes the rug so unique, though. You may be asking yourself, what makes a Persian rug any better than the other mats. 

A Persian rug is a hand-made rug woven into individual patterns. The rugs originated in Ancient Persia and are currently made in countries like Iran or Pakistan. No two carpets look the same, which is why it costs so much.

The Persian rug is also woven with merino or ‘kork,’ which are soft types of wool. Persian mats are also hand-washed, which is why they have been deemed the most delicate rugs in the world. These area rugs are also made with natural dyes.

Persian carpets are a great addition to any home and can bring both originality and style to the space. The hours of work to create one explains why these rugs are so expensive and sought after. 

Persian Rugs Are One-Of-A-Kind 

Persian rugs make any room stand out with its beautiful designs and soft texture. Deemed one of the softest rugs in the world, this rug is highly sought after. These rugs are what began hand-knotting rugs! These carpets were first made in the Persian empire.  They were so captivated by its beauty that the carpets have continued to be made even today.

Persian Rugs Are Made Out Of Wool  

Unlike most rugs, Persian rugs use wool when they are woven. The wool makes the rugs super soft compared to other rugs that use cotton. While this is a pro to owning the carpet, the wool can also make the mats harder to weave.

Safavieh Persian Legend Collection PL819B Handmade Traditional Light Green and Rust Wool Area Rug

This fact can make labor costs of making one of these rugs go up. The wool used for these carpets is softer and called merino. While this material is softer, it is harder to use than cotton.

Persian Rugs Are Hand-Washed

One of the ways that Persian rugs are unique is how they are washed. Many rugs may be machine washed, which can impact the longevity and feel of the carpets. Since Persian rugs are hand-washed, they stay softer compared to other mats. 

Nourison Persian Empire Chocolate Rectangle Area Rug

When you own one of these, you will want to make sure you also hand-wash it to keep it soft. It may be hard work, but it will be worth it to keep the same feel.

What is the difference between an Oriental rug and a Persian rug?  

So, you know a bit more about Persian rugs. Now, you want to see whether you should get an oriental or Persian rug. Oriental rugs are hand-knotted, just like Persian ones. Both carpets can also use vegetable dyes when carpet weaving. These carpets may not seem very different at first glance; however, there are differences. 

Both Rugs Use Different Knots

Knots are a term that many rug enthusiasts know very well. Knots are how rug fibers are woven together. The patterns can vary from rug to rug. Oriental rugs use symmetrical knots when making the patterns. In contrast, Persian knots are asymmetrical knots.

Vintage Hand Knotted Persian Silk Rugs Classic Oriental Floral Medallion Carpet

A Persian knot can be the one way to tell the difference between the two mats. These changes in knots are dependent on which country of origin the carpet is from originally.  The knot count can also be different depending on the size of the carpet. The rugs woven can be hand-knotted or made by a machine if they are oriental rugs.

The Rugs Come From Different Countries 

As mentioned before, Persian carpets originated in Ancient Persia. Currently, Ancient Persia is Iran and Pakistan. Oriental rugs come from India, China, or Egypt. These various countries have different ways of making their mats.

Nourison Persian Empire Ivory Rectangle Area Rug

Some places have even spent thousands of years perfecting their methods of knotting fabric into their rugs. Oriental rugs have their own benefits.

Why are Persian rugs so expensive? 

Persian rugs are expensive because of the materials used and how much time it takes to weave one.

Safavieh Persian Legend Collection PL819B Handmade Traditional Light Green and Rust Wool Area Rug

People, not machines, make these mats, so naturally, they will cost more to make.  Not to mention the design costs and dyes. 

Persian Rugs Are Woven With Care

You don’t get the same Persian mat when you order one. Each has designs and colors that differ from rug to rug. Since they are individualized for each customer, the cost rises to own one. You will also pay more if you ask for a larger rug since it will take more materials and time to create. 

Persian Area Rug

Overall, these facts about Persian mats can help you decide whether it can be a rug for you or information to learn about the carpet if you were interested in learning about Persian history. 

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