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Murano Chandeliers: Shiny Glasses for Every Interior Style

Murano Chandeliers

The right kind of lighting will not only add interest to your space but also give it the fun, face-lift that you desire.  If you are looking to style your room to perfection, then SogniDiCristallo has got you covered!

As a leader in the interior design industry, we bring you Murano Glass Chandeliers that will transform your commercial and residential premises into a magical space.

Made using genuine the Murano technique, this type of glass chandelier can be used in any place. They can take to any room or vision; high-class living rooms, high-shine ceilings in hotel hallways, dining rooms, you name it! Representing the best works of art, this collection of chandeliers knows how to make the right statement.

Why Choose Our Chandeliers?

Our work speaks for itself

We are worldwide lighting manufacturers who believe in standing out from the crowd. Our lighting fixtures are not only perfect for your home but are also represented in hotels, offices, restaurants, shopping centers and the most prestigious places in the world. Our artisans, for generations, have passed down beautiful, glass making craft. Our years of experience and tradition cannot be imitated or replicated. All our chandeliers are a labor of love for those who have dedicated their lives to this incredible craft. Additionally, our state of the art designs have made us one of the most renowned glassmaking companies in the world.

We believe in value products

All SogniDiCristallo® creations are designed and manufactured using the Murano glass-making technique. As a unique technique that is also used in Venetian furnaces in Italy, you can be certain that our products are the very best. The materials that we use are of the highest quality, making all our products, as well as our Murano Glass Chandeliers inimitable pieces of art. All of our artisans are highly qualified. They have a keen eye for detail and also boast a certificate of authenticity.

One size does not fit all for us

The right chandelier for your home or office is an essential part of organizing your interior. We understand that good lighting perfectly complements your interior, therefore, we design our Murano glasses with different styles and preferences in mind. We provide shiny pieces, for each and every interior décor style. Our goal is to ensure that your lighting complements your interior in a tasteful and elegant way.

We put our clients first

For SogniDiCristallo, lighting is a way to better your living places. It is also the best way to showcase our true selves and embrace the uniqueness within us. Our pieces are timeless and will always make your space irresistible. Our chandeliers, Venetian mirrors, and fancy goods are the best ways for beauty lovers to express themselves. All our designs pay homage to the Venetian art of lighting.

The possibilities for us, are endless

Our top-notch production process makes it possible for us to create an array of great chandeliers. By working with high-end materials, we guarantee products that will stand the test of time. We take pride in our glass-making capabilities and our high level of craftsmanship. There is no doubt about it- the possibilities for our bespoke lighting pieces and glass pieces are endless.

Going About Your Lighting Choices

When choosing a chandelier for your home or place of business, it is important to be precise with your requirements for your highest satisfaction. Factors like the size of your room, the interior style to the placement point and the type of room should be considered.

For instance, your modern minimalist interior design can be decorated with our Murano Glass Chandeliers. Their charming ply and distinct look make them the perfect lighting elements.

Also, it is important to choose your lighting according to your personal taste and preference. There is nothing better than using different elements in your décor to show who you are.

We Are Your Lighting Experts

SogniDiCristallo is ready to take your lighting desires and turn it to reality. You can count on us for all your lighting needs. We offer unparalleled customization options for all our clients and create Murano chandeliers that are uniquely yours.

Do not be afraid to try something new with your lighting.  A little change can go a long way. All our pieces will add intrigue and sophistication to any space.

Whether you want something that will contrast your ceiling and catch people’s attention or a statement Murano chandelier that will go with your dining table, we are here to make it happen.

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