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Cat Crib: An Under Chair Cat Hammock

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Keeping your furry little cat companions happy and comfy can come at quite a cost. Money, space, clutter, you name it! Cat beds, cat houses, and all the other cat furniture out there can make your living room and bedroom unsightly eyesores. Add to this the fact that cats routinely enjoy using human furniture as personal scratching devices, quickly destroying them in the process. If only there were a way to make your kitty happy without sacrificing your wonderful interior decorating or breaking the bank.

Under Chair Cat Hammock

Well, now there is! The Cat Crib is a hammock made just for your cat. It hangs below your existing furniture, so it saves space and is out of sight and out of the way. With this cat hammock hanging below your favorite chair, your kitten or cat can stay hidden and feel safe and be close to you at all times!

Under Chair Cat Hammock

Here’s how it works. First, the Cat Crib cat hammock attaches underneath your chair or table. It fits just about any size or shape. Ideally, the legs will be about 18-27 inches apart, and it does tend to work best on square legs that are made of wood. Next, the Cat Crib straps should be wrapped around the legs to be safe and secure for the cat to lie in. The last step: catnap time! Literally!

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Under Chair Cat Hammock

Perhaps best of all, it’s incredibly easy to clean. You won’t have any worries about keeping it nice and fresh. Your cat gets a clean bed, and your rooms stay clean and uncluttered every single day.

under chair cat hammock

Your cat will absolutely fall in love with their brand new hammock. They will find the ability to crawl up into their own little bed that nobody else can use a pure joy. And you will love it too, because you get your space back. As soon as you realize how great it is, your friends will too. (Hint hint: Cat Crib works great as a gift!)

under chair cat hammock

Your house will be back to its neat, clean, orderly self, and completely free of clutter with the Cat Crib, the world’s best hammock made exclusively for cats.

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