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Can You Have Blinds And Curtains?

Learn the Art of Layering Curtains and Blinds

Whether you are looking for new window treatments or decorating a new home, you may come across the perplexing question of if you should use both blinds and curtains. You may worry that you should only use one or the other, or if you use both it may be too over the top. Either way, you may fear moving forward in your window treatment search until you find the answer to this question.

So, can you have both blinds and curtains? Blinds and curtains can be used on the same window. Using both will look aesthetically pleasing and help block out any excessive light. Both can also guarantee more privacy since blinds and curtains can block the view to the inside of the house. There are certain blinds and curtains that go well together, so make sure to combine those over less fitting combinations.

Depending on what kind of window you are putting blinds and curtains on, there are certain combinations you should put together. Some examples are:

  • Curtains should reach the floor
  • Use wide slat blinds
  • Put curtains above the window rather than at window level
  • Use different window treatments in each room

Following these rules can help you style your window treatments appropriately. These will also help when you are layering both blinds and curtains.

How Can I Layer Blinds and Curtains?

Layer Blinds and Curtains

Cater Both Blinds And Curtains To Your Window

Layer Blinds and Curtains

The blinds and curtains that you use over your window will depend on what type of window you have. The curtains you use for bay windows will be different than the ones you use for a picture window. The same goes for blinds. So, assess what kind of window you are wanting to layer, and choose your treatments accordingly.


Trial And Error Can Help

Cater Both Blinds And Curtains To Your Window

You may find that the curtains and blinds you chose for your windows don’t look good together. There is nothing wrong with taking those down and returning them to buy new treatments. Try different kinds of shades, like cellular shades, to provide depth to your room. If you are decorating multiple rooms in your home, you may even be able to reuse those treatments in another place and go back to the store to buy new ones.


Less Is More

Less Is More

Don’t feel like you have to use the most extravagant curtains or blinds in your windows. Sometimes the most expensive curtains could be overkill in your room or block out too much light. While you want to be sure to buy good quality curtains and blinds, you don’t have to sacrifice your wallet in the process.

What Types Of Blinds And Curtains Can I Layer?

Here are some blinds and curtains you can layer over your windows.

Types Of Blinds And Curtains Can I Layer

Long Curtains That Reach The Floor 1. Use Long Curtains That Reach The Floor

Long curtains can help frame your windows and your blinds well. If the curtain is above the window it can also be a bit away from your window so it doesn’t get tangled in the blinds. This will help when you want to close the curtains for privacy or to block out light. Shorter curtains would make the space look smaller and may not cover the whole window if you have large picture windows.

2. Use Wide Slat Blinds


Using wide slat blinds can help make the room more lit during the day, but also allow privacy and block light when wanted. Plantation shutters are one example of these kinds of blinds. They also look clean and expensive, which can help complement the room well. They are also more durable than plastic blinds, so that you will be replacing them less. Curtains will also not get caught in them as often.

3. Use Different Window Treatments In Each Room

Different Window Treatments In Each Room

Another way to promote the look of your windows is to use different blinds and curtains in each room. HGTV stresses that each room can tell a different story, so don’t feel like your house has to have all the same curtains or blinds. Not to mention, each room does not need the same windows across all rooms. You can mix and match window styles so that you can also use different curtains and blinds to go with them.

4. Cater Your Curtains And Blinds To The Style Of The Room

Cater Your Curtains And Blinds To The Style Of The Room

If you are going for certain styles in your rooms, then choose the blinds and curtains that fit into that type. You would want long sweeping curtains and white blinds for a room with a lot of elegantly styled furniture. You would choose white or black sleek curtains for a more modern room and maybe thicker, cotton curtains for a farmhouse look.

Let these styles help you in deciding which window treatments to use to decorate your home.

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