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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Decorating with Italian Furniture

From timeless elegant architecture to master painters to fashion icons, you could be having the idea that Italian is synonymous with style and beauty. However, mastering the Italia art isn’t easy. Matching the right colors, elements, and textures to achieve a fresh, modern look can be daunting even to the most experienced home goods guru.

It doesn’t have to be stressful, though. With some few tips in mind, you can so decorate your home with Italian furniture that people would think you’ve turned into a designer. Whether you’d love to update your traditional space or transform your room into a modern European fantasy, it’s possible to do it with a touch of perfection.

1. Balancing Cozy Warmth with a Clean Look

The Modern Italian Style does not emphasize rich textiles and patterns. Avoid excess effects. Doing a contemporary style the Italian way requires you to forget the crisp Scandinavian minimalist approach. Do not use color or pattern pile-ons that can be typical of more conventional European styles.

Anchoring your look with dedicated pieces such as an oversized sofa in a high-quality, soft leather from which your accents prop up can achieve this balance. Choose dramatic sectionals in textures (such as marble or sleek gold) and milder shades to boost your Italian theme. Doing this also avoids overwhelming your eyes.

2. Welcome Italian Classics

If you’re looking for a mix-and-match option that’s better than reflooring, then consider going into Italy’s iconic designer history. Cattelan Italia has modern pieces that have some incorporated design ideas of the 1960s and 1970s. They can be great and everlasting choices for your home.

3. Prefer Neutrals

Although you may associate the Italian style with rich earth tones and deep wine shades, it’s best to use neutrals. This is because pale, creamy hues produce a feeling of airy freshness that can make any space look pallazo-worthy. Also, chic neutral hues with highlights of Technicolor intensity infusions can keep a sleek look and feel.

A recommendation is to choose a neutral color palette like greige and add color pops with a furniture piece or some colored accessories. Pieces that employ bold jewel tones such as the now trending emerald green are preferable for creating a focal point that gives a feel of a modern look.

4. Choose Statement Lighting

It’s almost impossible to beat a modern Italian chandelier with a single piece of lighting if you’re to do a complete space overhaul. Ordinary scones and recessed lights that dim into the background cannot do a great job. Look for a centerpiece light that has some serious pizzaz and that brings in a bit of traditional Italian craftsmanship.

5. Furnishings for the Tuscan Italian Style

Furnishings with a picturesque, pastoral charm can suit a Tuscan Italian style well. Incorporating more heavily styled pieces can bring in a feel of refinement. However, avoid furniture with a glossy, modern elegance that would buckle the overall ambiance.


It’s possible to master the Italian furniture style with a few tips. By choosing the right furnishings and preferring neutral colors, you’re one step into a becoming a pro in this area. Introduce some element of classic Italian furniture designs and choose the right furnishing to stamp your mastery.

Photo: Meridith Baer Home

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